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My kidnapped heart

Chapter 1

(misaki POV)

My brother had always cared for me, he had always loved me. However we were low on money and there was something he had to do about it. He was going to do anything to get us more money, even if it meant risking my trust.

I will never forget the way my brother looked at me when he asked me to quickly get out of bed that cold winter night. He had told me there was somewhere we needed to be, he told me it was urgent. I was asked to put on the tightest clothes I owned, this confused me but I complied anyway.

My brother had smiled at me while I was getting my coat on, but it was a sad smile. The car ride to wherever we were going was sad and quiet. My brother parked the car in front of an old looking building with gang signs all over it. I suddenly turned toward my brother and gave him a frightened look.

"Misaki, I'm so sorry but I'm going to have to sell you." My brother had said as he avoided my gaze. My jaw dropped when I heard the news. Why in the world would my brother sell me? "Misaki I just don't have the money to afford both of us right now. After I sell you I will have enough money to get a new house and find a better job. Then after I save up enough money I will buy you back. "

This whole scenario sounded like something out of a book or a show on TV. After my parents died my brother promised to take care of me, but that wasn't what he was going to do at all. I was fifteen years old and he was going to sell me? I wondered why anyone would want to buy another person anyways. Then a horrible thought entered my mind.

"Brother, are selling me as a sex slave?!" I cried out as tears suddenly started to fill my eyes. Instead of answering me he just looked out the window and put his hand over his eyes. I just sat there staring at him, wondering how he could ever do such.

After a few minutes of just sitting in the quiet car my brother spoke. "We need to go inside now, the bidding is about to start. " I just did as my brother told me. I followed him into the building with me head down in shame. I didn't feel like fighting against him, I just felt like dying.

Inside the building there was a stage where many young boys were lined up. They were all wearing tight clothes just like me. I looked around some more too see many older man standing in front of the stage staring lustfully at the young boys. As we walked past them they all turned their heads to ogle me. "That's a nice piece of ass you got there" one of the men told my brother.

When we had reached the stage a man pulled me up by the arm and made me stand next to another boy. He had blonde hair and gray eyes. He looked just as frightened as me, I felt sorry for him, I felt sorry for all the boys that were about to get bid off. Hell, I even felt sorry for myself.

A tall man with a microphone came out and stood next to me on the stage. "Now we will start by bidding of little Takahashi Kun here. According to his brother he is guaranteed to be a virgin." I listened as the man rattled off things about me. Soon all the men in front of the stage were calling out prices.

It was all too much. I didn't want this to happen to me. I didn't want this to be my future. I wondered how I could let this happen to me. Before I knew what was happening I was running. I ran off the stage and through the crowd of men trying to reach the door. I ran past my brother who had a shocked look on his face.

I ran out of the building and down the dark streets. There was nobody out but that was probably because it was three in the morning. I looked behind me to see my brother and a few other men chasing me. I ran faster, forcing my legs to move quicker. I was determined not to get caught and not too get sold to some forty year old horn dog.

I turned and ran down a dark alley. I put my body against the brick wall; I made sure I was standing in a shadow so that my body was harder to see. I waited there for a few minutes until I was sure that they wouldn't find me. I stepped into the light and sighed in relief.

Suddenly I felt strong arms wrap around my waist and pull me towards a frame. I was about to scream out when a hand was clamped over my mouth. 'This man can't be my brother, he's too strong' I thought as I began to panic. 'Oh no it must be one of those men from the bidding place!' I struggled to get away but the man was too strong.

My head was jerked up and I was forced to look into the beautiful eyes of my captor. "Please calm down, I won't hurt you. You will be safer if you come with me." The man said in a husky voice. I looked at his beautiful face, he has such fantastic features. And his ash blonde hair complimented his great features so well.

I didn't respond so the man asked the question again, this time I nodded slowly. The man smirked and then there was a blindfold over my eyes. "Hey you said you weren't going to hurt me!" I yelled out.

"It's not hurting you now is it?" The man said as he grabbed my hand and pulled me along to wherever we were going.

'Should I be screaming, calling for help? Are people still looking for me? Is this man going to hurt me?' The thoughts made their way through my head as the man continued to drag me along. This was it, if this man was planning on killing me he would sure get the job done. No one was coming to my rescue now.

The next thing I knew I was being shoved into something; it had nice cushioned seats so I guess it was a car. I heard the man climb into the seat next to me and start the vehicle. The quiet atmosphere was making me nauseas. The man must have sensed my discomfort because he soon struck up a conversation.

"So can I know you name?" The man asked with a hopeful tone. I wanted to tell him too piss off but something inside me just wouldn't have it. "M-My name is Misaki, Misaki Takahashi" I said softly

"That a very pretty name, but isn't it meant for a girl?" The man asked.

"Listen, I need something to call you. Why don't you tell me your name?" I asked while avoiding his question. Yes my name was meant for a girl but that didn't mean everybody had to acknowledge it!

"You can call me Usagi." The silver haired man said with a smirk in his tone. It pissed me off and I suddenly felt like yelling.

"Alright Usagi San enough of the funny business, are you going to kill me? Are you going to rape me? What exactly do you plan to do with me?" I asked as my voice rose a little higher. I waited for the man's reply but I didn't get any. I was about to ask him again when the car came to a sudden stop. He reached over and took off my blind fold. He looked me right in the eyes and said "I plan on loving you." And with that he leaned over and kissed me.

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