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My kidnapped Heart

Chapter 3

My green eyes fluttered open when I felt someone shaking my shoulders. The brightness of the room made me close my eyes again, before opening them a second time to see a frantic looking Usagi San. I looked around the room and it appeared that I had fallen asleep on the living room couch. I was about to say before the silver haired man in front of me, cut me off. "You need to hide somewhere, and you need to do it quick" He said as he dragged me off the couch and through the living room.

"W-why, what's the matter Usagi San?" My voice squeaked a little due to me just waking up. Instead of answering my question, he just continued to drag me down the hall and into the bathroom. "Misaki," he let go of my shirt and I sat down on the floor. "Takahiro is here, you need to stay in the bathroom until he leaves."

A tiny gasp escaped my mouth as I heard him mention my brother. I wonder why he's here; shouldn't he be looking for me instead of coming to a friend's house? Maybe he came by to ask Usagi San to keep a look out for me."What do you think he's doing here?" I whispered, just in case my brother would hear. Usagi shook his head and looked towards the front door. "I'm not sure," he turned his head back to me; "but I'm sure after this we'll know."

Suddenly there was a knock on the front door and my brothers voice; "Usagi, are you going to let me in or not?" My brother asked as he knocked on the door a few more times. The silver haired man looked back at me and ordered me to stay in the bathroom; then he turned off the light, shut the door, and walked away.

I put my ear against the door and listened as Usagi let my brother into his home. My brother, he sounded calm and not one bit worried. Was he even here to talk to Usagi San about me, or did he even care for that matter. "So how have you been," I heard Usagi ask; "has anything interesting happened lately?"

"No, it least nothing that I know of" my brother said before chuckling softly. I was right, he wasn't here to talk about me at all; he was going to act like nothing had happened. I could have been dead right now and he wouldn't have even known. "Oh, that's too bad, and what about your brother" my captor asked; "how is he doing?"

"O-oh, Misaki is doing just fine; he's trying his best to get good grades in school" Lair, everything he's saying is a lie, and he knows it. I wonder what Usagi San is thinking right now, I hope he doesn't confront my brother. The two older men continued their small talk; neither of them mentioned me again. Before long I heard Usagi let my brother out.

Without noticing it small tears had arrived on my face, slowing streaming down my cheeks and dripping off my chin. I turned my head when I heard the bathroom door slowly open and the light turn on revealing Usagi. "Misaki you're crying," he leaned down and picked me up bridal style; "why are your crying?"

I began sobbing, wasn't the reason for my being upset obvious? My hands came up and pushed Usagi San's chest as I attempted to break free from his hold; but that only seemed to make him hold me tighter, along with nuzzling his head against my neck. "U-Usagi, put me down, I'm fifteen years old and you're holding me like I'm a baby!" I yelled as tears still streamed down my face.

"No, I won't put you down until you tell me why you're crying; and don't you even think about lying." The silver haired man said while grabbing my chin and making me look him in the eyes, this caused me to blush a deep shade of crimson. Instead of answering him I just continued to struggle against his grasp. He chuckled at my futile attempt. "Misaki," he said; "there is no other way out of here, unless you tell me."

I groaned and rolled my eyes at his childish ways. "Fine, I will tell you." I grumbled angrily; "My brother doesn't even care that I'm missing. I thought he would be here to ask you to help look for me, but he didn't. Instead of looking for his only brother, he just came to visit a friend and go on with his life." I felt myself on the verge of tears again, but I held them in.

My elder sighed and put me down; he patted my head and gave me a caring smile. "I know Misaki, I thought he was here for the exact same reason." The tone that Usagi had almost sounded put out; was I troubling him by staying here. If my brother had said something about me, would Usagi San have given me back to him? But that didn't make any sense, Usagi was the one who brought me here; Usagi San told me he didn't want to give me back.

"Usagi, if my brother did ask you if you knew where I was, would you have given me back to him?" I asked quietly; "I mean he is one of your best friends after all." I found myself praying that Usagi San wouldn't answer yes to my question. For some reason I didn't want to leave Usagi San anytime soon.

"Of course I wouldn't have done that." He looked at me like I was stupid; "I've made it my job to protect you now and make sure your safe." His words made me blush; nobody had ever said anything as caring and lovingly as he just had. Before I could stop what I was doing I rushed into his arms and cried, but this time they were tears of joy.

*"Usagi San, you do know m in school, right? If you refuse to let me go how am I suppose to learn things?" I feel like Usagi hadn't even thought this through. I think he just saw me running alone and went 'Oh that kid looks nice, I guess I'll just take him home like he's some kind of stray dog'.

"Oh Misaki, do you really think I'm that stupid?" He chuckled and shook his head; "I'm going to tutor you here right in the safety of our home."

"H-hey," I yelled while jumping up from my spot on his living room couch. "It's not like I wanted this to be 'our' home, you just decided things without taking my feelings into consideration at all!" My voice echoed through the house, which I have learned is absolutely enormous. My eyebrows knitted together when I heard the older man's hearty chuckle.

"Misaki, would you like to know something?" His sultry voice was suddenly against my ear, it sent shivers down my spine. He was so close to me that I could feel the heat generating from him. "You see Misaki, I think that our meeting was destiny."

I gulped and closed my eyes when I felt his arms wrap around my waist and pull me closer. "U-Usagi San don't do this so early in the day!" I yelled as his hand made its way up my shirt. Instead of obeying my orders he just chuckled and tweaked one of my pert nipples. "Should I take that as an invitation for later?" Usagi's lust filled voice asked, followed by a lick to my ear.

Wait, this wasn't right, I'm not gay; there is no way I will allow this guy to molest me. He's no better than the men at the slave sale! Just because he saved me doesn't mean he gets some kinds of perverted reward! A bolt of anger jetted through my body as I elbowed him as hard as I could in the ribs.

The silver haired man sighed out in anger and backed away from me with a glare on his face. "Fine, I give up for now, but later I'm taking up that invitation of yours." He said before throwing me another lusty stare; A felt a chill run down my spine again just from the look of him. "Pervert," I whispered under my breath as the man's tall slender and slender figure walked up the stairs. I wonder what he does up in that room of his, suddenly an idea formed in my head. "Well there's only one way to find out," I said to myself as I walked up the stairs to Usagi San's hide away.

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