Sorry this is late

"Will you let me show you a good time today?"

"I supose at this point it won't hurt," She responded curtly. I smiled and held my hand out to her. She reluctantly took my hand. I led her out the door, and down the sidewalk until I hail a taxi.

"We're super heros. We can fly you know," She tells me as we climb into the taxi.

"Today we're just Garfield, and Rachel," I tell her. A smile tugs at her lips. The taxi stops infront of an Italian resturant. I help Raven out of the car, and pay the driver thanking him for the ride. We get seated and served.

"Garfield, why? Why do you love me? Why didn't you come forward as the one that left the note in book?" She asks me. She seems on edge. I smile.

"Well Rachel, I didn't want to hurt you. I love you because you are the most beautiful girl I've laid eyes on. I know there's no one I'd rather spend years to come with. I've loved you since years ago at the library. I didn't tell you it was me because look at me. I tell lame jokes. I'm green, and I annoy you. I figured if you knew who I really was you wouldn't take my note seriously." I tell her. A blush creeps on to her cheeks.

"Rachel Roth, will you be my girlfriend?" I ask her. She opens her mouth to answer when our communicators ring. I groan.

"Trouble," she says jumping up. She gives me one last look. One of regret before she runs out. I throw money on the table to cover the meal and the tip. The world is just not my friend. When I exit the resturant I don't see Raven, but there's an explosion on the other side of town. I turn into a hawk and fly in the direction of it.

When I arrived all the titans were passed out on the ground except for Raven.

"BB," Cyborg groaned. I turned to look at him with my stomach turning. "It's Slade... He took Raven," Cyborg muttered hoarsely.

"No!" I scream. I drop to my knees. The world just wasn't fair. I will find Slade. I will end him. I look at my friends. All only slightly stirring on the ground. I bury my head in my hands.

"I will find you Slade," I growl at nothing. I swear that I will find Raven.

"Beast boy, he went that way," I heard Robin whisper weakly pointing to his right side. I took off running. Slade was not going to get away with this. I wasn't sure what I was looking for, but I kept going.

"Slade," I screamed angerily.

"Yes, Beastboy?" I hear his sinical reply.

"Where is Raven?" I growl.

"I'm so sorry to ruin your little date, but Raven has a greater destiny ahead of her than you,"Slade taunted me. I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Give her back," I yelled. I charged at him throwing my fist. He jumped, and landed on asmall roof of a neighboring building.

"Not this time Beast Boy. I have deals to make," He said before turning.

"Don't do this Slade," I pleaded knowing it would do no good.

"Oh, and Beastboy? She told me to tell you yes," He said before disappearing. I let myself crumble to the ground. I just laid there and sobbed. I finally got the love of my life, and she was ripped right out of my hands. I'm going to find her. If it's the last thing I do.