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Warnings: Yaoi (BoyxBoy), abuse, non-descriptive rape, language, mpreg, thoughts of incest, lemons, blood/gore, AU.

Pairings: Main- ItaNaru, DeiNaru, ItaDeiNaru. Side- LeeSaku, KibaHina, ChouShika Past- ShinoKiba, AsuShika, SasoDei. One Sided- SasuNaru, PeinNaru, GaaNaru, NejiNaru, KakaNaru, SasuSaku, ItaSasu

Key: "Lalala" = Tailed Beast/Summons Speech

'Lalala' = Tailed Beast/Summons Thoughts

"Lalala" = Jutsu

"Lalala" = Demon possessed speech

"Lalala" = Normal speech

'Lalala' = thoughts

Full Summary: After the Uchiha massacre Itachi stumbles across a young Naruto getting beaten by a group of villagers. After Itachi kills the villagers he decides to take Naruto away from the village and help the boy. After 6 years away from the village and being raised and loved by a group of S-rank criminals, Naruto gets kidnapped by Konoha shinobi, he then gets his memories blocked and only the sight of his most precious person (or persons) can unblock his memories. This is a story about little Naruto's life and his journey to find something he feels is missing, Falling in love, and having a family.

Note: Naruto is 6 right now (Introduced in the next chapter), Deidara (Introduced in chapter 3) is 10, and Itachi is 13.

Remember Me

The red moon hovered overhead, an omen of what was happening. A black figure sped through the Uchiha compound, the smell of death and blood filled the night air. Screams could be heard throughout the compound, telling of the massacre that was occuring. All of the sudden nothing could be heard coming from inside the compound. All was silent, in an eerie way. The silence foretold that the worst had yet to begin, the calm before the storm.

In the silence you could hear a young male voice call out in fright, "Hello? Ka-chan? Tou-san? Aniki? Anyone here?"

A dark haired, dark eyed boy walked down the empty street wondering where everyone was, this boy was Sasuke Uchiha. His eight year old mind was coming up with scenarios that seem like they would never happen, but he was more right then he knew. When the smell of blood and the feeling of dread finally hit him he took off in a sprint, running for the main house. His fear started to mount as he ran through the streets, occasionally tripping, and saw no one, his aunt and uncle were usually there to greet him when he got home and it was too early for them to be in bed.

His heart pounded as he approached the main house, his small, sandal covered feet hit the wood of the porch with a soft 'thunk.' The lights were off and the only thing lighting the porch was a dim lantern, giving off just enough light to be able to see. As he neared the paper door leading to the tea room he heard the distinct 'splat' of liquid hitting the ground and gurgling. Panicked, he rushed into the room, only to see a sight that would haunt him for the rest of his life. His mother had just gotten her throat slit and her body had landed on top of his father's, both giving off large amounts of blood, too much to still be alive.

"M-m-m-mother?" Sasuke whimpered.

"So you've finally decided to join us, eh, Sasuke?" Asked a figure dressed in an ANBU uniform with shadows covering his face.

"Who are you?! Why are you doing this?!" Sasuke screamed.

The figure chuckled and stepped into the dim light coming from outside.

"Oh Sasuke, you don't recognize your own brother? I'm hurt, otouto." The man chuckled.

"A-aniki? Wha-? Why would you do this? Itachi! Why?!"

"To test my strength, foolish otouto. What better way to test my strength than to take out one of the most powerful noble clans this village has to offer? Hm?" Itachi said, staring at his little brother.

"I'LL KILL YOU!" Sasuke screamed, drawing a kunai. Charging at Itachi, kunai drawn, Sasuke only made it about five feet. Itachi still just stared at Sasuke until he got close enough. Itachi quickly switched on his Mangekyo Sharingan by channeling Chakra to his eyes.

"Hn. Tsukuyomi." Itachi said as he looked into Sasuke's eyes.

Inside Tsukuyomi-

Inside of the inverted world Sasuke stood in the middle of an empty street. Looking around, Sasuke tried to find his older brother with no such luck.

"In this world I control everything. Space, time, matter, anything my heart desires. Anything can happen here. You have 72 hours left, little brother." Itachi's voice said from all around.

'Where is he?' Sasuke thought.

"Sasuke…" A voice in the distance said.

"Who's there?" Sasuke called. Suddenly, a figure appeared out of the fog that had accumulated around him. The figure had a womanly figure with alabaster skin, long dark hair, and black eyes, set in a face much like Sasuke's own.

"Mother…" Sasuke whispered. Sasuke started to run towards his mother when an invisible force stopped him in his tracks.

"Sasuke… Help me." His mother whispered.

"Mother!" Sasuke screamed as he thrashed around, trying to get free. Suddenly Itachi appeared behind their mother with a sinister smirk on his face.

"Aren't you going to help her, Sasuke?" Itachi sneered.

"Mother! Itachi is behind you!" Sasuke said as his struggles got stronger.

"It's no use Sasuke. You can't get free. You are too weak." Itachi snarled. Itachi then pulled out his katana and put it to his mother's neck. With one quick swipe of the blade, blood sprayed everywhere.

"Sasuke…" Mikoto choked out, "you weren't strong enough…" With that said her body slid into the pool of blood at Itachi's feet. Yet as she slid into the pool of blood Itachi disappeared again. Off in the distance there was a sound similar to the flapping of a bird's wings. A large raven flew over head, swooping and gliding in almost a dance like manner. Swooping down, the bird perched atop his mother's body, staring at Sasuke with beady red eyes. It cawed at him and then flew off into the fog. He heard the bird caw again as it swooped in front of him, as the bird landed gracefully it slowly began to shift forms. Soon Itachi stood in the bird's place, giant black wings protruding from his back, giving him the appearance of something akin to a fallen angel, his blood covered clothes, red eyes, dark hair, and his blood stained katana only added to the effect. He seemed almost like a demon, dangerous and deadly yet beautiful and alluring.

"Here is where we start, Sasuke." Itachi smirked.