CeCes pov.

Ever since last Christmas I liked Gunther before I give you further information let me tell you how it all started. Garry Wilde told the hole cast we were going on a trip to Palm Springs. We all could bring one person besides us of course mom made me bring Flynn. Rocky my best friend brought Logan my enemy Rocky's boyfriend. Tinka brough her boyfriend Ty aka Rocky's brother. ❤ Gunther ❤ brought his friend Deuce. We all were packed up and ready to go When Dina came in crying and said wow thanks for inviting me! We all forgot about her and felt so bad. We apologized but she wasn't are friend and broke up with Deuce. We comforted him but he was just mad nit one if us incited her. We new what we did and didn't no what to do. We told Dina it was are fault Deuce couldn't invite anyone,and i had to take my brother what else could I do. She forgave us but Deuce didn't forgive her. He said he would go on the trip but not talk to anyone of us we couldn't argue. We let him be mad but we were all guilty. We couldn't help but tell him it's not are fault! Noing it was. reduce ran away. We didn't do anything and took Dina on the trip instead off Deuce. Well I like Gunther because well... He is so hot and has the cutest accent and best personality. But when we got to Palm Springs and I shared a room with Gunther Rocky with Logan Tinka and Dina and Flynn alone what idiot would put Flyn alone. Wow and boys and girls put together what planned this! Garry did ugh! Well me and Gunther liked each other and we would always talk. People we're getting suspicious so we kept are friendship a secret.