AUTHORS NOTE: This chapter has been fixed, as to encompass the script of the rest of the story. The changes were necessary for pacing, and emotional change.

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Chapter 7

"I'm sorry."

Tony Stark's mind was a flurry of activity. He had several half finished projects were strewn across the floor, his benches, and a few large ones were propped up against the wall. He had been awake for over thirty seven hours, and had no intention of sleeping until he found a way to stave of the imminent threat of Loki's bastard of a father.

The precision screwdriver slipped in his hands for the fourth time in a row and he smacked it against the side of the scanner's casing, trying to make it behave. Apparently this only further angered the inanimate object and it slipped again, lodging into a joint fixture.

"Goddamn, stupid, useless piece of-" He growled and left the tool lodged there while he took a swig from a nearby coffee cup. Tony immediately retched on the taste of spoiled milk and slammed the mold covered drink on his tool box. He ran over to the sink and put his mouth right under the faucet, rinsing his mouth out. He gargled and spit noisily into the sink, then place his hands under the water to wash off his face.

He griped the sides of the sink and stared at the droplets of water, connecting and flowing out the drain. Tony furrowed his eyebrows and time slowed down to a crawl.

Have to find a way to catch the frequency of Odin's magic to block it, but I need an original source. Loki cant help, if he uses his magic Odin will find him, but I need him to use it so I can calibrate my machine... But I cant let him use it he's barely holding together without it. Cant use Thor, Cant use Loki... Whats left? What can I use?

Tony shakes his head in frustration, flinging more water into the sink. The little drips catch each other with their magnetic surface tension and flow into the drain.

Have to get a source, Then a relay-

Tony's heart stops cold.

His reactor.

Tony laughs and the spark of his imagination takes over.

What did Loki say? "You have created something akin to ancient magics."

Yes. Yes This is good. I can work with this. My power. But I cant use it without-

A droplet of water falls over his eyelid and he rubs his eye to clear it. The membrane of his eye flashes red and it sparkles like-

"Jarvis, page Loki will you. I need him."

"As you wish, Sir."



Tony races over to his scanner and hastily imports a few new codes to change the settings. At first he only wanted to be able to find magic, like an early warning system, but oh, this was so much better.

He is so fixated on his work, wanting to type in every possible detail before he forgets; that he jumps when a cool, slender hand works its way around his waist.

"Good evening Anthony." Loki purrs in his ear, and Tony's knees quiver at the sound. Loki wraps his hands around his hips and hugs from behind. "What do you require of me, my love?"

Tony spins around and looks to Loki. "I need to ask you a flavor. Can I scan you? Its important."

The god's eyebrow lifts in curiosity. "Can you what?" he questions.

Tony, overeager in his new excitement, stumbles over a crumple of grease rags and motions to the "c" shaped scanner in the middle of the room. It is no thicker than his palm, rising nearly seven feet tall. Inside the gentle curve, hundreds of tiny blue lights shine brightly, awaiting the input of new data.

"Scan you. I need to figure out how your magic works. In the center please." He orders, no time to be polite.

Loki lingers beside the desk, unsure. "And what will this accomplish?" He asks, his slender arms crossed.

Tony sighs and holds the handle of the portable scanner. He taps the tiny screen as he speaks. " See this? If I get an imprint of your... magic, I can calibrate the sensors all over our house and we'll get a heads up if anyone tries to do any wizard-y stuff. Its an early warning system. Like a guard dog. But where the dog is the machine and he can smell the magic and- I'm totally losing you aern't I?"

Loki sighs and slumps against the sink. "I would prefer not to be ogled by your machine." He leans his elbow back on the counter exposing his long, graceful neck. Tony swallowed noisily.

"Ah, come on Loki, I will only take a munute. Please?" Tony adds, "Look it wont even hurt, I promise."



Tony watches the god mull it over, his hands clenched over the counter top. He watches Loki's emerald eyes flicker with annoyance, then roll slightly back as he gives in. Tony knows Loki hates it when he tries to help, and the fact that Loki's agreeing to this at all, is a very bad sign.

"All right, Anthony, I will permit this. What must I do?" Loki sighs deeply. Tony reaches over to hold his hand out, but Loki brushes it away. He watches his lover walk over to the center of the room, under the scanner, and settle on the balls of his feet, rocking slightly.

Tony flips on the device and it whines, startling Loki. " Its ok, the machine is just warming up." Loki shoots him a glare, and Tony can see a glimmer of fear in his eyes. Tony starts the machine and it begins to spin in a circuit.

"Loki its gonna go really fast, but just keep still. And if you say "Stop!" I'll shut it down, ok?" Tony asks and steps back slightly.

Loki quickly gives him a worried glance, but remains rooted to the spot. Tony takes this as a go-ahead and he kicks up the speed of the scanner. It is revolving once a second, and picking up speed. A high pitched whine emits from his hand held screen and it begins to feed him images.

Tony looks to the handled device and watches as a high resolution of Loki's body begins to load. He flicks his fingers to zoom on the image, enlarging it to Loki's chest. Tony can see the machine begin to display the muscle mass beneath the skin, and he traces it idly, noticing that it seems... thinner than he expected. He frowns and takes a quick glance up at Loki, who has locked his jaw in an effort to keep himself still. The machine whirrs so fast around him that Tony can hardly see it now.

"You ok Loki?" He asks, having to yell over the noise. The god stares darkly at him, but nods slightly. His hand-held reader pings and he looks down to the rendering image. He grunts in frustration when her realizes the scanner has stopped just below the muscle tissue.



"Sir, I requite 57% more power to penetrate his inner core."

Tony's breath catches and he holds it while he weights his options. Ether he can stop now, and all Loki's willingness to help would be for nothing, (and he seriously doubted he's get Loki back in it any time soon) Or, he could amp up the power twice, as much and get him out of there faster. There was only a 8% chance that it might overload... but the worst it would do is pop a breaker or two. Or six...

"Ramp it up to 114%, lets not keep him in there any longer than we have to."

"But Sir, the potential for inj-

"Do it Jarvis, I know the math."

The scanner whirls about at breakneck speed now, whipping up a wind and ruffling papers. Tony has his eyes fixed on the display, watching the image go deeper. A green light pulses from the back of the image and tony flips it.

Ah! There! A soft glow was blossoming out of Loki's spine. If I can just- I knew it! Must be in the spinal fluid. Wait... more? His bones too? The green glow was brightest around Loki's spine, but Tony watched it grow to encompass his skull, his rib-cage, down to his pelvis and all through out his legs. He would need to do a spinal tap, and a bone marrow sample. Banner was the only one he could trust with this and -


Loki was screaming.


Tony dropped the scanner on the ground and saw Loki caved in on himself, howling in pain, clawing at his skin.

"JARVIS! CUT THE POWER! TURN IT OFF!" Tony screamed and Loki reached out to snag the rotating scanner, causing sparks to fly. His hand bounced sharply off with a sickening crack and -oh god why isn't it stopping! Where's my suit, gotta break it, where?-

With an animalistic roar, Loki latched onto the scanner, the metal squealing under his fingertips. He halts it right in its tracks and struggles to rip it from he ground. As his hands touch the scanners, there is a spark, and Loki screams as his body is wracked with electricity. Tony rushes over trying to pull Loki from the scanner. His hands clamp around Loki's writs and his body convulses as the electricity tears though him. The lights explode around them as the power blows. Tony is knocked onto the cement floor, his head hitting with a burst of pain.



Tony is left panting in the dark. He blindly gropes for Loki, following the keening sobs. His hand finds Loki's ankle, but as he grips it to pull himself forward, there is a shock of cold so intense that it burns his hand. He lets go with a shout and there is an answering call of pain from Loki.

Tony groans and holds his hand under the light of his arc reactor. The flesh has turned bright red, and several small blisters are beginning to form on the edges. "Loki?" He calls out, needing to hear his lover's voice.



Should have been paying attention! FUCK, Shouldn't have ramped the power, shouldn't have been inpatient. I hurt him an he trusted me. Fuck. FUCK. FUCK!

Tony crawls on his hand and knees, keeping his injured hand close to his chest. There is a deep growl that sounds like something gargling with a mouth full of blood. Tony stops dead in his tracks.

There, just above him, are two burning red eyes. They float in the darkness towards him, and Tony feels, rather than sees the ice cold hand that latches onto his shoulder. It digs in painfully, and he grimaces.

"Loki? Loki its me, Tony." He asks and then grunts in pain as cold seeps into his shoulder. The red eyes blink once, slowly, and press up to his face. He can feel the frigid breath form ice crystals on his beard as they draw closer. Tony's heart hammers in his chest, terrified of this primal -thing- in front of him. The eyes tilt slowly, and a cold, dark voice answers.

"Not..." It says with a sigh, and Tony can feel another hand grip his burnt hand.

"Mon..ssster." It hisses in his ear, and with a snarl, flips him onto his stomach.

The emergency lights kick on with a dim, sickly yellow light, and Tony holds his breath in fear at the sight above him.

Loki's skin is deep blue, etched with tiny scars. -Jotun, hes turned in to the frost giant again! But his eyes, its not him, oh god, its not him. Loki, Loki, Loki, Lo-

He's chanting his lovers name, trying to call him back home, but the Jotun above him laughs. "Gone, gone, gone!" he mimic's Tony's worried tone and laughs cruelly. "Poor Loki couldn't handle it. You hurt him rather badly. Shall I return the favour pet?"

"Loki! Will you snap out of it? I was only trying to help, I didn't mean to hurt you! I'm sorry, Loki!" Tony pleads and he starts to panic when his hands are forced above his head. The Jotun straddles his hips and growls as it leans down to catch his mouth in a bruising kiss. Tony thrashed his head around, to try to escape, but Loki bit down hard and he gasped in pain. Loki forced his tongue into his mouth, and Tony struggled to breathe. The Jotun's tongue was cold enough to make his teeth hurt. His mouth was quickly loosing feeling, and the cold crept to the back of his throat making him gag. The Jotun bit down hard on his tongue, and Tony swallowed his own blood.

"Do I disgust you? Am I repulsive to you in this form?" The Jotun asks and Tony screams as his wrists begin to burn. He can feel them grow colder and, -oh god its ice- forms around his wrists, locking them from thumbs to half way up his elbows. The ice is dry an cold and immediately his bones begin to hurt.

"Fuckin' Ow, Loki Stop it! That hurts! God-damn it!" He shouts and struggles hard against the unmovable burning ice.

"I care not ..." The Jotun whispers and cups his hands over the slight bulge in his pants, in a mockery of a lovers caress. But Tony's body cant help itself, he hardens under the touch. "It seems you are enjoying this pet."

"Loki I swear to god I'm sorry! Now let me out of this!" He howls and then whimpers as Loki grinds his hips hard into Tony's, rubbing up and down over his growing erection. "Loki this isn't like you, stop!"

The Jotun gives him a wicked grin. "It seems I must find a better use for your mouth, you bark too much, dog." Loki forced his jaw open and put two of his fingers in Tony's mouth. "Get them nice and wet, it will hurt less later my pet." He purrs and proceeds to nip the delicate skin just under the neckline of his shirt, and in one swift motion, yanks the cloth free.

Tony, pinned, helpless, does the only thing he can think of, hoping that this will get through to Loki. He bites down hard on Loki's fingers and the frozen god backhands him smartly. There is a white flash of pain, and Tony's eyes roll back for a moment.

He is flipped over to his stomach and The Jotun forms more ice over his wrists, sticking them to the floor. His pants are torn from his hips and boxers are shredded to pieces with Loki's nails. He is completely exposed now, and Tony twisted his head back to watch Loki remove the clothes from his own body. As his eyes wandered down, he realize that Loki's Jotun form had... increased his size. Tony swallowed thickly. "Loki..." He pleaded.


The Jotun lowered himself over Tony's back and snaked an arm under his chest to wrap around the front of his neck. Tony gasped at the frigid body covering him, and felt Loki's length press up against him. The frost giant growled in his ear. "You bit me pet, and I do not care to be disobeyed. I had planed on showing some... leniency, but now you will have none." The hand snaked up to cover his mouth, and Tony was left swearing uselessly.

He felt Loki part him and rub a frozen hand over his half hard arousal, causing his hips to thrust into it, seeking more friction. His body was betraying him, craving the touch of his lover. The Jotun laughed and Tony could feel the cold head press against his tight ring of muscles. He screamed an swore and bucked his hips, but Loki refused to budge. The hand tightened across his chest and in one brutal thrust, Loki tore into him.

Tony screamed loud and long, thrashing like an animal. The pain was excruciating, and his insides were burning from the cold. Loki pushed in to the hilt and a muffled sob escaped Tony's throat. Loki grunted in pleasure and began jerking his hips roughly, not even giving him time to adjust. Tony was forced flat against the cold cement floor, his own length pinned beneath him. Loki began to thrust inside him, and tears began to roll down his cheeks.

Fuck, Loki I'm sorry, I deserve it. He chants over with every movement, every thrust sending waves of agony through his body. Should have watched more, I promised, I'm so sorry. The Jotun's frigid length burns him with deep cold, and he begins to sob anew as he realizes he's beginning to bleed.

"-oki. Mffh. -st-p." He struggles through the vice grip on his mouth. He tries to wrench his hands free an succeeds in dislocating his shoulder, earning a fresh cry as Loki sinks his teeth into the warped muscle.

With one last ditch effort he twits his head violently and yells their safe word. "RED LIGHT! Loki, Red light! Stop- AHH!- Fuck! LOKI!"

Loki's body shudders above him and he stops thrusting. Tony watches him clutch his head and howl in agony.

Got through!

"Loki , its Tony, wake up! You need to stop -gahhhhh!" Tony cries as heat fills his insides from Loki's transformation back to human. The wailing god clutches his hands and blinks several times to clear his vision.

When Loki speaks, his voice is tiny and distant. "'Tony... what happened- Oh Anthony, what did I do to you?!" He cries and Tony can feel Loki soften inside him, and a small drip of blood hits the cement floor, echoing.

Loki takes his hands over his hips and tries to pull out as gently as he can, but Tony starts gasping in pain half way through. When Loki is finally free from his body, he can feel a sticky warmth trickle behind him.

"Loki... hands...please..." He manages, too exhausted and overwhelmed to last much longer.

Loki, sobbing hard, breaks the ice with his hands and Tony curls up in a ball, trying to bring warmth back into them. His fingers are white with cold and he holds his hands to his body but cannot move them.

Tony is dizzy and freezing and hurt,everywhere burns from the cold. He struggles to stand, but cant quite make it. The world spins and Tony Stark faints onto the bloody concrete floor.



The world blurs in an out of focus, Tony is vaguely aware of being carried up to the bedroom. His head lolls to the side and presses up against something familiar. Its warm and comforting. He leans in and listens to the comforting heartbeat. He frowns a little. Its faster than he is used to. Why? He places a hand on the warm body that carries him and listens as it skips a beat. He nuzzles close and tries to lose himself in the sound. The ebb and flow of the beat is soothing, and he falls asleep for a moment.

When he awakens he is warm. Deliciously warm. He breathes in a lungful of steam and when he kicks his leg, he meets resistance. Tile. Water. Shaking hands try to steady him, and he emits a cry of longing when they leave his body. He tries to speak, but the words fall from his mouth unformed. He tries hard to focus, and one by one his injuries blossom over his body. Tony comes to with a strangled cry.



Tony is chest deep in his bath water, head cushioned against the rim with a wet towel. The water is slightly pink and he dips his frostbitten hand into the water, making him wince.

He looks around the bathroom, but Loki is nowhere in sight. "Loki.." He starts and chokes on his voice as he finds his lover cowering behind the door frame. Loki is wringing a washcloth in his hands and refuses to make eye contact with him. He notices several large bruises all up his arms and a split lip. His eyes are red from tears and he emits a barely contained whimper and falls to his knees. Tony tries to get out of the tub, and he stops, the pain inside him too much to move. "Loki..." He asks again. "Loki?" But his lover is nowhere to be seen.