23 September 2011

Time stood still in the Chandler Mansion. Things were going so good. Stuart had woken up earlier that day and Adam had proposed to Brooke. Things were going well sure David was out of jail but if it was not for him Stuart would still be dead. Erica Kane was just left by her fiance and ex husband.

"What was that?" Erica asked as she looked around the room.

"It sounded like a gun shot." Opal her very best friend explained. Opal was mad at her at the moment but was equally as mad.

Bianca Montgomery, Erica Kane's daughter looked over at the wall. "Oh my goodness there is a whole in the wall!"

Adam Chandler walked over to the hole and quickly turned back around. "No one move. Someone is on the other side of the wall!"

Adam and Tad walked through the Chandler tunnels both unsure of what they would find. Tad voluntarily decided to come seeing that he was afraid someone was after his fiance Dixie. In other words he thought that David was still after Dixie.

"Are you sure of what you saw?" Tad asked hoping that Adam could possibly be wrong.

Adam sighed. "Yes I am positive of what I saw." Adam pointed his flashlight out and then they saw him. It was JR Chandler. The son of Adam and step son of Tad who he raised like his own child.

Tad got to the body first. "JR, can you hear me? JR, say something!"

Adam pushed Todd to the side. "Move out of the way I need to save my son!"

"Adam he needs a doctor." Tad tried to explain to him.

Adam thought about it and then remembered. "David, David was here earlier let's move JR out to the living room and find David.

The two grabbed JR's body that smelt like vodka and gin. They both were aware of JR's drinking problem but no one ever did anything about it. They both regretted it now.

Back in the living room of the mansion Erica continued to think of what she should do. Erica loved Jackson but she also loved the idea of being more famous than she already was. "Opal what should I do? I love Jackson and if he get's away he will think I don't care about him anymore."

Opal put her hand on Erica's shoulder and sighed. "Erica right now it is best you give him his space. Talk to him tomorrow."

"Oh Opal I don't have until tomorrow. I am supposed to leave for LA tonight!" Erica had so much to think about had no time at all to do it.

Opal sighed once again and crossed her arms. "Erica then I think you just answered your own question." Opal walked away to go talk to some other guests at the party.

Tad and Adam walked back into the room carrying JR's almost lifeless body. "Make some room for him. He is not breathing very well." Tad explained to everyone.

Marissa Chandler let go of Bianca her girlfriend and ran over to the couch that JR was now on. "Oh my god! Did he shoot himself?" Marissa could not believe that he would do this. Did he love her that much?

Tad pushed her away a little. He did not have time to deal with her drama. "Give him a little room right now Marissa. We need to find your father. Where is David?"

Angie Hubbard the head doctor of the Pine Valley hospital happened to be there and walked over. "Let me look at him." Angie checked JR's pulse. "He still has a pulse but it's very weak. He does not look like he was shot though. Someone needs to call an ambulance. He smells like a bar!"

Erica was shocked at what was happening right now. Erica had once been JR's step mother but once again that was the least of Erica's problems. "I have to go!" She said as she ran passed Opal.

Opal put her hand to her heart and looked up. "Please oh please choose the right thing Erica..."

25 November 2011

It was a beautiful morning and birds were chirping. Erica Kane's house was especially a happy place that morning. In Erica's bedroom two bodies played with each other under the bed and giggled. Lots and lots of giggling.

"Good morning." Marissa said as she popped her head out from under the blanket. She smiled as Bianca came up from under as well.

"Good morning to you as well" She said laughing.

Marissa looked at the clock on the desk. "We should probably get dressed. She will be here soon." Marissa was not looking forward to there visitor but she really did not have a choice.

Bianca frowned. She herself was not looking forward either. "She was supposed to be here a week ago. I highly doubt that she will show up."

"Bianca she will be here. She promised you that she would be coming back from Rome and she will. I just know it." Marissa tried to cheer Bianca up.

Bianca looked over at a picture of her when she was a baby in her mother Erica's arms. "We have a better chance of having a circus perform in the living room than seeing my mother."

"You never know with her she could bring one with her!" Marissa joked.

Bianca thought about it for a moment. She knew her mother all to well. It was very possible that her mother would bring the circus and the circus would not leave even if Erica did.

Marissa kissed Bianca on the cheek "Come on let's go take a shower and get ready." Marissa got up out of bed wrapping the sheet around her naked body. Bianca smiled as Marissa walked off to the bathroom. ***

The beautiful morning continued across town at the Pine Valley country club. Where Kendall Hart Slater the half sister of Bianca sipped coffee as she read her copy of the Banner which had a picture of her mother hugging Angelina Jole in London on the front page.

"Did you read that article yet?" Greenlee Smyth Lavery her best friend and business partner asked. Greenlee was a bit of a feisty girl.

Kendall put down the news paper. "No. Which one?"

"You know which one. The one where she claims that I was the inspiration of her latest role..." Greenlee was not amused by this.

Kendall laughed and put the paper aside. "That is not exactly what she said."

"You know that she implied it though." Greenlee did not exactly get along with Erica Kane.

"Oh come on like you don't enjoy being in the public eye." Kendall had a point Greenlee was always in the press and loved every moment of it.

Greenlee rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. "Well I mean I do but your mother can stay away from me. She has done enough damage to all of us in my opinion."

Kendall took another sip of her coffee. She did not want to ask Greenlee the question she had to ask. "So um you know that she is coming home from Rome today right?

"Does my father know this?" Greenlee asked. She was refering to Jackson Montgomery her father.

"I don't have a clue. I have not seen him since he married Krystal and they went on their honeymoon last month." Kendall knew that things were not going to go well once Erica came back to town after several months.

Greenlee could see it in Kendall's eyes. "Oh my goodness she doesn't know about Krystal and my father does she?"

"No... but she will soon enough." Kendall knew that all to well. "I mean how do you tell Erica Kane that the man she loved more than anything in the world has just married the one woman she hates more than anyone else?"

"Simple. I would sit her down and smack her across the face. Tell her tough luck try better next time." This was a classic Greenlee answer.

Kendall put her hand on her head and rubbed it. "You have a sick personality. So any luck getting renters for the house?"

Greenlee sighed. "No such luck. However yet another couple is coming up to see the house this afternoon."

"Let me guess you already have everything you hate about this couple picked out before you have even met them" Kendall knew Greenlee all to well.

"Well of course I do. They live in Springfield..."

"Well what is wrong with that?" Kendall had been there a few times it was a nice place.

Greenlee stirred her tea a little bit. "Have you been there? It's so small town I doubt that the two are interesting at all..."

Lizzie Spaulding swerved the car to the right as she tried to figure out where the heck they were. "Harlan please turn down your video game! I am trying to figure out where we are. How the heck did the GPS break?"

"I think that maybe I should take control of the map for a while dear." Bill Lewis the third her loving husband offered afraid for his life at her driving.

Lizzie threw it at him. "Any idea where we are?"

"Well we should be close but I am not exactly sure." Bill explained to his wife who had been driving all day.

"Are you sure that we should be looking for houses here?" Lizzie was worried that it was just to far away from there families.

Bill looked at her. "Lizzie you said yourself we need to get out of Springfield for a while."

"Well yeah but I was thinking like Chicago or something." Lizzie never thought they would be going all the way to the East coast.

"Trust me it will be a fresh start for us." Bill thought that they needed this after the last couple of years they both had been having.

Bianca walked down stairs after taking her shower and getting dressed. "Happy I am completely dressed!"

"Not really, but I will get over it." Marissa said with a dirty smile.

"So where are the kids?" Bianca asked. She was referring to her teenage daughter's Miranda and Gabrielle as well as Marissa's step son and nephew AJ.

"Well Gabrielle and Miranda went to the movies with Zack and his kids." Marissa said trying to remember what there text said without looking at it directly.

"What about AJ?" Bianca asked hoping that they had the house to themselves so they could clean up a bit before her mother got home.

Marissa looked at her phone. "Well no he is..." She was cut off.

"Why would I want to go to some stupid movie?" AJ said as he walked down the stairs.

"Would you like some breakfast AJ?" Marissa asked trying to change AJ's obvious mood change.

AJ frowned and looked at Marissa like she was crazy. "I have things I have to do." He headed for the door.

"Like what?" Marissa asked him before he left.

"I am going to go visit dad." AJ said in a pissed off mood.

Marissa looked at her watch. It was to early for him to visit. "Visiting hours don't start until twelve."

"Then I will wait in the waiting room..." AJ slammed the door behind him.

Marissa did not know what happened to him. He used to be such a nice young boy. It didn't help that AJ's mother had died when he was young or that his father was in the hospital but still. Marissa thought he would be happier.

"Marissa don't worry about AJ. Ok? He has a lot to deal with right now. JR is in the mental institution for repeatedly trying to kill himself and you. AJ is bound to have a few things wrong with him." Bianca secretly did think Marissa could have been a better parent to AJ but she did not say anything.

"I know Bianca but he is just growing more and more miserable every day. Sometimes I wonder if he will ever be happy again." She sure did hope so.

"Let me out! Someone let me out!" JR screamed from his bed. He was tied to the bed again. He had tried to hurt himself supposedly again last night.

David walked into the room and sat down next to JR. "Screaming never helps. You should know that better than anyone JR."

JR looked at David mad. This was his fault that he was tied down again. "Let me out David. Now!"

"We have been over this numerous times. You cannot leave until you are better. That might not be for a long while." David laughed at JR.

"I have not seen my son in forever." JR screamed at David.

David continued to laugh. "JR you know that is not true. He was here the other day." David wrote something down on a clip board. "If it were up to me though my grandson would never see you again."

"I don't remember what happens from one day to the next. You put me on so many pills that it is hard to remember my name." JR knew that David was drugging him on purpose.

David put down the clip board. "You had to be given them JR. You have been reported as talking to yourself again."

"I want to talk to Babe." JR screamed at him. Babe was David's daughter JR's wife that had died several years back.

David sighed and got up from his chair. "JR how many times do I have to tell you. Babe is dead. Get over it. Even if she was not dead. I would never let you see her again."

"You are a terrible person." JR started to whine while he screamed.

"You keep telling yourself that. You and the rest of the town. I was glad that they put you in isolation after you tried to kill yourself the second time. I wish they would put you back in." David walked out of the room locking the door.

JR continued to scream. JR heard someone laughing hysterically."Who is that? Who is it? I can hear you!"

Right next door to JR's room was a girl that the hospital had to name Sarah because she did not know her own name. Even though she claimed to have one. David was the only person who delt with this patient.

"So how are you today Sarah?" David asked her.

"My name is Kendall. You know that my name is Kendall!" Sarah screamed at David.

"I understand that you think that is your name. However you are not Kendall." David could not understand why she thought she was.

Sarah frowned. "Well then who am I?"

"Sarah Park. That is your name." David explained to her yet again.

Sarah sat up in her bed. "No I am Kendall Hart!"

David sighed. He was so sick of hearing this. "You know that is not the case. Why won't you admit it to yourself? You can leave if you admit it to yourself."

"I am telling you the truth. I came to Pine Valley on February 24th, 1993." Sarah said like this was actually going to help her case.

David looked at her like she was even more crazy. "I don't have a clue when Kendall first came to town but you do not even look like her."

"I know something that I am not supposed to know." Sarah explained to David.

"Oh really? What is it that you know?" David asked her.

Sarah looked exactly into his eyes. "I will not tell you unless you believe me"

"Yes mother I will make sure that does not happen... Yes of course we are excited to see you... No, none changed anything about your house...I thought you wanted me to keep it the way you left it that's why... Ok I will see you tonight... I love you too." Bianca hung up the phone and looked annoyed.

Marissa smiled again. "She seemed to be excited to see you."

"It would appear to be that way." Bianca explained to Marissa.

"At least that you know she misses you." Marissa said trying to make Bianca happy.

Bianca kissed Marissa on her lips.

Kendall and Greenlee finished lunch and made it back to there office at Fusion. "Shouldn't you be waiting at your house for the couple to get there to see it?" Kendall asked as she sat down.

Greenlee sighed once again. "Why bother there is no way they will be good enough for my house." Greenlee crossed her arms.

"You know what I still don't get. Why you are renting out your house. Where do you plan on moving in Pine Valley anyways?"

Greenlee mumbled to herself. "I am not living in Pine Valley anymore."

JR struggled in his bed when she appeared to him. "What are you doing here?"

"JR how could you do this to yourself?" Babe asked him.

JR started to cry. "Will you stop showing up. You are dead!" JR was sick of this.

"You know I won't leave until you get your life together." Babe sat down on the edge of JR's bed.

He continued to scream. "I can't move on until you stop coming back!"

"What if I told you I can help you through all of this?" Babe asked him.

"Oh and just how do you plan on doing that?" JR wondered.

Babe smiled. "I know what is going to happen next JR. I'm not a figment of your imagination. I am actually a spirit."

"Yeah right and maybe I actually diverse to be in this hospital." JR worried that this was the truth.

Babe frowned. "No JR don't you understand you do not belong in this hospital." Babe explained.

Kendall was shocked at what she just heard. "What do you mean you are not going to be living in Pine Valley anymore?"

"Ryan and I have decided that it is time to move on with our lives." Greenlee explained a bit sad at having to explain it to her best friend.

Kendall tried to make sense of this. "Why can't you do this in Pine Valley?"

"It's not like I am leaving for California. I will be right in the next town in Llanview." Greenlee explained trying to make the situation sound better.

"Why Llanview." Kendall thought that was a bit random of a place.

"This house just went on the market that is perfect for Ryan and I and another..." Greenlee told Kendall.

Kendall smiled. "What do you mean by another? Greenlee are you pregnant?"

Greenlee started to laugh. "Yes!"

"What do you mean that I don't belong here?" JR asked Babe.

"You see I have a plan that will help you get better JR. Once and for all and get over me." Babe had it all planned out.

JR thought for a moment. "If you were really Babe you would not want me to get over you." JR had a point.

"JR I screwed up so much when I was alive... I tried so hard to make my life perfect that I hurt everyone else I loved" Babe said frowning as she said it.

"So then what is your plan?" JR asked her not buying any of this.

"Ok hear me out. I found someone else for you to love." Babe explained.

JR was shocked at what he was hearing. "What do you mean that you found someone else for me to love?"

"I found someone for you but they are not here they are somewhere else." Babe told JR.

"Ok then where do I go?" JR asked.

"Oh you can't go there yet. The person is not there yet." Babe told JR.

JR thought she was going crazy and she was a spirt. "You are not making any sense..."

"Look it's not as if you could just leave here and then check yourself into another hospital." Babe knew this for a fact.

"So then I have to go to another hospital?" JR did not want to go to another hospital.

Babe rolled her eyes. "Trust me you will meet the person at the new hospital."

"So you found me a nut job?" JR did not want a real crazy person. He already dealt with those every day.

"The person is not a nut job JR. Neither are you." Babe told him.

JR was happy that someone agreed with him. "Then what do I do to get to the other hospital?"

"Well give me some time to make sure that everything is perfect so nothing goes wrong." Babe had no ideas yet. Babe started to disappear.

"Where are you going? Don't leave me Babe!" JR screamed. It was to late though she was gone. "Wait. Don't go! Please don't go!"

Angie walked into the room. "What is going on in here? JR are you talking to yourself again?" Angie shook her head.

"Angie you don't understand. Babe was..."

"Babe was what JR?" Angie interrupted JR before he could finish.

JR knew if he told her they would give him more pills. He did not want anymore pills. "Never mind..."

"Why were you screaming this time then?" Angie wanted JR to get better. She felt sorry for JR.

"I was just having a bad dream." JR lied.

Angie rolled her eyes and sighed. She knew that JR was not telling the truth. "JR I understand you are going through things but it is time you try to get better."

"Angie I really am trying too." JR really was. However David kept giving him pills. JR was sure that David was not supposed to be giving him half the pills that he was forced to take. Though every time he told someone they did not believe him.

"Then please take your treatments seriously. AJ is here to see you by the way. Please try to behave yourself. He is your only visitor." Angie said as she walked out of the room to let AJ in.

AJ smiled as he saw JR. "Hey dad."

JR smiled back. "AJ come sit down buddy."

"So how is your day going?" AJ asked actually interested.

"Oh you know the same as usual. What about you?" JR loved having AJ visit him.

AJ looked away from JR. "Not much. I am trying out for the tennis team at school."

"Well hey. Good for you!" JR was so proud of AJ.

"Oh yeah and Erica Kane is coming back to town today." AJ explained to his father.

JR frowned. "Well that's nice..." He really did not care all that much about Erica Kane or her family. ***

Kendall walked over to Greenlee and hugged her. "Congratulations Greenlee!"

"Yeah well don't tell anyone. I want to keep it a secret for a while..." Greelee told Kendall.

"Why?" kendall asked.

"I just do." Greenlee explained.

"Ok... So what is so special about this house that you are moving to Llanview?"

Greenlee sat down. "It just felt right. If you know what I mean..."

"I think so." Kendall was so happy for Greenlee right now.

Bianca and Marissa were still kissing when the front door opened. They quickly stopped kissing. "I'm home!" Erica said stretching out the word home to three syllables.

Bianca jumped up from the couch. "Mom I thought you were not going to be home until tonight?"

Erica smiled as she shut the door. "Oh I wasn't but then I remembered how much I missed you!" Erica walked over to Bianca and hugged her.

Marissa walked over. "Hello Erica."

Erica stopped hugging Bianca and went over and hugged Marissa. "How are you doing Marissa?"

"Oh I am doing well!" Marissa said actually happy to see her.

"Oh wonderful. Just wonderful. I have presents for everyone." She said as she held up her bags.

Bianca looked annoyed. "Well mom everyone went out. We were not expecting you until tonight so you are going to have to wait to give them to everyone."

"Well you are just going to have to round everyone up. I have some big news to tell everyone!" Erica told her daughter.

"Oh of course. I will call a search party..." Bianca rolled her eyes.

"Well you better get Jackson over too. He is involved with my announcement." Erica went over and sat down on the couch. "I can't wait to see him.

Bianca and Marissa looked at each other. "Jackson is out of town right now Erica. He is with my mother in England."

Erica looked confused. "Why is he with your mother?" She said the word mother like she meant the word bitch.

"We have something to tell you..." Bianca said.