Erica walked around the living room waiting for the guests to arrive when she noticed that Kendall was not yet home. She looked at her clock and then asked Bianca. "Where is Kendall?"

Bianca looked at Marissa. "She had to go somewhere to drop off some presents." Bianca explained without getting into details.

She stopped walking. She could sense that something was not right but could not figure out what. "Any idea where?" Erica asked.

Marissa decided to answer. "Kendall went to the mental ward of the hospital."

Erica looked at Marissa and then at Bianca. "Why did she go to the mental ward?"

Bianca walked over to Erica. "She had to visit someone but she will be back soon. Don't worry what could possibly happen. She will get here when everyone else get's here probably."

Suddenly the front door opened and it was Opal. Erica's best friend and as Opal put it her best gal pal. She did not say anything to anyone and walked right over to the TV turning it on. "Everyone look what is going on!"

Erica walked over to Opal. "Opal this is is a party not a TV viewing."

Opal turned up the TV. "Erica you should really watch this!"

The news started up and a reporter came on. "Today a fire was started at the Pine Valley mental ward. It is unknown the originof the fire though. At this time it would appear that no employees or patients have been hurt in any way however the enter third story has been destroyed. At this time the residents of the hospital will be moved to the Saint Anne's institution in Llanview."

Marissa thought for a moment and remembered that JR was on the third floor. "Oh my goodness I hope that JR made it out ok."

Opal went over to Marissa. "Well it appeared that he is ok according to the news at least."

Erica crossed her arms. "Then why would you come running here in a panic?" Erica sat down on the couch.

Opal walked over to Erica. "I received a call from Kendall only she was not talking to me so I think it was accidental but I heard screaming in the background. I think she was at the hospital."

Erica looked up. "What?"

Bianca got out her phone. "I am going to call Kendall." She dialed her phone.

Marissa hugged Bianca. "I am sure she is ok."

"I do to. I just want to make sure." Bianca explained.

Erica could not believe this was happening. This was not supposed to happen. It was Christmas Eve. Erica could not believe what was possibly happening. She started to snap.

Bianca hung up the phone. "Her phone didn't pick up I will try again..."

Kendall coughed in the smoke filled hallway. It still was burning. Why had the fire department not come inside already? Possibly because she was inside of JR's room where the fire had first started. Kendall was trapped under a large piece of wood. "Help! Please someone help me!"

Kendall continued to scream but then she started to hear noises. "Hello is someone their? Hello? Please someone anyone. I am trapped!" No one responded but she heard people. She heard laughing.

"Hello Kendall. Long time no see." It was Babe.

Kendall swore that she was starting to go crazy from the smoke. "Babe?"

"She is not picking up her phone. What should we do?" Bianca asked everyone.

Opal walked over to Opal. "We should just remain calm. We can call Jesse or another officer and if no one can help well then we will go looking for her ourselves. Everything will be alright!" Opal explained.

Erica got up from the couch. "The guests will be here soon. We need to make sure that things are ready for them." For whatever reason Erica was not the least bit afraid of what could be happening. It was almost like she knew that her daughter was ok.

Bianca could not believe that Erica was acting this way towards the idea of Kendall being hurt or worst dead. "Mom Kendall might be hurt I think our friends will understand."

Erica started walking towards the kitchen. "Opal would you help me fill drinks? I think we should have some drinks already poured don't you?"

Kendall could not believe that Babe was here. "How is this possible?" She asked.

Babe sighed. "Oh Kendall you know I can't stay away for that long."

Kendall's eye's widened. "So they you are alive?"

Babe sat down next to Kendall who was struggling. "No... I am dead and you will be too if someone does not come to help you."

"Well I know someone will. I just know it!" Kendall hoped at least.

Babe started to laugh again. "Why would they need you when they can have the real deal though?"

Kendall looked at her confused. "What are you talking about?

Babe rolled her eyes. "You know what I mean. You know exactly what I mean."

Kendall knew that she was going crazy but she could not help but continue to talk to herself or Babe. "I have no idea what you are talking about."

"Tisk, tisk, Oh dear we both know you are not the real Kendall. Don't worry I will not tell anyone." Babe explained.

Kendall did not know what she was talking about. "What the hell are you talking about?"

Babe gave her a strange look. "you know exactly what I am talking about. Or do you seriously not remember?"

"Oh why am I even talking to you? You are not even real!" Kendall screamed.

Babe started to laugh even louder. "I am more real than you are..." Babe touched Kendall's arm...

Babe and Kendall stood in a hotel room. It was clearly not the present date and no one could see them. What was going on Kendall thought. Why was she here? How was this possible.

A red haired woman walked over to a girl that Kendall had seen once. However she was not sure when and where. "Why you are so pretty." The red haired woman explained.

"Oh well thank you." The girl said back.

The red head looked through a file. "So who represents you?" She asked.

"Oh well no one. I am not a model." She told the red headed lady.

The red head gave her a look like she was joking. "You must be joking with me? You are just beautiful absolutelybeautiful!"

The girl smiled. "Well thank you but I have never modeled before."

The headed woman headed for her mini bar. "Let me get you something to drink. You need to loosen up a bit!"

The girl played with her hair a bit nervous. "Oh sure!" She said not really being sure of herself.

Marissa sat next to Bianca. "I am sure she will be fine." Marissa hugged Bianca.

Bianca smiled. "I know I am just worried I don't want to lose her again."

"You won't. I promise you that." Marissa knew that she should not have just promised her that.

Bianca sighed. "What is wrong with my my mother though?"

Marissa did not exactly know what was up with that. "She is just scared. I think..."

Bianca was just so afraid. "Oh god what about JR?"

Marissa had not really been thinking about JR. "I am sure he is fine too..."

Bianca thought about something else. "Oh my god where is AJ?" Bianca had almost completely forgot about him.

Marissa's eyes widened. "I have not seen or heard from him in a couple of hours!"

Bianca looked at Marissa. "Wasn't he going to visit him?"

Marissa crossed her arms. "Ok now I am a bit worried."

Kendall continued to watch this businesstransaction go down. She still had no idea what was going on or who these people were. This just did not make any sense to her at all!

The red head dropped a few pills into the girls drink and walked back over with the drink. She handed it to the girl. "Would you be interested in modeling for me?"

The girl took a big gulp of the drink being a bit scared. "Well I mean I could think about it. It defiantlysounds like it would be fun!"

The red head smiled. "We should celebrate!" She picked up her drink. "Let's toast! To the future!"

The girl clicked her glass against the red heads. She took another large gulp drinking every last drop. She started to get dizzy and suddenly fell asleep.

The red head picked up her phone. "Yeah get over here right now." She hung up the phone and dragged the girl over to the bed.

"He is not picking up his cell phone." Marissa had tried to call him almost ten times now.

Bianca got up. "We should go look for him and Kendall."

Marissa stood up as well. "You are right!"

Erica walked into the room as they made it to the door way. "Where are you two going? The guests will be here any minute."

"We are going to search for AJ and Kendall." Bianca explained a little mad that Erica did not figure that one out on her own.

Erica walked over to the couch and sat down. "Oh I am sure they are fine. Just sit down the guests will be here soon."

Bianca walked over to Erica. "Mom snap out of whatever is going on with you. Help us look for them!"

Their was a knock at the door. The red head walked over and opened it. "Good you are here Jill."

"Irene are sure this girl is a good match?" Jill walked into the room.

Kendall could not believe what she was seeing but standing right in front of her was herself. Only she was being called Jill. Who was Jill? Her name was Kendall.

Irene closed the door. "Well see for yourself." She pointed to the girl who was passed out on the bed.

Jill walked over and checked her out. She took a full look. "Oh she is perfect. I mean we defiantlylook different but at the same time just similarenough that no one will ever notice."

"I know! I have been following her for months." Irene explained.

Jill sat down on the bed. "Do you think people will believe I am her though?"

Irene laughed. "Oh of course. The CIA has been brainwashing Pine Valley for a few years now. Plus with a little re training you will think that you are her too."

Jill smiled. "Perfect what will you do with her?"

Irene sat down in an arm chair and crossed her legs. "Brainwash her and dump her out west."

"She won't have any memories right?" Jill asked.

"None what so ever and you will have all of hers." Irene explained.

Jill liked the sound of that. "I will have the ability though to get my old memories back if something goes wrong though? Right?"

Irene tried to think of a way to sell this. "Well yes but it would take a bit of creativity to get them back. I mean you won't remember anything from your past."

Jill had been working with the organization for a few years now. She had become very close with Irene Manning. Irene knew about how she had no family and what have you. Irene knew that Jill would be the perfect candidate for this program. "So then what is this girls name anyway?" Jill asked.

"Kendall Hart." Irene explained.

"What a pretty name." Jill said. "She will work perfectly."

Irene walked over to Jill. "Take this pill." Irene handed it to her. "The next time you wake up the world will think you are Kendall Hart."

Jill swallowed the pill and smiled as she slowlyfell asleep.

Kendall could not believe this. This was not true. No way any of this could ever happen to her. She hated this. She hated these lies. What was Babe showing her...

Kendall opened her eyes. She was back in JR's burning room. "What the hell did I just see?"

Babe started to laugh. "Well your own past Jill."

Kendall had no idea what she was talking about. "That makes no sense."

Babe stood up from where she was sitting. "I think that it is pretty clear. You are not Kendall. You are Jill."

"I am not Jill. I am just having a hallucination right now." Kendall knew she was. Their was no way any of this was possible.

Babe could not believe that Jill could not remember any of this. "Yeah right... You were remembering your own past."

Suddenly Kendall started to hear footsteps. "Kendall can you hear me?" Bianca was screaming.

Kendall was so happy to hear Bianca's voice. "Bianca I am in here!"

"Kendall where are you?" Bianca continued to scream.

Kendall yelled. "Over here!"

Babe started to disappear. "I will see you later Jill..." Babe laughed as she left.