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6. I will not, for any reason what so ever, hug Elrond. In fact, I'll just play it safe and not touch him at all.

-A few minutes before the Council of Elrond-

Legolas walked down the halls of Rivendell, a large frown on his face. Elrond had told him to go on ahead, and that he would join him once he finished up a few things, but as soon as he had left, Legolas had gotten utterly and completly lost.

The blonde elf stopped in the middle of a glitterly hallway and looked about him.

"Let's see...what would Ada do? Hmmm...probably behead a dwarf, but that doesn't sound like the kind of first impression I should like to make, so what else would he do? Probably feed some dwarfs to a dragon...okay, I'm just gonna go down this hall."

He turned to the left and proceeded to walk down the quiet and deserted hall when he heard it, a soft sniffle, and then the sound of sobbing. One closer inspection, Legolas could tell that it was coming from a large, wonderfully engraved door that was partially open.

"I really shouldn't...but I do a lot of stuff that I shouldn't do."

He slinked around the side of the door and looked in cautiously. Lord Elrond sat on a bed, next to the crying form of his daughter. Arwen looked devastated, tears streaming down her pale face, which was red from all the crying that she was doing.

"Ada! He is so close, and I should like ever so much to be with him!"

"Yes, my love, I know. But I have told you, it would never work for the two of you. For you are an elf, and Aragorn a man."

Arwen let out a loud sob. Her father quickly wrapped his arms around her, holding her shaking frame, whispering words of comfort. Legolas felt something in his heart snap. And quicker than a hobbit can drink a pint of beer, he ran into the room, and wrapped his arms about the two of them.

Tears were streaming down his face as well and he cried, "Ada never hugs me! He always claimed that hugs are only for babies, and stupid dwarfs! He also never alows me eat Lembas bread before dinner! And I do so enjoy Lembas bread!" He pulled out said bread and began to eat it while crying and still holding onto the two suprised elves.

"Ada thinks he is so superior simply because of that crown of his! It's not even that cool! He looks like he has a dying tree upon his head! And all of the really stylish elves stopped wearing silver tunics while the dragons were still here!"

Arwen frowned and replied, "You are wearing a silver tunic, you dunce."

Legolas looked down at himself and then burst into tears again. "Why must I be so stylish even in outdated tunics?! It is a curse! A curse!"

Elrond quickly yelled over his crying, "Guards!"

Two heavily armored elves ran into the room and each grabbed Legolas by an arm, caushing him to drop his Lembas bread. As they dragged him out of the room he called sadly, "NOOOOOO! That bread is the only reason that I am able to live out each and every horrid day! I should die without it!"

Inside the room, Arwen looked at the bread on the ground, and then curiously lifted it to her mouth and toke a bite. She smiled in content and said, "MMMM! Yummy!" She toke a few more bites.

"Hey! Hands off of my bread, bitch! Do not think that I cannot hear you eating like an orc!"