You stand in front of me

Proud and vain

Taunting and laughing

Like it's some kind of game

But you can't fool me

With that ego of yours

I can see you're lonely

You just want love and nothing more

You think that no one cares

That no one has the will

To put up with your maniac ways

And your tendencies to kill

They think you're insane

But who are you to blame?

It's fate that made you like this

There's a reason no on ever came

It's a cold place

You think to yourself

Life is never fair

People always cheat the rules

And move on without a care

No one loves me

Everyone hates me

People would celebrate

If I were dead

Children would laugh

Enemies would sing

Every now and then

You would hear a bing

From a launched firework in the sky

To remind people of my passing

But you're wrong

There IS one

Who will carry you from the lonesome pit

Where you currently sit

And wait

They'll show you love

And hug and kiss you

Till you feel warmth in your bones

To the tip of your toes

They'll make you smile

And stay with them awhile

To show you how much they care

About you, and you alone

They'll make sure you know

There's someone out there

Who gives a damn

And wants you to be theirs

I know this sounds sappy

But it's completely true

And I just wanted you to know

It's hard for me to say this but

I love you