Again this chapter is kind of short and bad. But I realized that I haven't updated in ages so, it is what it is.

Ok, so I begun to write about the Quidditch match, but it came out really similar to the original in the Philosopher's stone. So just imagine the chapter from the book with a ruder Ron.

I happen to know that google wasn't invented until 1996, and this takes place in 1991, but come on, this is fiction. Let's pretend that the technology is like it is now in 2013.

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Man of Constant Sorrow

Harry and Hermione spent ages in the library trying to figure out who Nicholas Flamel was. They were so busy with it that they sometimes forgot mealtimes. Harry was sure he had read the name somewhere, but he wasn't sure if it was in the wizard world or the muggle world and Hermione had never heard the name Flamel before so they had nothing to go on.

Christmas time was coming and McGonagall was asking everybody who wished to stay at Hogwarts over the holidays to sign a list. Hermione refused to let Harry sign the list, she insisted that she would owl her parents and ask if he could stay with them.

Hedwig came back with a cheerful letter from Hermione's parents, telling them that Harry was more than welcome to stay during Christmas.

''Hermione, do you have a computer?'' Harry asked after they'd finished their happy-dance.

''Yes, have something in mind?'' Hermione asked.

''We could google Nicholas Flamel, he could be known in the muggle world,'' Harry said.

''Great idea!'' Hermione said.

''Do you think we could go shopping before Christmas eve?'' Harry asked.

''Of course, I've not been able to buy any presents,'' Hermione said.

''What do you want for Christmas?'' Harry asked and tried to guess her answer.

''Er, I like books, what about you?'' Hermione asked.

''Me? I've never gotten gifts before, I don't need any,'' Harry said.

''But Harry, you deserve presents. You are sure getting some this year,'' Hermione said.

Harry doubted that, but he didn't say anything.

The ride with the Hogwarts express was pretty quite for Harry and Hermione. They spent a whole lot of time reading. When the lady with the candy-trolley came, Harry bought a few chocolate frogs to give to Hermione's parents, he also bought some water for him and Hermione.

Hermione's parents were at platform nine and three quarters about an hour before the train arrived. They hadn't seen Hermione in ages and they really missed her. Hermione had sent them letters telling them about her new friend Harry Potter, like how he bravely saved her from a troll on Halloween. After that incident, Hermione's was always about fun things she and Harry had done. Hermione's mother was really eager to see her daughter's friend. She was convinced that this Harry boy and Hermione would get together sooner or later. When she first told her husband about that, he entered over-protective-father-mode but he softened when she reminded him about the troll.

Harry and Hermione ran off the train and Hermione hugged her parents tight.

''Nice to see you again princess,'' her dad said.

Hermione blushed slightly at the nickname.

''Mum, dad, this is my best friend: Harry Potter,'' She said and gesticulated towards Harry.

''Nice to meet you mr and mrs Granger,'' Harry said shyly.

''Feel free to call us Dan and Emma,''

The car ride to the Granger house was filled with talking and laughter. Hermione and Harry told Dan and Emma all about Hogwarts (even though they left out Fluffy).

''Seems like you've had a great time,'' Emma said when they finished their story.

''I wish I was a wizard too,'' Dan said and pouted.

''Well, at least you can be a part of the wizard community with a magical daughter,'' Hermione said.

Harry couldn't help but feeling a little jealous, why couldn't his relatives be keen to see magic too?

''So, Harry, are you a muggleborn too, like Hermione?'' Emma asked.

''Yes, well no. You see I'm half-blood, I think, but I grew up as a muggle with my muggle Aunt, uncle and cousin,'' Harry said.

''Didn't your relatives know about magic then,'' Daniel asked.

''Well, they did…But they don't like magic very much,'' Harry said, trying to leave the subject.

Daniel frowned, but didn't ask any more questions.

By the time they arrived at the Granger's house, they were all very hungry.

''Harry, Hermione what would you like to eat for lunch,'' Emma asked as she made her way to the kitchen.

''Pancakes,'' Hermione said.

''Is that okay with you Harry?'' Emma asked.

''Yes of course. Do you need help with anything?'' Harry asked.

''No, I think I can handle it,'' Emma smiled. ''Hermione will you show Harry around,''

''Sure Mum,''

Harry wasn't surprised to see that Hermione's family had their own library; she had to inherit her love for books somewhere.

Hermione showed Harry the rooms on the ground floor rather quickly, Emma and Daniel's bedroom, the living room, the kitchen and a loo. The library, a bathroom, the guestroom and Hermione's room were on the first floor. Hermione's room was painted in a soft blue and it was full of books. Her bed was full of stuffed animals.

''I know it may seem childish…'' Hermione begun, but Harry cut her off.

''It amazing Hermione, really,'' he said.

Hermione's cheeks turned a light shade of pink.