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Chapter 2: Meet the new Avatar and Me and Jinora?

When morning around 6, came the kids were still sleeping, while Tenzin just woke up. And Lin, Min, Toph, Tyle, and Pema woke too. They were stretching and looking around. They saw that Naruto's path that was flying were now all sleeping in yoga posistion, except his Naraka path and Petra path who was awake and not noticing them, while steering Oogie. Then they turned and see how the original Naruto sleeping and also got shocked that Jinora was in his lap and cuddling and saying I love you Naruto, and I hope we'll be together forever, and I don't care about your age in her sleep. Pema thought it was cute that her daughter found someone at this age( She doesn't care how old Naruto is for Jinora. Heck when she first met Naruto, she fell in love with him but grew out of it), Tenzin thought this was gold black mail on Naruto, and was happy as well for her daughter. Min and Lin thought- Cute! And Dads get another one.( When they mean by that is when Jinora is 18 she'll get married to him.) While Toph and Tylee said," Another one to share Naruto.( They knew sooner or later Naruto would attract another lover.) So they decided to let them sleep. Lin then quickly used a silencing jutsu to keep the Paths, Kids, and the new lovers from waking up or hearing them. Then they chatted.

Pema- Awww Tenzin our little Jinira found someone to love!

Tenzin- I know dear. I knew someday if Naruto returns one of our daughters will fall for him. Im surprised it actually happen. Im really happy that Jinora will be in good hands.

Lin and Min- Does she count that she'll be our aunt or other mother?

Toph- Either way, Lin, Min, now there is another one to share Naruto with.

Tylee- Yeah same here.

Toph- So does Jinora knows about the birds and the bee's?

Pema and Tenzin froze at that. They knew from experience that the birds and the bee's were scarring.-yeah

Toph- Good she'll need the knowledge on day if she'll be with Naruto one day, and she will. She'll need to know.

Tylee- So which one of you told her?

Tenzin- Well we didn't tell her. She found where Tousan used to keep his Icch Iccha series books. And she read all the books even the ones that he didn't published yet. We were shocked that she found out about $3}{, and glad we didn't have to tell her about it our selfs. And that how well she taken it. She has a mature mind.

Toph- Smirked- I wonder how mature she can be with Naruto in bed. Hahahahahha!

Everyone blushed.

Lin- Mom! She's too young for that! Stop talking about it.

Toph- Hey I did it with your dad at the same age as Jinora. Naruto was pretty-

Lin covered her ears- Lalalalalala Im not listening! I don't want to know what you two did!

Toph- Hahah, alright Lin I'll stop.

Lin- Thank you.

Tenzin- So do you think that when Tousan wakes up and she Jinora sleeping with him, he'll freak out and jumps off of Oogie.

Toph- He would cause after he woke up with me the first time he jumped off the bed, and started to freak out.

Lin- Mom!

Toph- Suck it up like a real woman.

Tylee- Yeah, he would freak out because once I crawled into his bed cause my room was cold, not!. When he woke up, he fell of the bed and freaked out. It was so funny.

All- Laughs

Min- Wow I guess Papa freaks out if he doesn't remember something happens or finds someone next to him when waking up.

Toph- Yeah.

Tenzin thought- This is good black mail( Insert evil laugh)

Pema- So who wants to wake them up?

Tenzin- I'll do it. But Remember how he said his paths will wake him up with the link?

Toph- Yeah? Ohhhh Yeeaaaah! Lin take down the seal.

Lin- Hai. Release! All right its gone.

Tenzin- Hey Naruto!

Naruto's Petra path turned around- Ehh your awake already?

Tenzin- Yeah but look- Pointing at the original.

Naruto turned around and saw that the original him was sleeping with Jinora. His eyes went wide. He quickly sent a chakra pulse to wake up his original self. But too much he sends and ending up waking the original and the Paths. Everyone started to laugh.

The original Naruto quickly open his eyes and saw that everyone was laughing and wondered whats so funny. He then received his memories from the Petra has. He looked down and saw Jinora really close sleeping. His eyes went wide. His paths did the same. The original him couldn't freak and jump out, but he silent screamed and his paths ( accept Naraka path) silent scream and freaked out and jumped off of Oogie. Which cause everyone awake to laugh. Naruto tried to escape but was futile Jinora had a hard grip on him. He used paths to pull her off, but was futile cause Jinora blow his paths off Oogie, except Petra path, while still sleeping. Which caused the others to laugh more.

Naruto- What the heck!? Why how she even on me?!

Tenzin- Don't know. All I know my daughter was there when I woke up. And was muttering in her sleep while hugging you.

Naruto raised an eyebrow, he knew this was goin somewhere bad and bad for him!- M-m-m-muttering what?

Toph and Tylee- Well she was saying

I love you Naruto, I hope we'll be together forever, and I don't care about your age. And this will probably or will lead to making her into your number 8 wife. And you know that your going to marry her cause you got no way out!

Naruto- W-w-what?! Tenzin bust out laughing, While Naruto glared at him.

Tenzin- Hahahah! This is so funny.

Naruto- It's not! Aren't you against this! Your daughter loves me! Plus she's too young for me.

Naruto was Hoping that his excuse would work.

Toph- So? We were married after my parents found out. Plus you over 400 year old that time. And I didn't care about your age because I loved you and I still do. So you got no choice. And I know you love her too.

Now everyone raised and eyebrow at this.

Naruto- What are you talking about?

Toph- Your heartbeats got faster yesterday. And I only know two ways that could happen, a battle was takeing place, or someone you love is near. Since it was peaceful yesterday it means love.

Naruto- All right you got me...

Pema- Splendid! But why do you love her?

Naruto- Well yesterday we talked and I understand she mature for her age, understands what I say, and don't judge a book from it's cover. She also wants to protect her preciouse made me loved at first sight or getting to know her. By the way did you or Pema told her about our crazy adventures? Cause The preciouse people line is mine.

Pema- Yes, Tenzin and I told storys about it when she was 5. She really liked you back then. Over the years she started to act mature and very smart for her age. Plus over that time we both know her liked became a love. So since we both know one day you two were going to be together and she'll be good in your hands.

Naruto- All right. I got know way out so when am I going to marry her?

Tenzin- 18

Naruto- Ah the right age good.

Toph smirked she loves to mess with Naruto.

Toph- So going after a friends/ family kid ay?

Naruto- Not related to me and be quiet.

Pema- So who's going to tell Jinora?

Jinora- No need mother because I was awake.

Tenzin- How long you were awake Jinora?

Jinora- About when you and evryone elae woke up father. She then turned to Naruto- So do you really mean all those things about me.

Naruto- Y-y-yeah.

Jinora then jumped on him and hugging him. Which caused the rest to laugh.

Jinora- Hmm Im still tired huh well time to sleep on Foxy~3. Jinora quickly grabbed a blanket. And covered herself and Naruto.

Naruto- Great now I got a new Nickname.

Tenzin- It's all right. Foxy!

Naruto got mad- Tenzin Im going to kick your fu-he quickly shut up when Jinora hugged him again, but thus time was hugging him tight.

Jinora- Shhh trying to sleep...

Jinora Falls asleep.

Naruto- Never mind.

Everyone chucked.

Naruto- How long till we get to the south pole?

Tenzin- Well I say about- Looks feels the air temperature- About 3 more hours.

Naruto- Good. You have three hours until I kick your-Hugged tighter by Jinora again.

( He was still mad at Tenzin)

Jinora half asleep- Shhhhhh! Tired...

Naruto- Ahh forget it, Im going to sleep wake me up when were there. Then he fell asleep. Also his paths did except his petra.

Toph/Tylee/Lin/Min/ Pema- Im going to sleep as well its still early in the morning. Then they went to sleep.

Tenzin- Huh well. Hey Naruto!

Petra Naruto turned his head- What?

Tenzin- Go to sleep I'll steer Oogie for the rest of the way.

Naruto- Thanks Im so tired, when the boss wakes up tell him this bodies hungry.( Remember how he explained that when the original Naruto sleeps he temporary blocks his links of with his paths, the paths will act like shadow clones, when the original wakes up he will receive his paths memory.)

Tenzin- All right.

Naruto then fell asleep.

Tenzin thought- Man I really got a lot of black mail on Naruto. Hehehehehe.

Time to steer.

-( 3 hours later, With Korra)-

(Korra and Katara was pretty much doing the same in canon or first episode)When Tenzin and everyone else landed and woke up except for Naruto and his paths. Katara was wondering and happy how Toph and Tylee are back. Tenzin and Katara talked then Tenzin explained how they are back and Naruto too. And how there are 7 of him. Katara was amazed. And explained that Jinora and Naruto are. Together. Katara bust laughed at that. Tenzin than introduced everyone except Naruto at the moment to Korra. Korra asked who was the identical blondes. Jinora/ Toph/ Tylee said- Boyfriend and Fiancé / Husband/ Husband.

Korra was like confused and asking questions. Tenzin explained who Naruto is why there are 7 of him. Korra was amazed at Naruto.

Katara- Hey souldn't we wake him up?

Tylee- Yeah but he's a hard sleeper. I tried waking him up before, but didn't work.

Toph- Same here but I woke him up by earth bending our bed and flew him across the room to the wall. And Jinora a word of advice when you try to wake him up, use bending to wake him up.

Jinora- O-ok. I will try my best.

Katara- Haha so I guess you really love Naruto.

Jinora- Yes Gran Gran.

Korra- Wait. Ain't she 10 and him?

Toph- over 600.

Korra- 600?!

Tylee- Well technically. Over 600. And age doesn't matter in love.

Korra- Oh. Ok

Ikki- Sis, I didn't know that you and Naruto are together?

Meelo/ Naruko/ Jr.- Yeah? I didn't know too.( They maybe young but not stupid)

Jinora- Well ah well you guys see...

Pema/ Lin- Ikki,Meelo/Jr., Naruko it happened this morning.

All the kids- Oooohhh ok.

Tenzin- Hey Im going to wake him up. And guys if I don't make it back from waking him up, heres my will just incase.

Toph- What you mean don't make it back? And why do you have a will with you?

Tenzin- Lets just say it's revenge from a prank from a long time ago. And I might not survive after this. Heheh

Tenzin quickly got on Oogie with Naruto and his paths still sleeping. He then commanded Oogie to headed to the water. Everyone wondered how Tenzin was going to wake up Naruto. Then they saw Oogie flying around in circles. Then they saw Tenzin jumped off of Oogie and used his hang glider to fly while laughing like crazy. And Tenzin yelled- Oogie do upsy dazy. And Oogie then flew upside down. Then they saw that all the Naruto's fell of sleeping. And saw all 7 Naruto's hit the water. A couple moments later you see a confused, tired, and PISSED OF TO THE MAX, Naruto.

-(With Naruto and his paths)-

Naruto was currently dreaming being the ramen king of Ramenia. He was about to taste the legendary ramen of ramens named the All Tasty Ramen of Legends( I can't make up names). Then suddnly his dream went black and felt cold, and really cold. He closed his eyes for a moment.

Then he and his paths woke up from his dreams. First he was confused in what's happening. Second he was tired from waking up. And third he was pissed because he now know that Tenzin caused this. He knew because he see's Oogie in the sky. Tenzin laughing his head off and saying "payback is a bitch Naruto" in the sky and flying away from him on a hang glider. And was Really Pissed at Tenzin for ruining a awesome ramen dream!

Naruto and paths quickly used his chakra to get on the water. He and his paths started to fire, earth, water, and air bend attacks, really dangerouse attcks that's meant to maim enemy's or in this case a very unlucky guy, at Tenzin who was still in the sky laughing, and dodging the attacks.( Remeber Naruto learned bending from Toph and the others.)

From the distance the spectators were awed by the power that Naruto has, except for Toph, Tylee, Katarra, Lin, Min, and Pema, who was laughing at how Tenzin can be immature at times and how his immaturity can get him killed or maimed. While the kids were amazed and how Korra was shocked from Naruto's power.

Toph- Wow this is so funny! I never thought of this to wake up Naruto! And I never see him this pissed!

Korra-Mental note, don't piss off Naruto. She then asked Toph- How is he this powerful?!

Toph- Well lets just say hard work can get you to the top, and he was hard headed to give up on his goals.

Everyone laughed.

Jinora- How long Naruto is doing this?

Tylee- Hmmm lets see about a couple hours. Depends on how Tenzin can stay up there.

Lin- Maybe 3.

Katara- Well since it's going to take a while, lets go wait and get something to eat.

The kids jumped for joy over food, and the adults nodded.

-(Couple hours later)-

They were in a big hut were they rested and ate. Toph and the others were chatting. The kids were playing in the snow. And suddenly they heard and explosion. They quickly went outside and see what happened on the way they heard Tenzin yelled- I REGRET NOTHING!. When they got there they see a unconscious Tenzin, with steam comeing off his butt. And was in the snow. And saw Naruto and his paths who was tired and sweating from trying to maim Tenzin which was a complete success, were now sitting in the snow.

Naruto- Teach that bastard to ruin a perfect dream and drops me in a freaking Ice cold sea.

Pema- Did you really have to hurt him this bad? He was trying to wake you up?

Naruto- Wake me up! He could of just do it the normal way to wake up someone! He didn't have to dump me in the damn Ice cold ocean. And yes I had to hurt him that bad.

Pema- Huh well. I'll take Tenzin to the infirmary and heal him.

Jinora- Will father be okay?

Naruto- Don't worry Jinora, I maimed him not killed him.

Naruto then quickly grabbed something in his pocket, and pulled out a brown bag, full of familiar green beans. He grabbed one and put the bag back.( Senzu beans Which I do not own)

Naruto- Hey Pema catch.

He threw it to Pema. Pema catched it.

Pema then asked- What's this?

Naruto- A senzu bean. Let him eat it. It will heal him fast. And restore his energy.

Pema- Okay.

She then left and took Tenzin.

Ikki- Will it really heal daddy?

Naruto- Don't worry Ikki your dad will be okay.

Naruto then walked to Toph and others. With the kids following him. He then saw Katara.

Naruto- Hey Katara is nice to see you again.

Katara- Same here. But Naruto next time if Tenzin gets you mad be gentle.

Naruto- Can't promise that but I'll use less power in my attack.

Katara- Thank you.

Naruto-So what happened when I was sleeping before Tenzin dumped me in the mother fu- he was caught of by a snow ball that Tylee threw at him.

Tylee- Hey don't curse in front of children!

Naruto- Alright geez. So what happened?

Toph then explained on what happen when they got here. When she was finished, she lead him to Korra.

Katara- Naruto, this young lady here is Korra, the avatar.

Naruto- Hello Korra, Im Naruto Uzumaki. And please just call me Naruto no honorifics.

Korra- O-k-k-kay. I-I-Im Korra, it's pleasure to m-m-meet you.

Naruto- Why are you stuttering?

Korra- W-well Im just amazed how much power you have. T-t-that's why I'm stuttering.

Naruto laughs then said- Well you don't have to stutter because of how amazed you are.

Korra- Okay.

Naruto smiles- There we go just talk normal. A beautiful young lady like you and stuttering don't match.

Korra blushed at what Naruto said and blushed a lot. Naruto notice her faced turn red. He put his hand over her forehead. And got close to her face.

Naruto- Hey why your face red? Are you sick or something.

Korra was blushing sated silent.

Toph, Tylee, Lin, Min, and Jinora saw this.( The kids were playing outside again and his paths were outside watching the kids ) Toph, Tylee and Katara smirked and got there Teasing Naruto Mode on.

Toph- Hey Naruto, are you trying to make her number 9? You just got Jinora this morning.

Katara- This morning? Oh Naruto, you got my granddaughter only this morning, and now trying to get Korra already.

Tylee- Yeah! Arn't you satisfied with 8?

When they were finished Korra was blushing that made her entire face red. While Naruto started to sputter on what he was doing, and everyone else was laughing. After a couple minutes past, Naruto was back to normal, and Korra stop blushing, but they couldn't look in each others eyes because of what happened. Then Tenzin and Pema came in. Tenzin was completely healed. He saw that Naruto and Korra wasn't looking at each other and was wondering what had happened. Lin then explained what happened. When she was finished. Tenzin was on the snowy floor laughing his head off. Korra was blushing again, while Naruto looked like he wanted to maim Tenzin again. When Tenzin was finished laughing he walk over to Korra. And explained that a group called Equil-is and how they're going to cause problems in the near future. Korra asked on what she was going to do when the equal-is. Tenzin then told her that Naruto and himself will help teach her air bending. Korra was happy that she's finally going to learn air bending. Tenzin also explained that she has to come to Republic City learn air bending. ( Has the same reason why he can't stay) Korra than asked why Naruto can't stay here and teach her. Naruto then said he hates the cold and no indoor plumbing. Korra thought that was a stupid reason. But thought it was a good idea that she can go see new places. So she accepted. So for the rest of they day they chatted and catching up with Katara. When it was time to go, when they got they're stuff. When they said they're good byes they left and headed back to Republic City.

-( The end) -

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