I did drink pepsi and root beer today... SOLOOKOUT!

-Sweet Pripper

Private sighed. He really hated training.. He hated it cause it was really cold this month... He was doing the training exercises when the unexpected happened.

He slipped.

On the Ice.

He couldn't stop himself from slipping and he crashed where the water would usually be but it wasn't since it was winter. He screamed as his small body crashed against the ground. Ice was down there too, He stood up weakly and tried to get back up to the top of the stone island, but he slipped again and crashed the sides around him. Private stood up painfully and slipped one last time, but this time, he crashed into the side of the stone island. His head smashed into the wall. He gave out a cry of pain before fading in darkness. Skipper froze as he heard that familiar cry of pain. He jumped down where Private had slipped and panic dug in his chest.


The little penguin didn't respond. Skipper took a small step towards the limp penguin.

"Private?" He called out again.

A small moan escapes Private.

"Private? Are you ok?" Skipper asked, edging closer.

"S-Skippa?" Private asked in a weak voice.

Skipper looked closely at Private, the younger's left flipper was twisted at a weird angle with small cuts on his body, possibly from the sides of the habitat and the stone island scraping his body. e picks up the younger and gets on top of the stone Island. The leader goes into the HQ panicked.

He sets lays Private on the concrete floor and shakes him, "Private!"

The younger doesn't respond.

"Come on Private!" Skipper shouted, shaking the little penguin harder.

In a flash of anger, he slammed his flipper against Private's chest. The older penguin froze. Private gasped out in pain.

What the hell did he do? He hit HIS Private. Private, who was like a son to him. He HIT him. He could've killed him, or broke a rib.

He came back to reality as Private began coughing and gasping. His eyes were shut tight. Then he stopped, going limp again. Skipper took Private in his flippers. He had to get the younger out of bed to train?

Hello awesome reviewers! My first official Pripper father/son Fanfic!