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Once, in a long time ago, long before King Stefan and his beautiful wife reigned with wisdom and fairness, long before they had their precious daughter Aurora… Long before all the problems started to happen in that kingdom. Long before when all of Maleficent's problems were that three good fairies.

Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, those three damned bubbles of unrestricted joy and happiness, always trying to find a way to make the dark sorceress feel better. Was that their business after all? No it wasn't. Maleficent just enjoyed being on her own, taking care of her life, and, occasionally, pissing off the fairies by sending a frost, ruining Flora's nicest flowers. But she had never done anything considerably horrible to anyone. She was just a person not to be messed with; after all, she was very powerful, and known as someone who couldn't understand love or kindness.

But the fairies just refused to give up; they just didn't comprehend how someone could live without love. It must exist something that Maleficent liked, something that made her feel better, something that would awake her love for something, but what? What on Earth could make the sorceress be a better person?

"We've tried everything, there's just no way we could bring Maleficent out of her shell" Merryweather muttered behind her cup of tea.

Flora and Fauna paced around the room, thinking of new ideas… Something they never done before, but that was difficult… They've already tried everything; surrounding the Forbidden Mountains with rainbows and flowers, sending little animals to Maleficent's castle, and even once, leaving a little baby on her front door – of course an abandoned child would awake the mother instincts in any woman – but they were wrong, on the next day, Maleficent's raven, Diablo, visited the three fairies with a bloody message. They were wise enough to not send any living creature to her domains anymore.

It all got worse when the fairies looked upon Maleficent's future; she, in a not very distant future, would curse a baby to die in her sixteenth birthday… As if that wasn't horrible enough, it would be the daughter of the future King of their kingdom. Why, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather used to be the King's counselors for centuries, they served an infinity number of generations, and it wouldn't be different with this King… They would have to do something right now if they didn't want that to happen… They had to change Maleficent once and for all if they had a little hope in having peace in the future.

"Sometimes she looks like a child. A big spoiled child who refuses to behave" Merryweather spoke with herself, getting another cup of tea.

Suddenly Flora stopped to pace, causing Fauna to bump on her, but the first barely noticed that. She was heading towards Merryweather with a big smile on her face.

"What did you say, my dear?" she almost shook her sister's shoulders in her enthusiasm.

"What? Well, I said that Maleficent looks like a child sometimes, but why is this so important?"

"It's very important Merryweather! I just had the most brilliant idea!" Flora said with a joyful laugh. The other two gathered around her, anxious to hear her plans. "You said she looks like a child, so, what children need?"

Fauna furrowed her brows, thinking, but Merryweather interrupted.

"Just say it Flora! You know I don't like riddles!"

"We are going to give Maleficent a nanny!" Flora laughed more, surprised with her own creativity.

"A nanny? Oh that's lovely!" Fauna smiled, joining her hands and sighing "Maleficent will finally learn to be better!"

"And what on Earth makes you think that this plan will work? She'll send her raven with the remains of whatever living thing we send to her! Like… She… have done… before" Merryweather said between stifled gasps.

"But this time it will work! This time we are not going to send an ordinary person to her. We will send a friend of mine!"

Flora spoke with such certainty and confidence that both sisters stared at her in silence for a moment; Merryweather was the first object.

"I don't know this friend of yours, and even if I did, I'm sure she won't be able to deal with Maleficent… Nobody can deal with her!" The younger sister said skeptically.

"I know she can do it, dear"

Flora conjured a white mist from her wand, and in between the mist, an image of a beautiful young lady appeared; she had dark brown hair, held together by an elegant hairdo, covered by a little hat adorned with little red flowers, deep bright blue eyes, rosy cheeks and red lips. She was wearing some unusual dark blue coat with a matching skirt, and an orange scarf. In that moment she was sat in something that could be a cloud, and beside her stood an umbrella with a parrot shaped holder.

"Oh, she's so lovely, Flora! Although a bit curious if I must say…" Fauna sighed looking at the mist.

"Her name is Mary Poppins… We are very close, and I'm sure she will come if I call her." Flora dissolved the mist and looked at her sisters for approval.

"Well, let's pretend this plan works, will she accept to risk her life with Maleficent? And if she does, in which way she could help?" Merryweather was still skeptical about everything. That young lady just seemed too fragile to face Maleficent, and she didn't seem to have any power more than just be able to sit in a cloud.

"Of course she will accept! She never refused any job before, and she's very powerful… She wouldn't be taking any great risk. About your other question dear, my friend Mary is the best nanny I've ever seen, she would teach Maleficent to be more humble and kind to others… She's very strict." Flora said in a way that ended the matter, and went to a desk to write a letter to her friend.

"Flora, should we really treat Maleficent like a child? I don't think she would like to be treated like that…" It was Fauna's turn to object. She was afraid after all.

"Don't worry dears, everything will be fine!" Flora said, finishing her letter "My dear friend Mary, it is my very wish to see you again, after those long years of absence. And I'm afraid your services are required for the good of the kingdom I live, I shall explain the rest for you when you arrive, just remember that your help here is needed and you are the only one who can fulfill this task with perfection, like you always do. My best regards, your friend, Flora." The fairy recited the letter before folding it in half, and heading towards the window, where she outstretched one arm and a white dove landed in her fingers. She then, attached the letter in the dove's legs and sent it into the air.

Flora knew it could be a deranged idea. She knew that her friend and even her and her sisters could be killed by Maleficent's wrath, but it was worth the try. Besides, she didn't know anyone who didn't like Mary Poppins, she was perfect! Everyone seemed to be amazed by her, and they used to like her right away. It couldn't be very different with Maleficent… That's what Flora though at least…

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