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Several weeks had passed and not much had changed concerning the life in the castle atop of the high dark mountain; Maleficent still furiously tried to contain the new feelings and discoveries she felt each day; it was frustrating beyond all reason… Whenever she crossed her ways with Mary Poppins (who now had the permission to wander freely throughout the place) she felt something bursting inside her chest, like a warmness of some sort… something like dozens of butterflies flapping their wings against her ribcage. She had to be extra careful, for she was completely certain that the young woman could notice the flushing in her cheeks, and the air that lacked in her lungs whenever she wanted to speak to Mary. But she knew that the most maddening thing was surely not to be able to name those feelings.

What had changed? Surely she didn't hate the girl anymore, not with all the fierceness and intensity she used to have when their eyes first met, and she didn't wish that hard for the girl to leave her castle anymore… Was it possible that Maleficent was starting to get used to someone living with her? Someone that actually instigated clever conversations and asked interesting questions… someone that captured her attention?

Maybe she enjoyed the girl more than she would admit… Yes, why not? She was a pleasurable company, like her raven, Diablo, was. The girl was stubborn, arrogant when pushed too far, and overall cold, or perhaps way too professional; Maleficent liked those things in her. But somehow she felt something different for Mary, something she couldn't explain on her own, something that didn't need to come with a "lesson" for Maleficent to know that it was a thing completely disturbing for her to be feeling.

Perhaps she should ask her… after all, it had been nearly a month since Mary started to live with her, maybe they could move to another level of interactions, maybe they shouldn't have so much barriers preventing them from talking to each other.

"Maybe I should shut up and focus on my book" Maleficent shook her thoughts away violently; as she tried to retain the information from the yellowish pages of an old dusty book she was trying to read since the early morning.

A knock on the door, and that sudden gush of intense and fierce energy that approached the room warned the sorceress that she wouldn't be able to finish her book now, even if she concentrated on it with all her might.

"Come in" She sighed in defeat, trying to contain a small smile to appear on her lips as her eyes met Mary's ocean blue ones. "What do you want?"

"I figured we could chat a little…" The nanny said efficiently as she grabbed a cushioned chair and placed it in front of Maleficent's desk; but before she could seat down, her attention was caught by something outside the room "How remarkable! Finally some sunlight is touching the windows…"

"I decided to let it in a bit. Don't get used to it, though, I'm planning to make a storm tonight" The witch smirked when she heard that Mary was giggling softly.

"Not so afraid of the sun anymore?" She teased, petulantly.

"I've never been afraid of the sun" Maleficent groaned, grumpy "It just doesn't bother me as much as it bothered before…"

They remained silent after this sentence; the nanny remained on her feet, leaning her shoulder against the stone wall, letting the sun bathe her body, while the sorceress tried to refocus on her book, but her attention kept getting lost and her gaze would often turn towards the glowing figure by the window.

"Why you keep wearing this?" The older woman broke the silence, startling the girl.

"What?" Mary looked down at herself and locked her gaze with Maleficent.

"This dress… You didn't change it since yesterday"

"I'm managing between the only two that left in my bag" Mary smiled embarrassed, fiddling with the end of her sleeve "The others were destroyed. You see, I wasn't expecting to stay that long… I thought your lessons were going to be easier to teach"

Maleficent laughed coldly, shutting her book with a loud thud and getting up from her chair.

"Just look at you… All full of yourself, thinking you could teach anything to me" She hovered towards the girl with a look of superiority in her yellow eyes.

"But you learned didn't you?" Mary held her position bravely, ignoring the stare that was being delivered to her.

"Like such young mortal could even fathom the knowledge that I possess" The sorceress sneered, arrogantly.

"I'm not that young, you know? I'm already forty-five!" The nanny said louder than she intended to do.

The shock caught Maleficent completely by surprise, and she stared back, with her jaw dropped and a look of complete disbelief in her eyes.

"Forty-five?" She asked, still not believing.

"Yes… What's the matter?" Mary perched herself on her heels, trying to look taller.

There were a lot of matters, in fact; billions of questions crossed the sorceress head, quick enough to make her dizzy, but she decided to keep them all to herself as she remembered she was probably looking like a fool, with her raised eyebrows and mouth opened.

"Nothing…" Maleficent blinked a few times, shaking away all her unsettling questions and focusing on the present. "But I was thinking… I'll ask one of my servants to bring you a new dress"

Oh, that's hardly necessary, I…"

"That's clearly necessary. Go to your room, and soon you'll be aided by a servant… Come down to dinner with the new dress" Maleficent ordered, and Mary couldn't do much apart from obeying. She turned around, ready to leave the room after bending her head to the sorceress as a sign of goodbye.

"Mary…?" Maleficent called before the other could leave.


The older woman sighed, choosing her words carefully in order to gather all her questions into a single one.

"Will you ever explain your staying and existence in here?"

This time, Mary Poppins smiled widely, folding her hands in front of herself.

"There's something you probably should know… I never explain anything" She turned around and left without looking back.

The day seemed to pass unusually fast, soon enough the skies were already pitch black and a heavy rain could be heard from the inside of the place as Maleficent promised. The ruined castle seemed even more frightening and depressing when it rained; the corridors were darkened to the point where one could hardly see what was laying a few steps ahead; the only source of light were the few torches of cold green fire that did little to illuminate the scene, and the constant dripping of water, that came from every possible cranny and hole, helped to diminish the already lacking fire.

Mary Poppins was sat in front of the mirror of her boudoir, her hair being braided soft and carefully by one of those languid human servants that seemed invisible and almost non-existent most of the times. She wondered why Maleficent would have the trouble of sending her an exquisitely and elegant ball dress along with two girls to help her out; one with her clothes, the other with her hair… It was just too unusual. Why did the sorceress care anyway?

"Maybe… But no, that would be too absurd. She wouldn't be able to develop such sentiments in so little time…" The nanny though with herself, lifting from the stool to glance at her new look.

The dress was indeed the most beautiful she had ever seen; She never wondered she would eventually wear a full medieval outfit, with a skirt so long that it dragged around the floor as she walked, made of the finest fabric that could have been, carefully dyed in a stunning shade of midnight blue, adorned with white fur and dazzling jewels along the thigh laced corset and sleeves. Her hair was just as flawless, combed in order to acquire a glossy shine, the ringlets fell on her back like silk and the two side bangs had been expertly braided behind her head and finished with an also blue ribbon. Feeling that she was as pretty as she would never be again, Mary exited the room and walked confidently towards the dining hall.

"I certainly wasn't expecting you so soon…" Maleficent lifted her gaze and tried not to smile so widely, as the vision of the 'not so young woman' filled her eyes.

Mary smiled back, kind heartedly, taking a seat at the opposite side of the long wooden table; she fussed a bit with the huge amount of skirts she was carrying, making the sorceress chuckle quietly.

"You look beautiful" Maleficent said before she could think. She sustained her gaze, forcing herself to look at the woman's eyes in front of her, but found the task not only difficult, but also extremely embarrassing.

"Thank you" Mary responded, feeling her cheeks turning red "You look beautiful too"

Both women looked down shyly, not daring to look up until they started to get served.

They finished dinner quietly and rather quickly, looking up at the same time, like it was all rehearsed.

"I need to talk to you" Both said in unison getting up from their chairs at the exact same moment.

"Please, you first" Mary laughed at the situation and signaled for Maleficent to talk.

"Come with me, then…" The sorceress outstretched an arm and waited until the nanny crossed the hall.

The latter hesitated before Maleficent placed her arm on top of her own and led her to a sideways door, ending up on a ample ball room; the floor was wet and there were strings of water running from the ceiling like any other room, but they didn't seem to care about it.

"I hope you liked the dress" The older woman spoke softly, turning her attention towards Mary.

"Yes, it's lovely… Thank you"

She laughed when, from all of a sudden, Maleficent grabbed her hand and forced her to twirl. Despite any possible plan and intention, they ended up caught in a playful and clumsy dance, being led by no music, but rather by themselves and the sound of the soothing rain from outside.

"You know what I always wondered?" Mary asked while they danced through the room in a flamboyant and made up step.

"What?" Maleficent twirled on the same spot, making her cape flow in an elegant move.

"How does your hair look like…?"

A long stare followed by unintentional and loud laughs by both women was all that could be heard from the ball room; they kept dancing, closer to each other this time.

"What kind of question is that?"

"I guess I was just curious… Don't you ever remove this headdress?"

"You are way too curious for your own sake…" Before they could both notice, their faces were already inches close, the sorceress could easily feel Mary's heavy breath, and the warm energy that seemed to pulsate within her.

"I have a couple of questions to ask you as well… For instance: will you never reveal your friend's name to me, the one that sent you here?" The sorceress felt the delicate and small hands on her shoulders getting tense.

"I don't think the name of my friend is really relevant… What it matters now is that you're learning new things, don't you agree?" Mary said nervously; she knew she couldn't say it was Flora who was behind everything, despite being good to her, the nanny was sure Maleficent wouldn't extend her patience to anyone else.

"But why does your friend wants me to learn new things? What would your friend win with this?" The sorceress's yellow eyes suddenly shrank into slits and her eyebrows furrowed.

"Well… my friend didn't really specify anything… I - I guess…" Mary stuttered, one way or another, she felt that Maleficent already knew all the answers to her own questions, which made her even more nervous.

She tensed unable to move her feet anymore, both women stopped in the middle of the hall, their bodies still close to each other, in what now was an uncomfortable position; The sorceress's hands still placed possessively on the other's waist.

"I guess you couldn't hide it for much longer, could you… fairy?" The words escaped Maleficent's lips in a venomous way; in a matter of seconds she turned back into looking the dangerous and heartless creature she seemed to be when they first met.

"What…?" Mary asked, genuinely confused; the fear hadn't assaulted her until the witch shot her the already known murderous gaze, and the grip in her waist began to feel more like a prison.

"Don't you make yourself look like you don't know anything!" Maleficent shook the younger woman aggressively "Do you take me as a fool? I know how humans age, at forty-five they already look old! How do you explain that?"

Mary was caught by complete surprise; she stood in front of the sorceress, unable to say anything and barely close her mouth. The terror slowly filled her whole body until she was completely dominated by fear; her hands flew from Maleficent's shoulders to her own chest, draped in a protective way.

"How do you explain your ability with animals? And this energy of yours, so powerful that I can sense it from a distance? How do you explain your powerful voice and the ability to make me…" The older woman stopped in the middle of her sentence, the anger and the feel of being betrayed were way too vast; she felt her eyes burning, and the hate starting to grow in her heart began to fuel her entire being. "I've been studying you for a long while; you can't possibly be just a simple human"

"I'm a fairy?!" Mary finally spoke, still dumbstruck; she raised her eyes to focus on Maleficent's hateful ones and suddenly got the power to push her away from her. "I didn't even know I was a fairy! How could I know if I was raised as a mortal?!" She shouted, completely taken away by her frustration.

"You should ask your friend about it! Go run to Flora's arms, maybe she can tell you everything!" The witch shouted back, looking more threatening than ever. "Take the opportunity to tell her that her mission failed"

"I'm not here to defeat you! I don't want to do it; Flora doesn't want to do it!" Mary responded, giving up on the task of hiding Flora's name; Maleficent already knew it, what was the use after all?

"And what you both darlings want by sending you here to teach me about kindness and the joy of helping others?" Maleficent laughed maniacally, clutching her robes in order to control her anger. "I knew it… This could only be Flora's doings; I can't believe I was a fool enough to believe you"

"I just…" Mary wanted to answer, but found herself unable to do it; she didn't know why she was there anymore… She allowed her head to drop sadly, and the silence to invade the space.

"Get out of here" The sorceress demand was quiet but determined.

"No, I won't leave this place" The reply was even more resolute.

"You will leave if I tell you to leave"

"I won't leave you alone!" The nanny screamed, planting her feet on the humid ground and closing her hands into fists.

The next thing Mary felt was the right side of her face burning, her hair flowing wildly and blocking her vision; the slap she received was so strong that she couldn't help but stumble far away from Maleficent, the tears unwillingly formed in her deep blue eyes. She straightened herself again and looked at her attacker; the woman's hand was still being held up above her head, still, she couldn't find the will to move; she wouldn't leave that castle, her mission would have failed and she needed her answers, especially now – although she was sure that place wasn't the best to get them.

"I said GET OUT!" Maleficent screamed and her voice seemed to get amplified, echoing through the walls, followed by deafening thunders; the storm got worse to match the mistress' mood; her eyes glowed threatening, and bright green flames appeared out of nowhere besides her body.

Mary Poppins gasped, terrified as she saw the sorceress coming quickly towards her with the certain will to not just harm, but murder. She closed her eyes tightly and the next thing she felt was a strong change of pressure in the air; she opened her eyes a little, just the enough to see Maleficent stumbling backwards, a look of complete shock on her face, and the remains of some sort of force field that prevented the sorceress to go any further. The nanny, recovered from the shock, lifted her skirts quickly and high above her knees, turned around and started to run.

She ran as hastily as her feet allowed, haunt and followed by Maleficent's screams and the vociferous thunders outside; she wanted to leave that castle as quickly as she could, but first she needed to go to her room.

"I may be a fairy, but I still don't have any wings" She though while she ran, stumbling and crashing against walls in her desperation to escape.

Mary burst the door open to find the room she had been sleeping in the past weeks, her belongings gathered in a corner, but most importantly, the thing she needed with her to get out, her umbrella.

As she hurriedly opened the window, ready to take flight, she glanced over her bag; she needed to take that with her now… she wasn't welcomed in that place anymore. But as she retreated a bit from the window, already soaking wet from the rain, a loud thunder cracked the sky, dividing it into half, intensely illuminating the scene for a brief second. Mary screamed in fear as she knew the witch was close; she could be at the other side of her door right now, and honestly, the nanny didn't want to stay to see. She stepped on the edge of the window, opened her umbrella and launched herself into the open; into the raging storm; the though of being hit by a lightning seemed better than facing Maleficent's rage. She, right now, only wanted her answers, and there was only one place that she could get them.

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