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Chapter 1

The scent that filled the pool was intoxicating. It was the trigger his brain needed to shoot electrifying waves of desire coursing through his body; the desire to feel the cold water press against his skin as it engulfed him in its embrace.

It was chlorine that made his heart flutter.

Which is why, Haruka deducted, I've been feeling a bit strange around Rin lately.

Taking a deep breath, Haruka plunged to the bottom of the pool. The water that embraced every inch of his body seemed to wash his mind clear of any distractions. It helped him focus and think.

'Haru-chan?' Rin smirked. The corner of his lips arched upward, as if amused by the nickname that had slipped from his lips. He leveled his gaze, fiery red eyes fastening themselves on Haruka's profile. Haruka had noticed this lately; Rin's eyes seemed to always follow him, whether it was from a distance or up close.

At first, Haruka felt uncomfortable each time he was trapped under Rin's gaze…

Rin took one step closer. 'Haru, why aren't you answering me?' Haruka could smell the faint scent of chlorine from Rin's skin. He was so close that Haruka could feel his warm breath on his lips.

But recently, his heart flutters with anticipation.

There was a tug in his chest, advising him to rise to the surface for another gulp of air. Haruka ignored it.

Lately, Rin has been closing the distance between the two of them. Literally. Physically.

Even though Rin didn't actually touch him, the close proximity initially made Haruka feel very uneasy….

The blue-eyed boy raised his gaze to meet a pair of glistening red eyes. Rin's scent of chlorine filled up Haruka's nose and it was making his heart beat frantically.

But recently, the close contact has made Haruka's skin feel hot.

'If you don't come,' Rin inched closer. One more centimeter, and their noses would touch. 'It'll count as a forfeit.'

A burning sensation was spreading across Haruka's lungs as it screamed for air.

'You don't want to lose, do you?'

Rin's smirking expression disappeared from Haruka's mind as he felt his body's desperation for oxygen threaten him with internal combustion.

Breaking through the surface, Haruka felt himself gasp for air and his eyes shot wide open. He was greeted cheerily by his brunette friend who was crouching at the pool's edge, elbows on his knees, and fists resting under his cheeks.

"Haru-chan," Makoto chirped, face brightened with his usual happy-go-lucky disposition. "If you had waited any longer to surface, I would've jumped in to save you."

"You thought that I drowned?" Haruka said, tone flat, swimming towards the pool edge.

Makoto simply grinned and tossed a towel in Haruka's direction.

"So, what were you thinking for so long?" he inquired as they started towards the locker room.

Haruka tossed the towel on his head and rubbed his hair. There was a long pause. Just as Makoto parted his lips to ask again, Haruka spoke with a tone of finality in his voice, "Don't wear chlorine as your cologne, Makoto."

A puzzled Makoto cocked his head sideways. But knowing that he couldn't draw more out of his friend, he sighed and trailed beside Makoto into the locker room, making a point to invade his friend's view with his pouty face.

Haruka looked down at the piece of paper caught between his thumb and index finger. Then he glanced back at the name of the pool building sitting across the top of the awning.

It was the same one that he had jotted down under Rin's instructions, but the inside of the building was completely dark. He jogged up the steps and peeked through the glass door. None of the lights were on and not a soul in sight.

"Hello, Haru," Caught off guard by the large hand grasping his shoulder, Haruka felt the hair at the back of his neck rise. Rin was hoping that Haruka would at least leap a foot off the ground, but that was setting his expectations too far. Still, watching Haruka twitch was rather amusing.

Haruka whipped around to face Rin and his playful smirk. He noticed that the male in front of him was already in his swim suit and had covered his top half with a light jacket.

"The pool is closed," Haruka said flatly. He couldn't believe that he actually fell for the 'You don't want to lose, do you?' taunt to climb on a bus for half an hour and show up to a closed pool. He should've known better. No one shows up to a pool at this hour!

"Not anymore," Rin flashed a ring of keys in Haruka's face. The red head grinned when he saw a surprised look wash over Haruka's face, abandoning the boy's usual nonchalance.

"…You have the pool keys?"

Rin shrugged as he stepped up to the door and pushed a key into the keyhole. "I'm on good terms with the pool's owner and she lent it to me for tonight."

She? What relationship does she have with Rin? What if—

Snap out of it. Right now. Snap out of it!

"Well, are you going in or not?" Haruka resurfaced from his own thoughts and realized that the red-haired boy was holding the door wide open for him, gesturing him in with impatience.

His blue eyes flashed to Rin's red orbs.

Something didn't feel right. Why would Rin secure a pool at this hour? When no one was around?

It was too late, Haruka realized, as he was already in the locker room.

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