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Chapter 8

Haruka bent forward, leaning his hands on his knees as he fought to catch his breath. He winced as he shifted his gaze up, still gasping for air as he carefully scanned his surroundings. Like any Saturday afternoon, a great number of lively pedestrians swarmed the shopping streets. Mothers firmly holding their children by their hands. Couples clinging onto each other. Friends busily chatting. But no crimson head could be spotted on the street.

His heart sank.

He had checked the alley just a moment ago, only to find a stray cat lazily pacing back and forth.

Haruka had run along the entire block, frantically searching for a hint of crimson among the ocean of heads. But with no success.

Rin had probably gotten sick of waiting. He wouldn't wait this long. Or maybe he wasn't serious in the first place and never showed up.

Whatever the reason was, Haruka couldn't ignore the pain throbbing in his chest.

What was this?


Haruka shook his head, objecting to his initial thought before he forced himself upright. His mask of nonchalance once again spread across his features.

His mouth felt very dry again. Probably from sprinting all the way here from home.

Water would be good.

He caught sight of a bursting water fountain only twenty or so steps away, which sat at the center of the plaza. Along the perimeter of the plaza were blocks of small but busy shops, which stretched long and far enough for any shopaholic's money-dumping marathon.

Haruka bit his lips, resisting the strong urge to strip and dive into the water fountain. The water bursting and streaming down from the statues in the fountain glittered under the warm sunlight. Reflecting the light, the water seemed to twinkle, almost winking at him teasingly.

Thankfully, he spotted a small family grocery store, which was among the shops that neighbored the alley. For a moment, Haruka's gaze shifted between the store's automatic door, the alley, and the street. His mind internally battled against itself, debating on either getting water or waiting for a sign of crimson.

Haruka stared at the empty alleyway. There wasn't a shadow in sight.

Rin either never came or got tired of waiting.

Taking one last, long gaze at his surrounding, Haruka began his way to the grocery store.

Ding ding!

An automated bell immediately sounded as he stepped past the automatic doors. A blast of cold air welcomed him into the store, along with the cashier who greeted him with a nod of her head. The air conditioning felt blissful against his skin, which was probably abnormally warmer than usual because of his sprint.

Water. Water.

Haruka navigated along the walls of doors, peering at the endless displays of bottles and cartons. Getting water proved harder than he thought though. There was an astounding variety to the waters. Different bottle sizes. Different brands. Different images tacked onto the bottles.

He sighed. This variety was going to give him a headache.

For a moment, Haruka simply stood with the door opened contently, making his indecision an excuse to feel the stream of especially cool air blow against his face.


Haruka sniffed, rubbing his nose. He envisioned Makoto's disapproving shake of a head, then him yelling at how it's not good to stand there with cold air blowing straight at him. Especially when he got sick from standing in the rain yesterday.

Rain. Rin.

That annoying sensation came throbbing back into his chest again. Choosing to ignore it, Haruka focused on the array of bottled water before him. His narrowed eyes shifted from bottle to bottle, meriting them by what he saw on the bottle's design.

Then his eyes brightened.

At the left end of the second row was a dolphin printed next to the bottle's logo. Haruka decided that he'd buy that bottled water.

Thankfully, there was no line so the waiting time for his desert-dry mouth and its eagerly awaited water was minimized. He could almost feel his mouth tingle excitedly with the thought of cold, wet relief only moments away form becoming a reality.

"Is this all?" The cashier, a slender woman in her 20's, asked as Haruka placed the bottled water on the counter.

Haruka nodded in response.

"120 yen, please," she said as she rung up the bottled water.

He slipped his hand into his left pant pocket and reached in. Then he froze.

The cashier cocked her head sideway, giving a puzzled look to the wide-eyed boy in front of her. "…is everything alright?"

Haruka switched his hand and dug into his right pant pocket, digging in until he felt the bottom.


His hands ran into his back pockets in unison.


His hands slid down the length of his shirt. It had no pockets.

Disbelieved, Haruka looked at the bottled water and then at the cashier. He swallowed hard, his throat already sobbing. He had sprinted out of the house after hastily throwing on a change of clothes. Now he was alone. And penniless.

"Here." Haruka and the casher jumped as a fistful of coins were slapped onto the counter. "That should cover it."

Speechless, Haruka stared at the coins that had suddenly appeared on the counter in front of him. A 100 yen coin. Two ten yen coins.

120 yen!

A rush of relief overcame Haruka. His throat leapt for joy. He began to turn around, speaking words of gratitude to his benefactor. "Thank y—" Haruka suddenly stopped.

He just stared.

"Please take your water," the cashier said kindly from behind him.

"Stop staring," the crimson-headed male in front of Haruka said. "There's a line gathering behind us. Let's go."

Haruka whipped around to grab his bottled water, thank the cashier, and stumbled speechlessly behind the taller male.

"Why are you here?" the raven-haired boy managed when the two finally reached outside the store.

Rin narrowed his eyes. "What, you thought I left?"

Haruka nodded, slowly and hesitantly.

Rin sighed, running his hand through his mess of crimson hair. "I was waiting the entire time at the alley way, but then I spotted Gou and my swim team captain outside so I ducked into this store..."

"And spied on them from the store's window," Haruka supplied plainly.

Rin folded his arms across his chest as he defended himself, "I'm her older brother. I should know what's going on."

"Maybe she'd tell you if you answered her calls every now and then," Haruka remarked.

The crimson-haired boy narrowed his eyes. "You're changing the subject. Don't forget that you're very late."

There was a deep sinking feeling in the pit of Haruka's stomach. He was guilty. And he knew it.

"Sorry," Haruka said quietly, finding it hard to hold eye contact with the frowning male in front of him.

For a few moments, Rin simply stared at Haruka, frowning. But the "I'm really sorry" look in Haruka's eyes, which peered at Rin from his curtain of raven-colored hair made the boy's frustration and disappointment from waiting so long slowly weaken, second by second. Rin's face couldn't help but soften when he saw how sincerely guilty Haruka looked. "Well since you're late, you have to pay a hefty price," Rin said, not sounding as harsh as Haruka expected.

"Price…?" Haruka blinked.

Rin slipped his hand into his pocket. "Here," he handed Haruka a small rectangular sheet of paper that he had taken out of his pocket. "This is how you'll repay your debt."

Haruka stared at the bolded words printed across the paper. First with curiosity, then with complete surprise. This was a ticket to…

"…the aquarium?"

Haruka's eyes widened, lifting his gaze to meet Rin's, who immediately broke eye contact and turned his back to the raven-haired boy. This way, Haruka wouldn't be able to witness the flustered expression that had suddenly overcame the boy's features.

"I-if you don't want to go, then just say so," Rin couldn't believe he was doing this. This was so goddamn embarassing. His throat was burning from all the embarrassing words that slipped through it and past his lips. Rin grit his teeth, preventing himself exploding from sheer humiliation "I'll go find someone else to go with."


Rin waited.

No response.

"Forget it," Rin growled, setting a foot forward, away from Haruka. "Just throw it away."

Suddenly, the crimson-haired boy felt a light tug from behind. Haruka's fingers caught the hem of Rin's shirt as he spoke two words. But the two words were enough to make Rin's heart jolt.

"I'll go."

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