**DISCLAIMER: I don't own these characters, but... but they're so adorable I wish I did. Well, I guess that counts as a disclaimer, right? Anyhoo, this is just a short little thing on Nico meeting up with Beckendorf after he died. I also kind of want to do an epilogue-type-chapter-2 thing where he meets Silena? ALSO DO YOU GUYS REALIZE... Beckendorf was only in Elysium for one week before Silena died. Let that sink in. Okay, yeah, tell me what you think, and all that jazz. Read and enjoy!**

Charles Beckendorf was okay with death. In fact, the only thing that really upset him was himself—after all he'd sacrificed, he still thought, 'Isn't it a bit selfish that I left them to fight the war? That I left Silena on her own up there?'

It was a little awkward when Nico came to visit him. For one thing, they barely knew each other since the kid barely came to camp anyway. Beckendorf was also surprised to find that this kid radiated death more than the spirits living in the Underworld. Ironic, since he was the only one down there who was still alive.

"Beckendorf?" Nico had said, surprised to see him wandering the Elysian Fields with a rather wistful expression on his face. "You're... You're dead?"

"Yeah," he answered somewhat casually. He went through the whole story of the mission, but tried not to make himself sound like too much of a hero. "It was nothing," he said, "Just what had to be done."

Nico nodded and smiled slightly, because if anyone deserved Elysium, it was him. "That was brave of you," he commented. "How are things down here?"

Well, what was he supposed to say? He was dead. "They're... alright, I guess. I'm just wondering about you guys—is everyone okay up there?" he asked, hoping for some good news.

"They're doing their best," Nico told him with a shrug, which wasn't very reassuring. "I'm sure they'll pull through," he added, but still didn't sound sure of himself.

"Yeah, I'm sure, too." His voice had a confident tone to it, which made Nico feel a bit better. "How's Percy doing? Have you seen him?"

"Percy? Not recently. I was just about to go meet with him." Nico glanced uneasily over the fields, in the direction of the River Styx.

"Really? Gods, the kid must be beating himself up over me. Well, if you get the chance, could you tell him that I don't blame him?" He sighed. "He didn't want to leave, you know. He wanted me to go with him, but... well, it wasn't an option. I'm okay with it, though."

"Yeah, I'll make sure to tell him. Are you going to try for the Isles of the Blessed?" Nico asked, sure that if he wanted to, he could make it.

"Nah, I think I'm fine where I am, and besides, I'm waiting for someone." He thought of the photo in his pocket before he died and smiled.

"Waiting for someone?" Nico didn't want to dash his hopes by saying that not everyone can get into Elysium so easily, so he just nodded. "Well, I've got to go. It was nice to talk to you, though." Nico turned to leave.

"Good luck, Nico," he heard Beckendorf say before he walked off.