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Sweet Nothing

By KawaiPanda

Chapter One

Interesting, very interesting. I observed the young Oomans drinking their c'ntlip, socializing. There was a lot of activity, so much to report to the clanship. I was scouting out the young Oomans so that I could observe what helped them survive the hunt. The males, almost all, looked to be prime candidates; however, I knew this not to be the case. Just because it looked strong did not mean it would be an honorable kill. Appearances were deceiving.

I wasn't alone in my observations.

"Ale'ktar." I gave him a quick glance, acknowledging his presence, before putting my attention back on the Oomans.

"Lar'ja." He was my clan brother, assigned a different section of the area. He was observing something else . . . I knew not what, and it wasn't of any particular interest to me. We were the only two Yautja on the planet, as far as my knowledge led me to believe, and even though we were solitary in nature, we do crave contact once in a while. I was not surprised he sought me out. He had been on the planet twice as long as I.

It was no coincidence I was so close to his position. The Ooman I chose to observe was here. Alice's progeny . . . her female suckling. I decided to observe her interactions with other Oomans, alongside my mission as she would be surrounded by many eligible males in the area. The young Ooman female was close in age to my own, but I had never interacted with her before as I had Alice. I would not. Female Oomans would not be honorable kills. They were only lou-dte kalei. Child makers.

A larger male bumped into her, and it seemed as if a fight would break out. So I watched and waited; I would just watch and wait.


I don't know why I let her drag me to these things. I really didn't. Probably because she was my best friend, but this was beginning to drive me crazy. I'd never had a normal social life, so you can't just expect that to change overnight. Hell, I didn't even know if I wanted to change that. From what I kept seeing, it probably wouldn't happen. The distant sound of retching reached my ears, and I wondered which of these idiot frat boys was the one who had drank too much. It wasn't even ten yet.

With a shake of my head, I looked around for Chloe. I had last seen her flirting with some random guy. I turn around for only a second and she's gone. I heaved a sigh.

As I moved to head for the car, a guy bumped into me, spilling half of his beer onto my blouse. When he continued on without even apologizing, I shoved his shoulder, the one holding the red plastic cup, spilling the rest of his drink on him. He rounded on me for a confrontation; I glared. "Asshole! Next time watch where you're going."

"You're such a bitch." I shrugged and stalked off to head outside. I figured I would wait in the car, stew a bit before finding my horrible friend and dragging her away from the party scene like the spoiled sport I was. I didn't want to find her now because only God knew what she was doing with that guy, and I didn't feel like gouging my eyes out tonight.

There were few people milling about outside, and even fewer by the vehicles. Thank the Lord.

As I neared the small car, I heard moaning. "Are you fucking serious?" There were many bedrooms in the frat house they could have used, but they decided to fuck in someone's car—disgusting. I hoped to God, it wasn't Chloe.

"Oh Jenna, so tight-" Eww.

Thank God I had the keys to Chloe's car and could drown out the sounds of the couple going at it like rabbits in the car over.

Slipping into the driver's seat, I pushed the key into the ignition and turned on the radio. Some music I didn't recognize deafened me as I hastily turned Chloe's radio back off. With a sigh, I leaned back and closed my eyes, letting the silence lull me to sleep.

A curtain of brown hair . . . the face of my dead mother.


She turned to me, a smile gracing her lips.

"Emma . . . Emma . . . Come to me." She beckoned, and my feet began leading me to her without hesitation. She was alive, love radiating in her eyes. She was alive.

I was nearing her, and slowly, it began to bleed away, this beautiful image of my mother into something foreign and putrid. Still her, yet not.


She was before me, her face twisting into hate, rage. Her grip on my arms tightened, her nails bleeding into claws, digging into my skin. She panted heavily, her youth seemingly drained away, wrinkles erupting on her face, her skin sagging, browning, melting right off her face.

I watched, horrified, as her eyes melted like butter, worms wiggling in the sockets. I tensed, twisting away from the image.

"You did this to me!" Spittle hit my cheek, and I screamed.


I jolted awake, breathing heavily to catch my breath. My heart was thundering in my ears, and I stumbled out of the car to get some breathing room because all of a sudden I was feeling claustrophobic. For a few brief moments, there was glorious silence. The only sound piercing through the night was the soft chittering of birds.

"I said stop it, asshole!" Blinking, I looked around for Chloe. What the? Damnit. Not again.

"Come on, baby. You -"

"No!" I heard some scuffling, but I couldn't pinpoint the direction in which it was coming from. I looked around wildly. When I saw a blur of movement out of the corner of my eye, I dashed to the car they were occupying, spotting Chloe under some guy, trying her hardest to fight him off. "Get off of me!"

I didn't hesitate to rip the door open, and grabbing him by the hair, pulled him off of my best friend. It was easy, since he wasn't expecting interference. He hit his head on the way out, and while I dealt with him, Chloe adjusted her clothing.

"You stupid bitch, why'd you go and interrupt-"

"Sorry, but I don't condone rape." His eyes bulged.

"Rape, I wasn't-" He was moving towards me, hands up, in a non threatening manner, but I was having none of it.

Snarling at him, I replied, "She said no, so back the fuck off before I call the cops, asshole."

"Fine, fine, whatever. Fucking tease..." He stalked off, and Chloe took this opportunity to slip out of his car, coming to stand beside me. She was shivering, and I looked her over. She still didn't look all that presentable, her shirt still undone by several buttons and her skirt hiked up a bit too much. Her hair was disheveled.

"Thanks for helping me Emma." She gave me a smile, and I snapped. Before I could even comprehend it, my hand struck her face. My palm stung, and she looked shocked.

"Are you fucking stupid, Chloe?" I was shaking with barely concealed rage, tears swelling up in my eyes. This girl in front of me, she wasn't my best friend. "This is the fourth time something like this has happened! What the fuck are you going to do if I'm not there next time? Huh?"

She blinked and cradling her cheek, asked, "What the fuck Emma?" Like this was out of nowhere . . . I couldn't begin to fathom what was going through her mind, making her do this shit, but at this moment, I didn't particularly care.

Without another word, I stalked off. My only company was the chittering birds I had yet to even see that followed me back to campus.


I awoke the next morning to find that Chloe hadn't returned. And a small part of me didn't care a bit. Ever since we had started college, she had changed. She wasn't Chloe anymore, and I think it had to do with the new girls she was hanging out with. Of course she always invited me to tag along, since I didn't bother to befriend anyone new, but that didn't mean I had to like them. They sure as hell didn't like me. There was only one girl she hung out with that I could tolerate. She seemed to be the most rational of the bunch.

But still, I never felt more alone than I did when I was hanging out with them.

Glancing at the clock, I knew it was too early to call and check up on Chloe. She wouldn't be up yet. Shedding my clothes from last night, I changed into a tank top and some shorts, and snatched my iPod from the desk. My tennis shoes were next to the door, and I slipped them on easily, stowing my key to the dorm room in my pocket.

Making sure the door was locked, I put in my ear buds and headed for the trails.

They weren't too far away. After all, this was rural Kentucky. Trails were everywhere. But the ones I wanted were ones I knew. Ones that wouldn't take me too far into the mountains.

There wasn't a lot of traffic. It was the weekend and most of the students left for home or whatever it was they wanted to do. Chloe liked to go with the others, to wherever they wanted to go, and since I didn't have anyone at home waiting for me, I just stayed on campus.

The few people milling about didn't pay me any attention, rather they went about their business and I mine. When I finally reached the start of the trail, I easily leapt over the low gate meant to keep vehicles from the path. It was probably closed, but I wouldn't use any other trails.

With the music loud in my ears, the beat motivating me to run faster, harder, I let myself get lost. The burning in my calves was pushed away. There was nothing but the music and the beautiful scenery that surrounded me.

I lost track of time, and when I stopped for a break, I ripped out my earbuds and took a long swig from my water bottle. Taking a look around, I knew that I still had a ways to go before the trail was over. The burning in my calves was now accompanied by the tightness of my lungs as I fought to catch my breath. Striding over to a fallen log, I plopped down, and took a short break.

Smiling, I took another drink.

Seconds later I was on the ground, the breath knocked out of me. My ears were ringing, as my mind worked furiously to catch up to what the fuck was happening. There was a pressure on my back, a knee, and hands grabbing at my hair. I cried out, struggling to buck whoever the fuck was atop of me off. Panic swelled, they shifted to get a better grip, and I twisted onto my back. I knew I would have a better chance of fighting off whoever this was if my arms and legs could move.

He cuffed my ear, a ringing echoed through my skull.

I reared up, only to be knocked back down when he, my assailant, fell on top of me, having tripped over my leg. Balling my fist, I hit him several times, trying to shove him off. He reached in between my legs, feeling me up.

Eyes wide, I screamed for all I was worth. "Get off of ME!" My fist hopefully shattered his jaw from the force of the impact. He stiffened and became dead weight. Breathing heavily, I pushed him off of me, and scrambled away.

Tears swelled in my eyes as my mind raced. What the fuck just happened? Glancing over to the all too still form, I noticed smoke coming from his back.

Something told me not to look, but I had to see.

I turned him over onto his stomach, and there for the whole world to see was some sort of wound. I could see the fleshy parts of his back, bits of bones. The smell of overcooked flesh assaulted my nose, and the combination of it along with the sight had me stumbling away, clutching at my rolling stomach, vomiting.

When that was finally over, I had to keep from looking in the direction of my assailant's body. I didn't know what had caused it, but I didn't want to stick around to see what had. I took off, a blur catching my attention from the corner of my eye. There were ripples in the middle of an empty space, and I felt eyes on me.

I ran faster.

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