Bucky casually made his way into the diner, searching briefly for the familiar shock of white hair before spotting his contact and sliding into the dark corner booth.

"Hey, kid," Joe Robards greeted him gruffly. "Dig in."

Bucky gave a half smile when he noticed a large stack of pancakes were already on the table. "Robards. Didn't think I'd see you again," he said, stabbing his fork into one. "Thought you were officially off the map."

Robards shrugged. "I am. My old contacts don't fully realize what retirement means, though."

He nodded, taking a second to pour on some syrup, his gaze trained on the older man.

"Anyway, I've got something you might be interested in."


Robards sat back, regarding him carefully. "It has to do with Tesla Tarasova."

Bucky stiffened. "And why would that interest me?"

The corner of his mouth twitched slightly for a second before he set it back in a straight line. "I'm not giving you a mission, son. This is personal. A reliable source tells me the Electric Ghost is working for A.I.M. now."

"What?" He asked, eyebrows raised. "That doesn't make any sense. She wouldn't—I mean, she only works for herself. Right?"

Joe shrugged. "Who knows what the head of A.I.M. offered her? With talents like that, it's no wonder they'd be interested in her."

Bucky rose slowly.

"Easy, kid," Joe advised. "I'm only tellin' you this because you know what'll happen ta her if S.H.I.E.L.D. finds her first."

Bucky nodded. "Thanks."

Joe followed him out after tossing some bills on the table. "Be smart about this."

"I can get through to her," Bucky said.

"Here, I've got an address for you," Robards said, pulling his cell phone out of his pocket. "I'm sendin' it to ya through a secure connection. "

Bucky grabbed his phone and studied the information on the screen. "I really appreciate this, Joe. Is there anything else I should know?" He asked without looking up.

"Just one more thing," Robards said in a low voice. "I'm sorry, kid."

Bucky barely had enough time to look up before he felt a pair of strong arms encircle him from behind, then a wet cloth was placed roughly over his nose and mouth and everything went black.