Bobby Mercer took off his tar covered gloves as he ran his hands through his brunette hair. He had been working on his car all day, and hadn't given himself a chance to relax with a cool glass of water, or a beverage of some type.

He studied the final result of his 1966 Buick motor, before heading to the backyard. As he walked up to the screen door, the woman in the other yard caught his eye. Her smooth chocolate skin seemed to radiate in the heat, and her small frame made him wonder what she'd feel like against his thick frame.

He shook his head from such thoughts, realizing the beautiful woman had no time for some white boy from a Boston ghetto. Just as he tried to turn away, he heard her soft voice call out his name, "Bobby! Hey there, Bobby!" He cringed as he watched her walk up, his body heat rising from her being so close on him.

"Naomi, Hey, I was just leaving." He nodded softly, before turning away, but her soft brown hand reached out to stop him. "Actually, if you don't mind, I needed your help with something. My brother is out right now, and I can't lift this damn couch away from the AC. Do you mind helping me out?"

Bobby soaked in her words, realizing this meant he'd be alone with her inside her home, as he gulped silently. Naomi chuckled softly, wondering why he seemed to be frozen in place as she gave him a polite smile. "I take that as a no. No problem."

She turned away swiftly, before his hand reached out to hold her small hand. He looked down, realizing their connection, as he dropped his hand abruptly. "It's not a no, Naomi. I'm sorry; I've just been a bit under the weather. I'll be right over."

He nodded softly, before walking briskly into his home. He leaned his back against the wooden door, closing his small brown eyes as he chuckled, speaking quietly to himself.

"Try not to fall in love with a woman who doesn't want you, Bobby Mercer."