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She scanned through the pages of The Daily Planet while she sipped her steaming mug of coffee. Her emerald green eyes widened in surprise when she reached the society pages of the award-winning newspaper and saw a photograph of Bruce Wayne with a raven-haired woman who could easily win an international beauty pageant. Well, it was not a particularly earth-shattering occurrence for her to see Bruce with a stunning beauty beside him. The man actually made sure he appeared in any form of media, usually with some ditzy but gorgeous socialite. What surprised her was the article's title:

A Royal Engagement
By: Lois Lane & Clark Kent

It is official. Gotham's most eligible bachelor is finally off the market. After years and years of living the jet setting lifestyle of a decadent billionaire playboy, Bruce Wayne has decided to tie the proverbial knot. This reporter can almost hear the sighs of relief from bachelors everywhere, who will be more than thankful to have this hard-hitting player finally out of the dating arena. This reporter can also almost hear the morose sighs of women who would have wanted to bear the title of 'Mrs. Bruce Wayne.'

The question, of course, begs to be asked, 'Who is the woman amazing enough to make the Prince of Gotham give up his hedonistic single-blessedness and reform his rakish ways?'

Enter Princess Diana of Themyscira, the extraordinarily beautiful aristocrat from a paradise island somewhere in the middle of the Aegean Sea, the home to the Amazons, a race of warrior women created by the Olympian gods, whose most popular citizen is their princess, known the world over as Wonder Woman.

Those sighs just turned into growls of envy, did they not?

We watched them as they made their way to the table for our lunch interview. Gotham's favorite socialite had his arm around the statuesque figure of the world's most adored super heroine and was laughing at something that she was saying. Heads turned and mouths gaped as other diners cannot help but notice what a striking couple the two of them made. And since this reporter simply cannot do a sappy engagement article without wanting to yarp, I have decided to let the happy couple speak for themselves. Here are excerpts from our interview:

Clark: How did you two meet?

Princess Diana: Paris (Toothpaste manufacturers would kill for a smile like hers to grace their ads). I was attending a gala and Bruce 'saved' me from rather… excessive… media attention.

Bruce: Always the diplomat (His lazy grin would also do toothpaste commercials a world of good). You were being mobbed, Diana. I felt it was my duty to save you. Somehow, you found a way to bring out the 'knight in shining armor' in me.

The look that our power couple shared can only be described as mutually besotted.

Clark: Was it love at first sight?

Princess Diana: To be very honest, I was attracted to him. And it didn't hurt that he is a good dancer.

Bruce: Definitely love at first sight for me. I mean, look at her. Have you ever seen somebody as beautiful? No offense, Lois.

Lois: None taken. What were your first impressions?

Bruce: (gives out a low whistle) With that black dress…

Princess Diana: (rolls her eyes at her fiancé) I have heard about Bruce's reputation during my first few months here in Patriarch's World but I thought it best to give him the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps the media was mistaken in describing him. He really can't be that much of a womanizer, can he?

Bruce: Let's not answer that question…

Lois: Speaking of reputations, Princess Diana…

Princess Diana: Please, call me Diana, Lois.

Lois: Diana, are you not worried that your fiancé's rather frivolous reputation might undermine your own?

Princess Diana: Absolutely not. I would like to think that people could look past Bruce's… uhmm… playful nature and see that he actually does more than party around. Apart from donating to charities, he is actually very involved in organizing various events and participates in volunteering. So, you see, his mission to make the world a better place is not so different from mine.

Bruce: You're making me sound like a saint, Diana.

Clark: Rumor has it that you were dating Superman, Princess Diana.

Princess Diana: And that's what they are… just rumors. Superman is a valued and trusted friend, a respected colleague.

Lois: Clark, we are not tabloid reporters.

Clark: I'm just saying that's what some people are thinking. They are two of earth's mightiest superheroes. It is only logical that some people might think that they are together.

Bruce: Well, unfortunately for the Man of Steel, Diana is marrying me. That's that.

Lois: And what about you, Bruce? Do you not have any misgivings? You are marrying a superhero, after all.

Bruce: None at all, Lois. Besides, there are certain… perks… to being engaged to Wonder Woman. I'm sure every other Tom, Dick and Harry have fantasies about the Lasso of – Ow! (The warrior princess elbows the playboy on the ribs)

Diana: Oh, do stop being flippant, Bruce. It is a weapon, not a toy.

Our lunch interview continued with the couple bickering with each other. The chemistry between them was palpable despite the initial general consensus that they were as different as night and day. But as the cliché goes, 'Love moves in mysterious ways.' After all is said and done, public opinion will not matter because a blind man can see that our prince and princess are clearly in love with each other. It is this reporter's sincere hope that this fairytale will truly end with a happy ever after.

Slowly, she lowered the newspaper down on the table. She almost wanted to snarl, like a predator whose territory was being usurped. This has to be some sort of publicity stunt, she tried to convince herself. He will never settle down, especially not with a paragon of virtue like her.

A black cat leapt onto her lap. "I think it's time to go back to Gotham and pay someone a little visit. Don't you think so, Isis?" she asked her pet.

The cat curled up on her mistress' lap and purred in agreement as Selina Kyle scratched her behind the ears.