The Price Of Solitary

Chapter 5

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Steve has been thinking. He has been wondering why Samara was so determined to help him. He believed there was no way, but miracles happen. He didn't have any nightmares last night, after letting her see what has happened at Akuze.

He didn't have a problem with sharing with her, but he's afraid of being attached. Revealing too much, but she insists on him letting her see and feel his pain. Why did she need to do that? Isn't losing a Daughter helluva lot more than his own?

He sat in the Mess Hall, early as hell, sipping coffee, no-one else was awake except Joker, (Who almost fell asleep,) and Dr. Chakwas. He didn't know anyone else who COULD be up at this time, but, he didn't think much about them.

Steve flared his Biotics, checking his implants. He nodded with approval. He was going to need something to do, so he will stop his constant thinking about Samara. He didn't like it.

He finished his coffee, and used his biotics to transport the cup to the cleaner by the dispenser. Afterwards, he thought about what to do.

The Commander got an idea.

Steven walked into the Cargo Bay. He looked around, and nodded.

He activated his Omni-Tool. He tapped at it a couple of times.

"Got that, EDI?"

"Yes, Commander," came the synthesized voice.

He looked up from his Omni-Tool to see the fans, the control consoles, and the shuttle, all disappeared. The fans, and the consoles sunk into the floor, the Shuttle disappeared into the ceiling.

Along with everything else, disappeared into the walls, ceiling, and the floor.

He smiled, then walked to the center of the room. He looked at his Omni-Tool again, and tapped at it again a few times.

The area around him transformed into a scenery,

The floor, was replaced by trimmed, green grass, leading to the walls, which shown distant mountains. The ceiling spawned a sky with clouds slowly moving in one direction. It looked really real.

"The Simulator is ready, Commander," EDI said to him.

He nodded, "Thank you, can you run a diagnostics, and check for any problems?"

"Running diagnostics," came the reply, followed by, "Complete, there are no malfunctions."

Again, Steve nodded, "Ok, good job."

"Anytime," came the response.

He looked at his Omni-tool again, he tapped at it, then deactivated it.

He took a look around as at least twenty husks spawned, being lowered down by Dragon's teeth, then the spikes disappeared after the Husks dismounted.

The Commander readied his hand-to-hand stance, he was in his Cerberus attire, and real attacks were on, which meant real injuries if they get you, but with a safety. They came at him in all directions at different distances.

He started off with a sprint towards the one in front of him. He jumped, bent over the husk at the head as he brought his arms under its arms, he landed with him slamming the husk on top of the one behind.

He spun around to face another. He sent multiple jabs to the chest, reinforced by a biotic uppercut. Sending the husk straight up into the air, and it came back down to hit the ground with a broken neck.

Samara has been watching from the engineering deck. It was interesting to see him in battle. It was a good way to free him of his torture. She turned to enter the elevator.

Steven biotically charged a distant husk, smashing into it. He ducked under a swing from the side, and he swept his leg under the husk, then curb stomping the head.

One Husk came up behind and grabbed him. Another came up the front, about to start clawing, but Steve had other plans.

He flared his biotics as he tore the arms away from each other, then running up the other husk, twisting the husk's arms he had. He hit the ground on his feet, and finished with a kick while still grasping the arms, separating them from the body and into the other husk.

Steve fired up his biotics again as he grabbed the same husk, crushing to one below him after lifting, then coming back down with force.

He looked to the sound of the elevator to see Samara walking in and taking a look around.

"Hey, Samara!" He greeted her.

She looked at him, then he saw her expression change...

He looked behind to see the remaining husks charging in on him.

The Commander turned and flared his biotics. He engulfed all of them in a field, spreading them out, then crushing them together. They shattered.

"Whew!" He said, smiling as he wiped his forehead. He turned to see Samara walking up to him.

"Having fun?" She asked.

"Trying to," he replied while he shrugged.

"May I join?" She asked.

"Sure, I was just getting started," Steve replied.

"How did you sleep?" She asked, wondering.

"I..." He paused, unsure if he should say it.

Samara senses his hesitation, "If you do not wish to tell, you do not have to."

"Well, the first time in ages, I didn't have any nightmares. It was the most peaceful sleep I've had for a very long time," he said to her.

She smiled at him, "Now, do you see why I came to see you?"

"And I thank you for it, and I don't think I can repay you. How did you do?" Steve said as he smiled.

"I have slept better than I have before as well," she said with another rare smile.

He nodded, still smiling, "That's good, you deserved a good sleep."

"You do too, Steven," Samara said to him, "You have done so much more than anyone could have for I."

He shrugged, "It was the least I could do."

"I doubt it's the least," she replied with a smile.

"I know..." he said as he grinned, "but. still, shall we get started?"

She nodded. Steven turned around and walked to the center. Samara followed.

He activated his Omni-Tool.

"Husks?" He asked.

"I approve," she said as she smiled.

"How many?"

She gave a rare grin, "how about...a hundred?"

Steve grinned back, "Now you're talking."

He tapped at his Omni-tool again. He looked up to see 100 dragon's teeth at varying distances. They began lowering down.

"Ready?" Steve asked.

"Always," Samara replied.

They were back to back as they watched the Husks dismount and close in.

Steve and Samara took off in a sprint to initialize combat.

The Commander pole-vaulted over a husk, grabbing it by the head, then flaring his biotics to fling the husk at a few more, crushing them.

Samara slid biotically under a few husks, jumping up, then biotically kicking the husk in the back, sending through the ones she slid under.

Steven sent jabs to a husk, then grabbed its arm to swing it around into another.

The Asari sent a shockwave, plowing through at least five or six husks. She ducked under a swing from behind. She spun as she grabbed the arm, firing up her biotics to plunge through the Husk with her knee.

The biotic pulled a Husk towards him by the arm as he stuck his foot out to trip it. It went sprawling to the ground, still being held, Steven slammed the husk onto another.

Samara spun to the side from a swing. Again, grabbing the arm, she swiftly kicked the husk at the head forward, then letting go as she brought her leg down. Smashing the husk into the ground, its head disappeared.

Steven ran up to a husk, jumped up with one knee up as he boosted himself off the husk. He came back down to the ground with biotics. Sending an all-directional shockwave. Sending a lot of the surrounding husks flying.

Samara flared with biotics as she engulfed three husks in a field, lifting them up, then bringing them flying by her into another trio of husks.

Steven felt his back hit Samara's. the husks brought them together, now, it's time to work together. There weren't very many left.

Steven drop to his knee as he brought his fist face down Into the ground, full of biotics. Again, sending husks back.

"Here," Steven said as he spun around with his hands on top of each other In a boosting position.

She spun around and nodded with a smile.

Samara stepped on his hands as he sent her into the air. She flipped to where she was facing down. Steven had his palms open with biotics coursing through. She came back down with hers fired up, and they connected.

The shockwave they have sent killed the rest of the remaining husks. It even shook the ship a little.

Steven pushed his hands up, so Samara could hop off.

She landed in front of him with a smile.

"Now that, was fun," Steven said, smiling as he took in heavy breaths. His hand on his hips, and sweat raining from his flat brown hair.

She was doing the same. Her chest heaved with every intake of air.

"That was...amusing," she said with a smile.

"You know it was more than amusing," he replied.

"I admit, it was fun," she told him.

"I think I can call this a morning," Steve said, wiping sweat from his forehead.

Samara smiled at him approvingly, "So can I."

"We don't have anything to do today. Are you about to return to your meditation?"

She nodded again, "Yes, if you do not mind."

"I was wondering if I could join. I could use the relaxation from this week," Steven said to her.

She gave him another smile, "I would be honored."

Steven smiled again as he nodded, "Let's go, shall we?"

Samara simply nodded once more as she turned around to walk towards the elevator. She frowned to herself.

She didn't mind Steven joining her, she thought it was a great idea, but the problem is, is her. She had conflicts warring inside. Her Code with her heart. She thought she knew herself, but apparently, she didn't. She hasn't let anyone as close as she did with Steven. Not since a very long time ago.

Samara and Steven sat down next to each other in her room, then they linked hands. Samara and Steven fired up their biotics,and the Meditation begun.

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