When I first started this thing back in 2012, I didn't expect it to be my most visited story out of all my fanfictions. 32,313 hits to be exact, along with 39 reviews, 85 alerts and 71 favorites. You guys responded well to this pet project of mine and for that I am eternally grateful for all the support.

I have made efforts to try and continue this in the past, I even had plans to make Ace Attorney Investigation Spinoffs featuring Johnathan Briscoe and Miles Edgeworth, but they would've more in the style of Law and Order. I would've had John Briscoe do the investigation, first with my OC Daniel Reagan, then I planned to have him partnered with Ema Skye (yes Ema would've still been a detective, but she would also be allowed to investigate crime scenes.) As to what I was planning with my rewrites of the trilogy, I planned to pair Mia Fey with Lana Skye after Rise From the Ashes because Mia's attraction was stronger even then what she had for Briscoe. Briscoe would understand because after all they were basically an FWB. Apollo would've been introduced as the last case in my rewrite of the second game, as a murder suspect and would've played out in the style of John Grisham's A Time to Kill but Apollo would be framed for murder and not be the one who actually did it. In the end, Phoenix and Mia would win in the end and eventually Mia and Lana would adopt Apollo as their son. Also Maya would've broken the news to Phoenix that she was pregnant with his son and they would eventually marry out of love. Their son was going to be named Phoenix Wright Jr. Maya and Phoenix's relationship would've actually had a bigger role during the conflict of my rewrite of the third game, especially since Iris was going to make an appearance. But here's the big kicker, Iris would eventually be married to Edgeworth but it wouldn't have been a loveless marriage, it would be more like J.D. Robb's Eve Dallas and Roarke. Two complete opposites who would grow to love and be devoted to each other.

For Apollo, that story was going to be titled "Apollo Fey: Ace Attorney" and Apollo would be taking the lead for most of that rewrite alongside his sister Trucy Fey. Phoenix and Mia were still going to be practicing attorneys but they would no longer be active in the courtroom due to almost being implicated in evidence fabrication but thanks to Mia's vision, she was able to get their last case a mistrial. Combine that with their law firm getting much bigger and bigger to the point where they would start opening satellite offices in Nevada, Washington State and even Texas.

I bring all this to you, because obviously those plans were in my head for a very long time, but I could never get the motivation to put them on paper. Basically I really don't have the energy to continue this anymore, so therefore, I'm leaving this thing open to anyone who either wants to continue my work, or to create something different with the same concept. I still stand by my opinion that killing off Mia Fey early in the game was a dumb move on Capcom's part, they wasted an opportunity to give her proper character development, instead we had to deal with her through backstories told by her peers. I think had they kept her alive, I think I would've picked her more in my court cases over Phoenix Wright because I have a preference of female protagonists over male ones. I think she was an interesting character that needed more screen time.

Will I continue fanfiction in general? Maybe down the road I will, but I want to focus my energies on some things I'm taking part in and once I get myself in a comfortable position, I'll get back into writing.

With that being said, I will bid you all good luck on whoever wants to take over this story and make it their own.