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Note: This is just an idea for a story that came up in my mind, while I was getting a better working computer. (Windows 7, Baby! NO more Vista! Yays :D Anyways I just luv the predator movies and I thought I would write this. I just wish that all my info on my old computer wasn't lost… should've backed it up - Dang it! :(

Forget Me Not
Written by: Marik's Girl


Tabitha Anderson, nineteen - engaged to be married after collage - stood and blinked at the man in black in front of her. "Did you say that Mr. Weyland, from Wayland-Yutani Corp. wants me to be on his project?" the nineteen year old asked as she blinked her unusual blue-green eyes at the dark skinned man before her. He adjusted his dark sun glasses as he stared that the scientist in training. "You are the granddaughter of a Dr. Kei Uchiha, are you not?" he asked in a deep voice. She nodded dumbly. "Yes, but wouldn't Mr. Weyland want my grandfather? Not that I'm not thrilled to join and what not… but I'm still in training…" she trailed off as she stared at him. "Your grandfather is a brilliant man, after all he was widely known as a top scientist at age fourteen. And to be truthful, we did go to him first… but he refused."

Tabitha just blinked. "Refused?" he have a slight nod. "His words were - I'm getting too old for these kinds of work anymore, if you want a scientist that knows what they are doing, go ask my granddaughter. She, after all takes after me, she is very smart. -"

Tabitha blushed. That was her grandfather alright; he gave her too much credit… "Your grandfather told me that you are the top of your school, or was I told wrong?" He asked as he raised an eyebrow at her. "I am." She replied as she rubbed the back of her neck in an embarrassed way. "Then what is your answer, Miss Anderson?" She was silent for a moment; then she looked up at him.

"When do I start?"

End Prologue

I'm using a new writing program. Micrsoft Office; So far I like it… anyways I hope someone likes this little story, I have no idea how long it's going to be; but I've already started Chapter One. I hope to get it uploaded soon.