Head Gamemaker - Hadley Bennett, 32
Location - Capitol (Control Room)

Hadley was a disturbed young man. He loved his job which included killing some young teenagers. He loved seeing their blood splattering on the walls or ground. He loved how thick and bright it was. He loved how romance in the arena blooms and dies. He also loved how allies betray one another.

Right now Hadley was setting up the arena.

He was going to make this year's Games very bloody and dramatic.

That's what the audience wants right? Cause that's all Hadley Bennett knows. How to screw up other people's lives and make situations even more gruesome or violent. If the audience doesn't like this year's Hunger Games, then President Snow would execute him.

How awful that would be. A young and handsome thirty-two-year old man would be executed with his whole entire life ahead of him.

Hadley sighed as he slid his finger down the TouchPad. On the screen appeared a transparent disfigured man.

The man was growling, hissing, and clawing at the air.

His right ear was missing along with his index finger. The man's right eyeball was dangling down his face only held by a string of muscle. His face and body was pale and covered in boils. His clothes were scorched and tattered. A white bone was sticking out of his left leg.

Hadley grinned at his creation.

It was sort of a zombie-like mutation. The mutation's purpose was to kill and infect it's prey. After the prey becomes infected, it will start to decay and will turn to cannibalism.

Then the young Gamemaker pressed a giant red button.

A white column appeared and it opened up.

"There it is..." Hadley grinned.

The zombie ran out of the column and it ran towards Hadley, baring it's teeth.

Before the zombie could sink it's teeth into Hadley's neck, he jammed a needle into the mutation's shoulder. After a few seconds, the body went limp. Hadley then placed the unconscious body onto a giant white table.

"Excuse me, Mr. Bennett. We brought the prisoner in." a Peacekeeper said from an intercom.

A door was opened and the Victor of the Seventy-Fourth Hunger Games was thrown into the Control Room.

Katniss Everdeen.

"Hello there, love." Hadley said in a creepy voice.

Katniss did not respond.

"Are you ready for a little experiment?"

Once again, she did not respond.

"Okay then... Let's start the experiment, shall we?"

Hadley grabbed a knife from a table and walked towards Katniss.

"Give me your hand." He commanded.

Katniss didn't listen. She wanted to get a rise out of him before dying. Since Hadley didn't have time for her bullshit, he simply grabbed her hand roughly, and dragged the silver blade across her palm. Katniss winced. The incision on her hand stung and blood was already pouring out. Red drops of crimson stained the sterile white floors.

Hadley looked back just to see the zombie's eyelids snap open.

The scent of fresh blood must have woken up the ugly cannibalistic creature.

"What the?!" Katniss said in shock as the creature ran towards her.

The girl from Twelve quickly stood up and ran straight to the door. She tried opening it, but it was useless because the door was locked.

"Help!" she screeched.

That's when her eyes landed on a scalpel on the table.

Just as she reached for the scalpel, the cannibal tackled her to the floor and it began ripping at chest, blood splattering everywhere.

Hadley watched as Katniss screamed in agony. He enjoyed this sight. It was beautiful to him. And this was probably the best way to execute someone.

The Gamemaker pulled out a white plastic gun from his pocket and shot the zombie in the head with a small dart.

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