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In this story Draco is older than Ron.

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"Happy birthday Ron!" Harry yelled, then he laughed as Ron stumbled down the stairs into the common room. "How does it feel to be sixteen?"

"Hey Harry. I really haven't experienced being sixteen yet have I?" Ron smiled but on the inside something churned. He shivered, it was almost like something was calling out to him.

"To the Great Hall guys!" Hermione giggled and the other Gryffindors nodded.

The house all walked together through the halls and down to breakfast. They laughed and joked and spoke loudly getting numerous glares from the stray students and Slytherins that were around. The Lion house had gotten into the habit of walking together to stop others from taking advantage of one or two students (mostly first years). The pull Ron was feeling to whatever or whoever strengthened as they got to the Great Hall but it wasn't in there.

Halfway through breakfast the Great Hall's doors opened and in came a bunch of Slytherins with Draco Malfoy in the lead. Malfoy had his head high and a smirk on his lips. The pull suddenly tugged harshly and almost made Ron fall over. He did however lose his breath.

Malfoy froze just as Ron was getting his breath back. Then slowly he turned his head searching for something eyes glancing everywhere in the room. Ron started to stiffen as his body tried to yell out 'OVER HERE'.

Slowly Malfoy looked over the Gryffindor table until his eyes landed on Ron. As their eyes met Ron was hit by a wave of magic that roared in his ears and almost knocked him over out of his seat. He knew Malfoy was hit by it to from the discreet step back the blond did to steady himself and regaining composure. Ron looked around but all of his friends seemed to be unaffected by the wave. Ravenclaw students, Hufflepuff students, and Slytherin students all seemed fine as well. Except Draco who like Ron was searching to see if anyone else felt what they felt.

Ron hurriedly turned back to his house and friends and resume eating, but he had lost his appetite. And as he tried to look normal he felt cold eyes watching him from Slytherin table.

The owls came in a blur of feathers and screeching. Errol and Pig were sharing one huge package that Ron suspects was his family's presents. The two owls landed right in front of his and fluttered next to him as if to watch him open it. Ron opened it and found he was right, there were four smaller boxes tucked safely inside of it and they all had numbers that corresponded with a letter. Ron picked up letter 1.

Dear Ronnie,

Hello brother. Sorry that we aren't there to celebrate your lovely day of birth this year. We're tempted to fly in with pranks galore, but mum said that if she found out we did that there would be two less gingers in the world. ~ with pranks Fred and George

Their gift was a lovely set of potions that ranged from prank master to life saver. Ron smiled and laughed as Harry said, "Hey can they get me the life savers for my birthday?"

He picked up the next one number two, it had a dragon on it so he guessed which sibling wrote to him.


What's going on in your life brother dear? You haven't wrote to me! So I heard that being a sixteen year old is big in the muggle world, well I can make it big with the family just for you. My package is amazing and way better than the twins. Tell them my present was best next time you see them! It has a lot of magic to make sure that thing inside it doesn't wither away. That would not be good... oh I gave you something to go on! I don't feel like writing another letter oh well. ~your favorite brother Charlie.

Ron opened the biggest package to stare into the face of a baby dragon. Ron almost fainted, Harry jumped, and Hermione screamed making all the Great Hall look over at the table. All the Gryffindors were whispering about what Charlie decided to give Ron. Ron saw another note that was probably fire proof.


Just so you know Dumbledore said it was fine! The dragon doesn't grow much more than an overgrown cat. That magic on the package kept the dragon safe and healthy so don't worry about any health problems. ~Charlie

Next was letter three that was neat and orderly. Ron had a feeling he knew who this one was too.

Dear Ron,

Happy Birthday. We'll see each other at home soon enough and then you'll get a big bear hug from me. ~ Bill

His sane brother had gotten him a lovely lion pin. Ron put it on immediately only to feel the pull twinge painfully. Last but not least was package four.

Dear ickle-Ronnie-kins,

Oh you're getting so old so fast! STOP GROWING! I just want to bring you home and keep you here forever! ~ see you soon mummy. P.S Dad says Happy Birthday too.

They got Ron a lovely new chess set. Ron smiled so brightly.

"I wish my present was better I can't compete with a full potion kit, a chess set, a pin, or a dragon. Especially not the dragon!" Harry joked.

"No worries Harry. I'll be putting these in the dorm. I'll meet you in class okay." Ron laughed and slowly got everything up.


Leaving the common room he made his way to Charms class. Only to get pinned to the wall next to him staring up at Draco Malfoy.


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