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Chapter 1

Mrs. Mellark liked normal. She hated children and liked normal people. She wanted things simple, neat, and professional. So when her third child, Peeta, was born, she loathed him. She was already angry that her husband had managed to convince her to have children, and having a third made her even angrier.

Mr. Mellark insisted that his wife had children, just to carry on the Mellark family name. He also figured that the children would someday give him money in his old age. Yes, all Mr. Mellark ever cared about was money. He left his wife to care for his children while he was away on business. Rarely did he come home, and when he did, it was only for days at a time.

The two were hardly model parents. They weren't good parents to their three children, Bannock, Rye, and Peeta. Mrs. Mellark ran the bakery when Mr. Mellark was away, though she only did it so that Mr. Mellark would take her children off her hands every once in a while. Mrs. Mellark beat her children, and Peeta always seemed to be the one to get hurt the most.

There was a reason to it, though. Not a good reason, but a reason nonetheless. The Mellarks like normal. They hate children, and they like normal. So when Peeta came along, Mrs. Mellark felt only hatred to the child. Of course, she didn't like her other two children, but Peeta was not normal, much to her dismay. Peeta was born like her other two children, but Mrs. Mellark soon found out that Peeta would never be normal. Peeta was born blind. And Mrs. Mellark found ways to hurt him without the neighbors noticing. It was just so easy, wasn't it?

Mrs. Everdeen used to dance and laugh. She used to be happy and love her two children, Katniss and Primrose. But now? Now, she didn't pay any attention to them. She quit her job and watched them starve.

Mr. Everdeen was the best father that had ever been, at least in his children's eyes. But when he went off to war and died, Mrs. Everdeen shut down. She knew that her children needed her help, but she didn't care. She watched them. She didn't want to live without her husband, the one that she loved. Katniss reminded her too much of her deceased husband. She took after him, after all, with her olive skin, grey eyes, and brown hair. Prim reminded her too much of herself. Why did she allow herself to fall in love? That question haunts her while she's drowning in her own depression. Why didn't she just marry the money-obsessed Mr. Mellark?

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