Once upon a time, I got prompted to write Superbeetle (Conner/Jaime) so I thought now is as good a day as any to write. Didn't take long, but it isn't that long either. Set shortly Salvage, at which point, everything else becomes moot.


Jaime was curled up on the couch and watching some dorky, old cartoon when he felt a sudden hand on his shoulder. "Tag, you're it." It was Superboy, his tone as brisk as ever as he lifted Jaime off the couch and pulled him towards the garage.

"Hey! Ese, what's going on?" In a quieter voice, he added, "Another lead?"

"Something like that," Conner replied. "Taking off. Don't worry," he called back at the Team. Only Gar made any indication of hearing him, giving a half-wave without looking away from the television.

Conner finally let Jaime down, half-dragging and half-guiding the Hispanic teen. "Whatever's going on, don't you think you ought to get the other involved? I mean, Wonder Girl's back there, and you never know when you'll need backup—"

The half-Kryptonian teen wasn't looking at him. "Actually, there aren't any new developments. Nothing really."

Jaime raised an eyebrow, dislodging himself from Conner's grip. "So I'm here because…"

Conner stopped and turned around, his eyes oddly preoccupied with the ground. "Well, there's this free concert going on by the harbor… Look, it's really nothing special, just a few local bands. One of my old classmates told me he was going to be in it, so I thought I'd go, and he said to bring a—" He stopped, realizing he was starting to trip over his words. He looked up then immediately looked away, stretching as nonchalantly as he could manage. "Look, if you don't want to go…I mean, they aren't very good, so I doubt—"

"That sounds fun," Jaime finally cut in, mentally giggling at the flustered state of his friend. "Why didn't you just ask?"

Conner sighed in relief, finally meeting Jaime's eyes. "Okay."



Ewwww, how do you even write? Oh well, umm hope you like it… Still taking prompts on Tumblr I guess.