Hey, sorry for not posting for so long. I've been really busy with all sorts of things, causing me not to write further. Also, al my progression in the story has gone away due to a error, so I had to re-write a lot, which makes the story probably turn out otherwise then I have planned for it.
Well, I hope you will like the next chapter. I've enlarged the drama for this chapter. Have fun reading, and one more; I'm very sorry for not posting anything the last few weeks.


Scared I look at my husband, my man. I'm shocked by how he acts in his sleep. Slowly I walk towards him and grab his shoulder. Before I can do anything to wake him up, he grabs my arm and pulls me closer. His grip is intense, painful even. I try to get my arm back, but he refuses. Instead, his grips tightens and he tries to get me down on the bed. Fuck.

''Christian, for christ sake.'' I scream at him. ''Wake up!''

Immediately he opens his eyes. I stare at him and in complete silence he lets go of my arm. What should I say? I can't handle a new trauma, and he can't either. But I have to be there for him.

''What did you dream?'' I whisper at him, breaking the silence.

''Ana,'' he mumbles ''I want our life back, I want you back. Us.''

I bite my lip and tears well up in my eyes. That's not good enough. I need to know what he dreamed.

''Christian, please.'' He sighs heavily, but still doesn't answer my question.

''Goddamn Ana! No! I won't. It's none of your business.''

''None of my business?!'' I yel at him. ''Nothing is mine since your back. You are even a bigger control freak then before you went away. Everything has to go your way, and for some reason I took that. And when I want to help you, that's not good enough. Nothing is good enough in here. Just, plain old nothing.''

You know what? I need to get out of this. Out of everything, my feelings, just.. everything. Him being the controller of literaly everything again makes me sick, and even If I want to help him, it goes the way he wants it. I get off the bed and leave his room. I want to get away from here, from him.

He need to understand me, just for once. He didn't since his return, he didn't even try. How can I try to understand him, if he can't try to understand me?

Without any self-control left I walk to the front door, open it and then start run. With every step I make in running down the stairs in the complex, I feel more rushed. When I'm finally down, bathed in sweat, I leave escala. Without anything, just me.

I can't control my crying and when it starts to rain, I regret the fact that I ran off like that in only my nightdress and on bare feet. But I don't want to go back. I can't even see escala anymore, that's how far I already walked.

I need the Christian I had before. The happy Christian, the one that lets me near his feelings and told me at least something. But he isn't there anymore. In the past two weeks I tried to get anything out of him, but he could only command me in what I was able to do, or not to do. Now I'm free, and I don't know what to do.

The nightlife in Seattle normally is wild, but since the rain started in anyone who was on the street, left it. Where should I go? I don't have money with me, so getting a taxi is not an option.

But even if I got a taxi, where could I possibly go? Christian would track me everywhere. Nervously with that thought I look around me. No Christian, no Taylor.

Maybe I could go to Kate, just for tonight. With that thought in mind I start to run. I need to get to Kate. She will help me, she always did. But they will find me there. Immideately I stop running. There is literally no place where he won't find me, except on the street.

Quickly I slip into an alley. It's darker in there. Without any thinking I walk further and then, when I finally find a little bit of shelter, I sit down. It's now that I start to feel cold. Completely out of any thought, I lay my head down. I just can't take it anymore. I don't want to live this way.

I need freedom, I need.. I don't know what I need but It's not all of what happens around me right now. While sobbing I slowly start to sink away to another world, somewhere where nobody can find me.

''Get her a bed, quickly.'' Someone yells next to my ear. I try to open my eyes and when I succeed, lots of light flash through my eyes. In reaction I close them again. Who is carrying me, and why? Slowly I try open my eyes again. Two blue eyes meet mine, and when he sees me looking at him, he instantly looks away. ''Now!''
He puts me on a stretcher. What? Why am I in a hospital? My eyes widen, but I'm not able to do anything.
''Are you related mister?'' I hear someone ask the man while they bring me away. I can't hear his answer, and I can't watch anymore. I'm too tired. I can't even feel my legs.
''No, don't you fall asleep miss.'' Another man says. ''Try to stay with me, will you.'' I try to hold my eyes open, but it won't work. I'm cold, and I wan't to sleep. Now.
''Get a nurse, I'll put her in a room.''

It al goes so fast and within a few minutes, I'm lying in a warm bed.

''you are very lucky,'' the man says. ''Now, will you please open your eyes and try to stay with me.''

I sigh and then open my eyes, my head resting on a pillow. I now see it's a young man who is talking to me. I try to read his nametag. Dr. Hillen.

''We are going to monitor your heart and will hydrate you. You will also get warm blankets and medication.'' he says to me. His voice is so.. so raw. I shiver, not knowing if it's because of him or the cold I'm still feeling.

''Now, can you try to make a fist?'' he's asks me friendly while trying to put a needle in my hand.

''Why am I here?'' I whisper.

''Girl, that's not something for now. Just, do as I-''

He gets interrupted by someone smashing the door open. I almost get a heart attack when I see who it is.