A loud bang rang out through the base. As the laboratory door open, smoke came into the main room, and Kowalski stumbled out into the room. As usual, this was another one of his fail experiments.

"So what went wrong this time?" "Well. . . . .this one I had to use a bomb timer on it. . . . .and it still detonated. But it was still successful. . . .till the end."

"What was the success part of it, Kowalski?"

"Well Private, I got a chance to see the other dimension of ourselves. And they were females."

We all heard a bit of a growling noise, and turned around. Rico had a look on his face, and was raising one of his eyebrows at us.

"But I only got a visual on them, nothing else. They seem to be planning, but there was no sound, so I have no clue on what they are doing."

"Then make another one of your machines, and get us into their world. Let see what happens."

"That would be disastrous, Skipper. If we go into their world. . . . . . I actually have no clue what will truly happen. Anyway, the machine is ruin and the blueprints were caught in explosion and destroyed."

"Well don't you remember things easily? Come on you have to remember them. I mean you can easily remember Doris-"

"Please do not mention anything about her to me."

"Alright fine, just rethink the blueprints, and draw it down onto a lot of paper. Then if they get destroyed, you have copies."

"Genius idea, Skipper. I will get to work a.s.a.p!"

With that said, the laboratory door closed, while the rest of us stood there.

"Simple enough. Come on men, lets play a bit of poker."

"Oh, I love card games." "Rico, draw me, Private and you some cards."