Tohru was really looking forward to seeing this hypnotist. She never been to anything like this before. Kyo wasn't so pleased."Why are we even going to this thing anyway as if its actually real!" Kyo said sceptically. "Never doubt the power of the human brain Kyo." Shigure scolded wagging a finger. "Shigure he hasn't got a brain remember?!"Yuki said.

"DAMN RAT!" Kyo growled lunging at him. Yuki sidestepped out of the way causing Kyo to faceplant the pavement. "Stop fighting you two!" Shigure said mock selfconcious. "Anyway we're here!" Kyo and Yuki shot daggers at each other as they entered the concert hall. Tohru was pratically bouncing up and down in excitement. Tohru watched the show in rapture as the hypnotist made people eat onions and pretend they were dogs. "Now!" The hypnotist's voice echoed around the hall."Last 2 volunteers!" Tohrus hand shoot up but the hypnotist didn't pick her. He picked Yuki and Kyo. "Now when I count to 3 you will fall asleep!" the hypnotist said.

But before he could start counting Kyo muttered " As if!" The hypnotist's eyes narrowed and he said. "Well it seems you do not believe my power?"The hypnotist's asked threatningly. "I don't believe in "magical hocus pocus" if thats what you mean." Kyo said sarcastically. "Then you'll have to learn the hard way!"The hypnotist said menecingly. " When you hear the word leeks, who will behave like an infant!" Kyo laughed cockily. "Really?! Why the hel-" "LEEKS"

"Me don't likey leeks." Kyo said."Leeks are smelly!" Everyone laughed at Kyo! "I believe thats enough for today!" The hypnotist anounced." Farewell, Ladies and Gentelmen." Then he swept off the stage.

"Kyo need to go potty!" Kyo announced to Yuki." Need to go peepee." Yuki laughed and thought of all the fun he could have with Kyo!