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Chapter 1

"Fourth Hokage… Minato. Back away from the Jinchuriki, or your son dies at the ripe old age of one minute." A man, wearing a mask, said darkly as he held a crying newborn in his arm.

Minato, a blond haired man, was in shock as he stared at the two people that helped deliver his son into the world dead on the ground while his wife, lying on some sort of bed, screamed in agony as the seal of the Nine-Tail fox was breaking. A minute ago, his wife finally gave birth, and everything seemed perfect. They were supposed to start a warm, loving family, but then everything turned upside down. A masked man appeared from out of nowhere, killed the people that helped them, and was now holding his son… the son that he hadn't had a chance to hold himself with his own two hands.

The masked man pulled out a kunai, directing it to the crying baby.

"Back away from the Jinchuriki… or don't you care if your son dies?" the masked man asked in his cold, dark voice.

Minato finally snapped from his thoughts and uprightly raised a hand to him.

"Hold it! J-Just calm down!" he yelled as his heart raced.

"You should take your own advice, Minato. I'm perfectly calm." The man was about to throw the baby and a kunai at him so he could get the man away from the woman, but ceased the idea when Minato took a step forward with an opposing glare.

"What do you want?!" He demanded. It burned his soul to see his newborn wail at the enemy's rough hold.

"Naruto!" The long red haired women desperately cried out as a black orb was bulging out of her stomach.

Minato grabbed his wife's hand, assuring her that he would save their son's life before glaring back at the man.

"What do you want with the Nine-Tails?" he asked with a serious tone.

The masked man eyed him before a dark red light illuminated through the hole of his mask, earning him wide eyes from Minato; he could tell right away the light belonged to the sharingan.

"Oh, you know, it's fun, it's part of my plan…" The masked man explained, a bit amused.

Minato felt sick to his stomach. Whatever the terrorist wanted involved the foul spirit living inside his wife and possibly the safety of the village. Leaving his wife in the open was not a choice, but at the same time his son's life was in stake.

His teeth clenched as his mind raced. He quickly thought about a few strategies, for at least a plan that didn't include risking his son's life.

The cries of his son blurred his vision for a moment.

"You have a choice," the masked man brought the tip of his kunai close to the newborn's chin. "Your son or the village…"

The man's words confirmed Minato's suspicions…

"Time is running out, Minato…"

"Forget about me!" Kushina cried out as tears flowed from her eyes. She couldn't bear to see her child die before her. "Save our son!"

Minato's chest clenched to hear his wife's plea. The village's safety or his son's life… What was more important?

The image of the village engulfed in flames struck his mind, piles of lifeless bodies scattered through shattered streets were going to be on him. What was killing him was the fact his son's fate was on his hands.

The screams of his wife and the cries of his newborn suffocated him. He wanted to protect everyone, but unfortunately he couldn't escape the cold harsh reality. He could only choose one… and as the Hokage… there was one right answer.


Minato's head shot up with a serious look, right at the masked man's sharingan.

"I choose Konoha," he said in a cold tone, his chest clenching with agony at his own words. Kushina's teary eyes widened in shock and even the masked man stared at the Fourth Hokage. The place fell dead silent for a moment.

The masked man's eye narrowed through the only hole that his mask had.

"You would choose the village over your own flesh and blood…?" he asked, as if having a hard time believing Minato would do such a thing.

"I'm the Fourth Hokage," Minato said, forcing himself to maintain his composure, even though he felt like dying on the spot. "And as the Hokage, I must protect the village, even if it means sacrificing my own child's life."

Kushina's eyes shook, frozen in place, ignoring the agony she was feeling from the seal of the beast.

The image of a girl with brown hair that laid in a pool of blood haunted the masked man's mind. His hand tightened around the kunai with anger, glaring at Minato.


"So you really believe sacrificing lives to maintain peace is mandatory for a shinobi...?"

"Shinobi endure..."

"Minato," Kushina let out with a shaky painful voice. "You don't know what you're saying. Please, save our son's life…please." She begged, hoping the whole thing was all an act.

Minato felt his eyes moisten up, and struggled to keep from tearing up.

"I will bear the loss of my son's life. That is my responsibility as the Hokage." The man extended his right hand out before he formed a blue chakra ball, the Rasengan, in his hand. Kushina couldn't believe what was happening. Was her husband really going to let their son die just like that?

The cries of her baby just snapped her mentality.

"Minato!" She screamed.

The masked man mentally cursed himself. He truly believed the Fourth Hokage was going to choose his newborn son at first, but it seemed he misjudged him. He could easily just throw the child and hope for Minato to jump away from the woman so he could take her, but he seriously didn't know if that would work… The seal of the Nine-Tails looked like it stopped weakening, and Minato seemed he was going to attack him even though he had the baby in his arm. The man was serious… Serious just like the First Hokage was known to 'take down' Madara… Just like countless other shinobi sacrificed their own lives to protect the village.

Reality was cruel…

"And this is why this world is hell," he whispered to the crying newborn before he slowly backed away. Minato was going to run after them, but stopped when he saw the masked man's body faze through the wall as if he was a ghost before he was completely gone.

He could have gone after them, but he couldn't leave his wife exposed.

He stared at the wall where the man disappeared with his son… his own flesh and blood… the one he had so many dreams for… The one he wanted to love so dearly… Gone… Gone forever… And it was all on him.

"What have you done…?" Kushina said with a trembling voice. "Naruto… he… my son…" the hot tears burned her face as the seal was weakening once again. She screamed in agony both physically and mentally.

Tears finally trailed down Minato's cheeks, grabbing his head as he shook it sadly. Immediately regretting his decision.

What has he done…?

"Naruto!" Kushina screamed before everything turned painfully black before a cry of a beast rumbled through the world.

Things were supposed to turn out differently… He was supposed to take control of the Nine-Tailed beast and crush Konoha with it… Instead, he was back in his cave, with the newborn crying in his arms.

The cave he was in was huge, a large statue with multiple closed eyes sat across from him, with a throne like chair in front of it.

The cries of the newborn stained the masked man. He had the urge to just drop the newborn to the ground; hoping the fall would crack the child's skull.

"Aww, it's a baby!"

A strange looking creature with a spiral patterned head ran to the masked man with excitement.

"I never saw one up so close before!" he leaned down to look at the baby, whose face was completely flushed from all the crying. The masked man said nothing. "I didn't know babies had whiskers when they're born."

"'Cause they don't," A calm voice said. A creature slowly emerged from the ground. Its body had two different beings. The right was white and the left was black.

"It's the Nine-Tails' Jinchuriki's offspring," a darker toned voice said this time that belonged to the black half of Zetsu.

The spiral patterned creature tilted his head with confusion before looking back at the masked man.

"Obito, I didn't know this little one was part of the plan."

"It wasn't," Zetsu said calmly as he watched everything that happened between Obito and Minato. He always was hiding behind the masked man.

The baby cried louder than before; making everyone except the masked man wince. Well, it just made Obito tense up as he was losing his patience.

"You're scaring him!" the spiral patterned man swiped the newborn from Obito's arms before he began cradling him. "Don't cry no more little one, I'm here," he mused and gradually the newborn stopped crying. He opened his eyes; they were blue just like the ocean and held the most innocent look that the creature had ever seen. "Can we keep him!?" he asked immediately after witnessing the cutest thing ever.

The request made Obito frown behind his mask.

"I'm going to end his life soon," he said darkly. The spiral patterned creature gasped and jumped a few feet away, holding the newborn close to his chest.

"But he's just a baby!"

"The child of our enemy."

"The child of your teacher."

"He's not my sensei anymore," Obito hissed. "And keeping this brat will surely bring us trouble later."

"But he's so cute!"

The masked man narrowed his eye through the mask hole at the creature, who was going to keep his ground.

"I'll feed him! I promise!"


"But I love him!"

"No you don't."

Then everyone fell silent as they heard a small innocent laugh make its way from the child. They didn't think a newborn was able to laugh, and it seemed he liked to hear them argue.

"Aww, you're so cute!" the spiral patterned creature brought his face close to the child and began making baby babble.

Zetsu watched his clone's interaction with the child before looking at Obito who he couldn't read because of the mask he wore.

"I see no harm with keeping him for a short time," the white side said.

"I do," the black didn't hesitate to argue with his other half.

"Tobi will just get bored with him in like a week, and then you can do whatever you want with him," the white Zetsu said to the masked man.

Obito observed Tobi continue to cradle the newborn as if it was a new toy. Maybe there wasn't really any harm to keep the baby around, at least till Tobi got bored.

"One week," Obito decided to the creature. "I'll give you one week with the child before I take his life."

Tobi was quiet at this before an idea popped into his head.

"That's all the time I need," he mused. "So what should we name him?"

"His mother seemed to scream 'Naruto'," Zetsu noted.

"Such a silly name," Tobi said before he looked down at the newborn who let out a small yawn. "But if that's what your parents named you, then that's your name, Naruto."

Author's Note:

I named the spiral patterned head Tobi, cause I imagined that's how his personality is like. So Tobi and Obito are different characters : O. I know that we have seen Obito name himself Tobi, but i had to name the spiral patterned head something so I chose Tobi LOL

I also made Minato choose Konoha over Naruto because from what I have seen in the show, the Hokage , like the first, will do anything to keep the village safe. Like the time that Kushina demanded Minato while they were sealing the nine tails beast to naruto as to why they were putting their son to suffer, Minato said it was their duty as shinobi, to endure. So that's what made me believe there was a possibility of Minato giving Naruto up to protect the village : O

The first few dialogues of Obito and Minato were picked from the Manga, just so the story started as canon

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