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Chapter 8

Tobi was dead silent. He stared at nothing and couldn't help but feel his stomach twist and turn with a deep sickness.

Naruto was completely confused. A minute ago, his uncle had said he had something very important to tell him, but then, for some reason, he fell dead silent, as if in shock.

"Uncle Tobi?" he let out quietly and when he didn't get a response right away, he begun to worry. He was about to call his uncle again, to snap him from his thoughts, but all of sudden Tobi lunged into the dark depths of the cave as if his life depended on it.

The boy's eyes were wide, and without thinking twice, he got up and ran after his uncle even though something back in his mind told him to stay put. His heartbeat began to gradually increase while he got deeper into the cave. One he caught the sight of his uncle standing clear of an opening, he stopped, panting from the sprint he had to endure. He was confused to see his uncle just standing there. The boy looked passed his uncle and his eyes slowly widened to see what had shocked his uncle from the very beginning.

"It's pinata time!" Minato yelled with glee with Obito tied up in the middle of the cave. Kakashi was blindfolded completely and had a baseball bat. He got into a stance with a smirk behind his mask to hit Obito as strong as he could.

"Go Kakashi, Go!" Alot of the white zetsu cheered, punching the air with might.

Sweat formed on Naruto's head and took a couple of steps when Minato walked over to him with a grin. "Once the cave rains with his insides, it will be your turn to be the pinata..."

Naruto couldn't help, but scream.


Author's After note

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