Chapter One

Part One

Olivia walked into her apartment. She knew she had the door open for Brian, but he didn't get off work until 5 pm and it was only 4:30 pm. She opened her door and put her groceries down. Cragen had sent her home because of how terrible she felt after William Lewis had hypothetically told her what he had done to Alice in her apartment. She heard a loud thud that came from the living room. She walked around the corner of the fridge.

"Hello?" She asked a first time and got no response. "Hell..." she started but was interrupted by a gun in her face.

"Welcome home Detective Benson." Lewis said as he caressed her face with the barrel of the gun.

Olivia froze up. She only did this once before and it was when she was in the basement with Harris. She wondered how he possibly got in. Then she remembered that she had left the door open for Brian to come in. Lewis put the gun under Olivia's jaw and dragged her into her bedroom.

Olivia looked at the bed, there were ropes tied around the four bedposts. She looked at him with tears in her eyes. Lewis saw the fear in her eyes and it excited him even more. He looked at her with his sadistic smile and she knew what he wanted... sex. She looked at him, with tears running down her face. Lewis motioned her to get on the bed. She knew that if she didn't get on the bed, he would blow her brains out.

"Get on the bed bitch!" He said as he watched Olivia slowly get onto the bed. "Now here's the lowdown you are going to put both legs towards each bedpost and same thing with the arms. Now, DO IT!" He finished.

Olivia was now lying on the bed in her bra and underwear because Lewis had ripped her clothes off. Olivia was crying so hard when Lewis had gone out of the room to get his lighters and cigarettes. He came back into the room with a lit cigarette in his hand. He came back over to Olivia, took the half smoked cigarette and pushed it down into Olivia's thigh. She screamed but then Lewis put his hand over Olivia's mouth.

"There is no need to scream missy!" He said as he opened the cigarette pack. "Damn none left. Guess we'll have to use something else."

Lewis went over to Olivia's jacket, reached into the pocket and grabbed her badge. He got his light and started to heat up the badge. About 5 minutes later, the badge was a red hot iron colour. Lewis then took the red hot badge and pressed it right into the right side of Olivia's neck. She held in the scream that was forming in her throat and tried so hard to hold in the tears but they just kept on coming.

"Now everyone will see that you've been branded. No one will ever love you. No one will ever talk to you again. Everyone will stop and stare, and you will get the impression that no one will see you as badass Benson again." He said.

Part Two

Nick looked over his desk at Olivia's desk. It was Monday morning and something didn't sit right in his gut. He knew that the Captain had told Olivia that she had two days off, but something just didn't seem right. Nick grabbed his phone and looked at Olivia's contact name; maybe he should send a text.

He opened up the messages that Amanda had sent him the other day. Then he opened Olivia's conversation and started to type.

Hey Liv, just wanted to make sure everything was alright.

A few minutes later he got a response from Olivia.

Hey Nick, I'm fine. Brian called me this morning, so we are just having a day to ourselves because the Lewis case took so much out of me I just needed to spend some time with him. Thanks for thinking about me. Xoxo Liv

After receiving that text the feeling sunk further and further into his gut. He knew Brian worked at the Bronx courthouse during the day, and Nick knew how hard it was to get a day off. That just confirmed that something was up with Olivia. Now the question was how he would prove this theory of his. Nick opened Cragen's door and stared Cragen right in the eyes.

"Hey Amaro, what do you need?" Cragen asked.

"I don't know Captain. It's Olivia." Nick replied.

"What about her?"

"I don't know that's the problem. I just have this gut feeling that something is wrong. With this instinct I texted her, and a couple minutes later I got a response saying that she is with Brian having a day together as a couple."

"Brian is working I saw him. I was at the Bronx courthouse when I went to a parole hearing this morning."

"I am going to go over there and see if she is okay. Is that alright?"

"Yeah go. Call me if anything is out of the ordinary."

Nick took his phone out of his pocket, he texted Olivia.

Hey Liv, just wanna make sure you're okay. Cragen requested that I come over and check be there in about ten.

A few minutes later, Nick received an answer.

Alright, I don't get why I am perfectly fine, but I will see you when you get here. When you get here text me so I can buzz you in.