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The chosen seven demigods' were sailing smoothly on the Argo once again. To be honest to himself, Jason would admit there was one particular person he wouldn't mind blasting lightning through their bodies and listening to their helpless shouts as they were electrocuted. Jason would love to stare down at their "leader" and crush him until he screamed bloody murder. Jason then would then toss him into the ocean and see how fast he could heal from his lesson and hopefully repeat. He hated how he kept hearing that that Percy is the most powerful demigod of our generation. That is exactly where he has everyone fooled. Jason sneered and muttered to himself bitterly as he glared blades into the water,

"He's weak….probably the most weak demigod to walk this planet and dare wear the robe of praetorship. He's brought shame to Rome"

Percy Jackson was no hero, he was dead weight. To Jason it seemed that only he was wise enough to see through the mist of Percy's deceit, but Percy was good, Jason had to admit that part. He even had his best friend fooled! Leo turned into a fan girl whenever Percy was near water and practically begged him to do a trick, and since the crew were sailing on a boat, that was nearly every minute! Frank and Hazel were his 'posy' and stayed flanked to his side, defending him, laughing with him with this brotherly or in Hazel's case sisterly look plastered on their faces- The were Roman's for Zeus's sake. Even Piper seemed to be fooled, she cooed and 'awwed' at how Percy and Annabeth broke the rules to stay with each other through the night, she found it 'admirable'. To Jason, only Coach Hedge he seemed to be the only smart ones on this boat. And there was Annabeth….for a daughter of Athena she really was stupid, even she bought Percy's "hero" façade….Percy was all name and no game and Jason thought he needed to be called out. Jason grabbed his sword and stormed to where the phony sat talking with the others.


Everyone sat around Percy listening as he told a joke that included a dam, they all erupted in contagious laughs as he got to the punch line. Even Coach Hedge was snickering; even the middle aged satyr had to admit that Percy was a good kid. Percy continued a story about how he was transformed into a guinea pig which made everyone burst into laughter once more. They were all comfortable; Percy had his arm around Annabeth, Frank and Hazel were cuddled up together, Piper re-braided her hair lazily and Leo fiddled with a scrap of metal and a couple of bolts as Percy continued his story. Percy let out a chuckle as he remembered what happened next

"And then that's when he….."

The door slammed open and a very angry Jason was revealed. Percy asked warmly

"Hey Jason, what's hangin'….Whoa dude are you alright? Your red."

They crew's suspicious eyes swept up to Jason. He raised his gladius to Percy's throat ignoring the gasps and answered coldly,

"What's "hanging" is that I realized you Perseus are a problem."

Percy disarmed Jason easily and looked up at Jason in confusion,

"Okay first off no need to use full names, seriously just don't and no need to use swords. And what did I do? Is it the praetorship? I'm already going to quit dude, you already have your job back dude. No big deal"

Jason's eyes grew even colder as he hissed,

"Quit? Quit? Praetorship is a huge deal Graecus. You didn't even deserve to wear the honorable toga, it is a "big deal." Besides they simply allowed it because they were obviously distraught about my absence."

Leo gasped,

"Jase dude, what's your deal? Percy's great. Maybe your just….. jealous!"

Jason's eyes widened, "Me? Jealous? Jealous of what his stupidity and weakness? All I'm trying to say that the Graecus isn't worthy to be praetor!"

Percy rolled his eyes slightly,

"Okay Jason maybe I'm not "worthy" to be praetor or whatever and that's fine…."

Percy's eyes grew mischievous as he begun to cough. The crew except for Jason crowded him asking if he was okay. He croaked,

"Oh yeah sorry. The levels of Jason's ego's is toxic."

They all stifled laughs and grins. Percy casually walked so he was standing closer in front of Jason: nose to nose, staring him down. Jason scowled,

"Your weak Jackson. The weak need to be hunted and preyed upon."

And that was when Jason came to realization that HE was alpha. Percy was intimidating his status, he would not be dethroned by an underdog. Percy asked,

"Now that I'm here Jason… Why don't you tell me what about me is disturbing you."

Jason nodded, "You are weak Perseus, reckless and your dead weight to my team and I."

Piper looked at her boyfriend with a newfound annoyance and started out,

"Jason stop…."

Annabeth held her back and told her that Percy had everything under control.

"Yeah Annabeth's right Pipes. It's fine let the big man speak, he sure does have a lot of words but I don't seem to hear anything….guess my ears don't listen to egotistical jerks."

Jason's hands began to spark and Annabeth watched the seen unfold closely- her grey eyes were calculating and her hands on her dagger. She was ready to attack at any moment, so was Piper, Leo, Hazel and Frank.

Jason growled humorously,

"Big words for such a little brain…..unlike Annabeth here you're stupid. Well actually all of you are fools if you follow Percy's orders…he'll get you all killed."

Frank yelled, "Your out of order Jason."

Percy said calmly but the ground began to rumble slightly and the waters began to stir, "And your defiance and huge ego will sink this ship. A divided ship can't sail Grace. And don't you dare call any of my friends fools before I make a fool out of you. Also you don't run this ship we both do Grace, it's people like you that make a bad name out of Romans."

With that Percy added, "Now if you would excuse me." and pushed pass Jason.

The son of Zeus turned red and zapped Percy slightly. Hazel screamed, "JASON, STOP!"

Percy turned around now beginning to turn red, "Did you just zap me Blondie?" Percy's hands crept to Riptide but he soon voted against it, he really wasn't in the mood to fight the nuisance. Instead he willed the water to encase Jason into a mini water hurricane, he stopped twirling his finger and the water obeyed and dosed Jason head to toe. Percy smirked and begun to stride away. Jason growled and picked himself up from the floor. Jason then sputtered out water, pushed his soaked hair out of his electric eyes and called after him,

"You're not fit to lead this ship Percy, you're reckless and selfish…."

Percy stopped walking and turned around, he opened his mouth but Jason added quickly,

"What about Beckendroft huh? Or Bianca.? You made a promise Jackson….a promise that you broke. You ruin everything, you ruined Silena's life and left her brokenhearted as you did Nico…he trusted you. Your sick Jackson, you should have been blown up, you should have stopped the automation instead of cowering away. You're known for protecting your friends and how you're willing to do anything for them and yet you failed. You. Are. A. Murderer. You let Bianca's sister run off to save the day without trying to stop her…. you let Beckendroft get blown to smithereens as you swam to safety. You're a cowardly…"

Percy's eyes glazed slightly and his breath slowed as he grew pale. Annabeth's eyes widened- he was thinking about "it."

Annabeth shouted, "STOP," as she saw the tears gathering in Percy's eyes. Jason sneered, "He's crying because he knows it's true." He zapped Percy lightly and watched as he shuddered at the little shock, falling to his knees. "You Percy Jackson are a failure; the two deaths you caused are two to many."

Annabeth screamed sternly and angrily, "Stop."

Percy was stuck in a memory, he could vagueily hear screaming from his friends to Jason. But that was very fuzzy. At the moment he saw Beckendroft, they were on the Princess Andromeda, the waves were rocky and the air was steamy and hot. Percy closed his eyes as he remembered, "

I swallowed. One of the giants had his hands around Beckendorf's neck. I was in no shape to rescue him, and even if I tried, he would die before I got there. We both would. Beckendorf mouthed one word: Go. I shook my head. I couldn't just leave him. The second giant was rummaging through the peach cans, which meant Beckendorf's left arm was free. He raised it slowly-toward the watch on his right wrist. I wanted to scream, NO! Then down by the swimming pool, one of the dreacenae hissed,

"What issss he doing? What isss that on hisss wrissst?"

Beckendoft closed his eyes tight and brought his hand up to his watch."

The seen changed and foggily Percy realized he was in the Land without rain and was speaking seriously to Bianca Di Angelo. Percy's mouth went dry.

I told her about the maintenance hatch. "There may be a way to control the thing. Switches or something. I'm going to get inside."

"How? You'll have to stand under its foot! You'll be crushed."

"Distract it," I said. "I'll just have to time it right."

Bianca's jaw tightened. "No. I'll go."

"You can't. You're new at this! You'll die."

"It's my fault the monster came after us," she said. It's my responsibility. Here."

She picked up the little god statue and pressed it into my hand. "If anything happens, give that to Nico. Tell him … tell him I'm sorry."

"Bianca, no!"

But she wasn't waiting for me. She charged at the monster's left foot.

Bianca got right next to the giant's foot, trying to balance herself on the metal scraps that swayed and shifted with his weight.

The monster raised his sword to smash Grover. Then he froze.

Talos cocked his head to one side, like he was hearing strange new music. He started moving his arms and legs in weird ways, doing the Funky Chicken. Then he made a fist and punched himself in the face.

"Go Bianca!" I yelled.

Zoe looked horrified. "She is inside?"

The monster staggered around, and I realized we were still in danger. Thalia and I grabbed Grover and ran with him toward the highway. Zoe was already ahead of us. She yelled, "How will Bianca get out?"

The giant hit itself in the head again and dropped his sword. A shudder ran through his whole body and he staggered toward the power lines.

"Look out!" I yelled, but it was too late.

The giant's ankle snared the lines, and blue flickers of electricity shot up his body. I hoped the inside was insulated. I had no idea what was going on in there. The giant careened back into the junkyard, and is right hand fell off, landing in the scrap metal with a horrible CLANG!

The giant crumbled from the top down: his head, his chest, and finally, his legs collapsed. When we reached the wreckage we searched frantically, yelling Bianca's name. We crawled around in the vast hollow pieces and the legs and the head. We searched until the sun started to rise, but no luck…..

"We can keep searching," I sad. "It's light now. We'll find her."

"No we won't," Grover said miserably. "It happened just as it was supposed to."

"What are you talking about?" I demanded.

" He looked up at me with big watery eyes. "The prophecy. One shall be lost in the land without rain."

Why hadn't I seen it? Why had I let her go instead of me?

Here we were in the desert. And Bianca di Angelo was gone.

Percy was knocked back into present time; he stared up at Jason silently. Tears streamed down Percy's face as he picked himself from the ground, turned on his heels and ran to his room, his sea green eyes broken and his figure slumped. Jason smiled victoriously and yelled out after Percy, "WEAKLING!" The others broke out of their shocked trance and locked eyes with the cocky blue eyed demigod. Piper casually walked towards Jason and he readied himself for an endearing kiss, instead he got a harsh slap to the face. He stumbled backwards, his eyes wide and his cheek stinging,

"Jason, I'm disappointed in you, this isn't the you I fell in love with or the one I want to be with."

Piper then waited at the door for the others. Hazel then went up to him and just stared, Jason wasn't sure why but he winced just as much as he did with Piper; it was like Hazel had struck him. Jason's insides bubbled, he felt….guilt, resentment? Frank shook his head in disappointment,

"You're a egotistical, mean jerk. You don't deserve to sail this ship."

He then joined Hazel and Piper. Leo walked up to him with a frown, "Dude….not cool,"

Coach Hedge walked to him and said, "Bad choice for an enemy kid…a bad choice along with a bad attitude." His hooves clopped away as he disappeared into his bedroom. Last was Annabeth, she was crying. He stayed silent and prepared to be slapped but instead she began to speak,

"You have no idea what Percy has been through, the pain, the suffering, the fear. He's so respected because he embraces his fears and doesn't let them dictate his life, he was the prophecy child and leads demigods into battle, he knows what it feels like to have people's lives depending on him. He held the sky for goodness sakes, if he failed then you wouldn't even be here. You're an egotistical, stupid jerk. You were lucky Percy didn't attack you, you would have been dead, and he's stronger than you, better than you and has a better character than you."

Jason winced at Annabeth's speech and cried several octaves above key as Annabeth kicked him in the soft spot. He sank to his knees and watched as the gang stormed away and slammed the door behind them. There was a blinding light and a figure stepped forward. Jason stuttered as he bowed respectfully, "Lady Hera and Lord Apollo…what are you doing here?" (A/N SEE AUTHORS NOTE!)