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Leo feebly battled the tears tumbling from his broken eyes and ignored the prying eyes that held irrational concern. No one should worry about and bothersome waste of space. Leo burned everything. He was so weak he couldn't control his own power. Not even for his mother. He was a beast unworthy of the presence of hero's. A dragon. The son of Hephaestus brokenly picked himself from the ground and stumbled into his room, escaping the eyes that so eagerly watched him. A fire of emotions blazed through his head, scorching his ability to think. His hands were eerily still and his mouth was strangely quiet. Leo desperately wished that he would be able to wake up and find himself in the body of a hero. But every time Leo woke up, he found himself entrapped in the same ugly, beastlike form that no one liked.

Wake up. Wake up. Wake up to a better life Leo. Wake up to a life worth living.

~I tried to be someone else
But nothing seemed to change
I know now, this is who I really am inside.

Cautious fingers nudged the door open softly. Hazel. Just another tell for Leo to know that he was an unwanted failure.

"Hey Leo…I just wanted you to know that there were several reasons why I didn't pick you over Frank."

Dark eyes departed from the shield his fingers provided and peered at the daughter of Pluto in horror. "H-Hazel? W-Why a-are...?"

The daughter of Pluto continued as she maliciously sneered, "You're idiotic Leo. You are nothing like Sammy…."

Leo's mind wandered into dark thoughts, wincing in pain as the hurtful slurs continued to burn his heart. Hazel's voice echoed in Leo's mind, "Nothing like Sammy."

Leo was never what anyone wanted him to be. He always let people down by being himself. Leo wished that he could finally wake up.

"…..Leo, you're dead weight to this team. You're going to get all of us killed. Maybe you should..."

Leo demanded the sweltering tears to fall in reverse, "I should k-kill myself?"

A pleased grin spread over Hazel's face, "Exactly."

This wasn't Hazel. This was a hoax, a poorly done stunt double, a stranger to everyone's eyes

Leo stared deep into the abysses of Hazel's eyes, noticing how they seemed a bit …off. The perfect caramel mix no longer held a warm chocolate. Her eyes were cruel. Cold. Gold…..

A polished dagger grinned wickedly at the son of Hephaestus.

Leo crawled from his corner stuttering, "H-Hazel wake up. This isn't you."

Hazel continued to stalk towards the shivering Leo with her dagger gleaming dangerously. She lunged.


Jason turned his back to the two Percy's, his pride devouring his sanity. The son of Zeus growled, "YOU'RE STUPID. YOU'RE WEAK. I DESERVE TO BE THE LEADER. I'M MORE POWERFUL. THE PROPHECY TALKS ABOUT ME DESTROYING THE WORLD WITH A STORM…"

Jason's voice broke; the son of Zeus wasn't quite sure why he felt a sense of pride knowing that he, Jason Grace, could watch the world crumble beneath his fingers. He wanted to see it happen first hand, to prove himself to everyone. To Thalia, to Percy, Piper, Leo, his father and mother. To everyone. Then maybe he would be the leader, and then maybe his mother and father would be proud of him. Only then would Jason's life hold worth. A maniac-like laugh ripped the silence. Jason continued to cackle, pointing his sword at Percy.

"Your blood..." Jason paused and breathed heavily, "You're blood will mark my sword when I am done Perseus. Your blood will serve as a trophy to my father. I WILL BE RECONIZED JACKSON. I SHALL NOT BE MUTED. CHAOS WILL BE RELEASED!"

Percy uncapped riptide warily, "Jason…Even by your standards, this isn't you," Percy paused, "You sound more like…."

Percy gasped and took off running, dragging his alternate self with him.

Percy called over his shoulder to his other self, "What do we do? This isn't Jason. We shouldn't hurt him. I don't know where we are exactly and I rather not have to drag him everywhere. "

Power Percy's strangely hued eyes narrowed as he growled "Let me fight him. We should stop running. I could destroy him. After all the things he's said to us. All the things he's put us through because of his insolence?"

Percy repeated, "This isn't Jason. Therefore we cannot hold him accountable."

Power Percy rolled his eyes, "Your good heart will be our death. But Grace will pay. Follow me."

Jason followed closely behind, his cackles slicing the silence. His fingers wrapped tightly around his sword in determination, the insanity swirling within his head urging him to run faster. His calm blue eyes on fire.

"Always running aren't you Jackson? A skill you learned from years of being a coward I suppose."

Power Percy licked his lips, "His blood is going to be spilt soon."

Percy ignored him and continued to sprint. Percy stopped running as a cruel voice neared,

"Always running like a weakling. You run because you're not strong enough, or is it because you are afraid? Prove yourself Perseus. Stand and fight. Release a bit of Chaos! Chaos is the air we breathe; chaos is the power we yearn to receive. We must learn to achieve Chaos Perseus. Fight."

Jason ran up to them, his eyes flickering between an icy blue and a cold gold. Gold overpowered blue, "Fight me."

Percy spun skillfully and shoved his hands down forcefully. A waterfall of water hit Jason, causing him to tumble into a wet heap on the ground.

Jason wiped the speckle of crimson from his mouth, "Is that all you've got Jackson? Or do you have more?"

Gold began to spread onto sea-green eyes.

Jason picked himself up, staying unnervingly unmoving in his battle stance.

~You say you wanted more
What are you waiting for?
I'm not running from you

A drunken smile crossed Percy's face as he spoke evenly to Power Percy, "Hey twin, do you mind helping me release our inner chaos?"

Power Percy grinned manically, "My pleasure."

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