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A drunken smile crossed Percy's face as he spoke evenly to Power Percy, "Hey twin, do you mind helping me release our inner chaos?"

Power Percy grinned manically, "My pleasure."

Jason's eyes flickered blue once more and a scream erupted from the gates of his bloodied lips. His eyes glimmered gold and his size began to swell tremendously. His once ruler straight teeth transformed into rows of displeasing yellow fangs and his lips twitched into a sickening smile. Now towering well over 6 feet, Jason lunged at Percy's twin, dragging his wicked sword through his flesh. Blood spurted from Power Percy's wound and he just grinned wider, wiping his gold blood on his now soiled clothes. Percy's eyes darkened and his tongue licked his cracked lips as he lunged towards Jason. Power Percy grunted,

"I can't wait to tear you apart Jason. Just like you tore Percy apart. You made us revisit our past. Revisit that hell. And now you are going to wish you were in hell."

Percy took two powerful steps forward and in unison Power Percy and Percy roared, "WE WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR WHAT YOU PUT US THROUGH". Jason's eyes flickered gold and then blue, his hand steadily gripping his sword. Two blows went to Jason's stomach and another to his skull. Blood trickled from his nose, flickering gold and then red. Percy gasped and dropped his sword, stepping back as he distantly watched Power Percy surge forward. Ice filled his heart and his head began to pound viciously. "This isn't right. This isn't right. This isn't right." Blood spewed from Jason's forehead and Zeus's son gave a shrill cry. Bitterness filled Percy's mouth and he spewed out all the contents of his stomach. He fell to his side and brokenly pleaded for his twin to stop. Power Percy smiled wickedly as he continued to grip Jason's throat. Percy crawled towards the two fighting figures. Flashes of his past ripped viciously into his skull. Jason's eyes began to dull and his fingers twitched towards Percy.

"Percy please...I don't want to die. I don't want to die."

Jason's clear blue eyes misted with fear and liquid melancholy. A curse filled the brittle air and gleaming gold splattered onto the ground.

"Percy…. What did you do?"

Power Percy collapsed to his side, his eye steadily watching Percy. Percy's mouth struggled to pronounce words but all that sounded were gasps and wheezes. "What did I just do?" Percy scrambled away from the blood that crept towards him, "You were killing him… You were killing Jason." Power Percy weakly spat out, "So you decided to kill me? You idiot. You stupid weak idiot. Do you know what this means?" Percy shook his head and came closer to his twin. Power Percy stabbed his bloodied finger into Percy's chest.

"I am apart of you. And now you've lost me," Power Percy spat out more blood, "Losing me"

His twin coughed and laughed,

"What are you going to do now Percy? You've lost the warrior side of you that your team needs."

Percy surged forward and pressed his hands to his twin's wound. Power Percy laughed thickly, "It's too late you've already lost the war without me."

Jason crawled to his feet and staggered over to Percy. Power Percy gripped tighter onto Percy, "W-we have to combine. It's the only way."

Jason wiped the blood that now cascaded down the side of his face. "Percy, I wouldn't trust.." Percy ignored Jason and continued to listen to Power Percy. Power Percy sliced his arm and then Percy's arm and pressed their trickling wounds together. Jason limped forward and spat weak demands at Percy. The room combusted into a blinding white and when Jason regained his sight, there was only one Percy.

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