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I phased through the wall of my bedroom and wasted no time in collapsing on my bed.

Every fibre of my being screamed in white-hot agony.

Tonight was one of the worst nights yet. The ghost attacks came relentlessly, one after another. I'd gotten a gash that ran the length of my right leg and a nasty burn on my stomach from Skulker, as well as a myriad of cuts and bruises on my back and arms. To make matters worse, my parents had given me another harshly worded lecture earlier on my plummeting grades and unfinished chores. To top it all off, Sam had kissed Gregor the night before, and with all the ghost activity I hadn't had the time to keep an invisible eye on them again. Who knows what they did without any adult supervision at all, alone in Sam's huge house?

Okay, I know it was wrong to spy on her, but I really only did it because Gregor's obviously involved with the Guys in White. I only did it for Sam and Tucker's safety, not to mention my own.

I glanced at the clock with bloodshot eyes. 1:48 AM. In about five hours school would be starting. I lay still and silent, until the physical pain subsided to a tolerable level and I slipped into a fitful sleep.

The next morning passed in an incomprehensible blur. I vaguely remembered a half-eaten apple and a lukewarm shower; a distracted flight to school and three classes passing, the subjects of which by lunchtime were muddled so badly that I couldn't tell the Pythagorean Theorem from Hamlet. I trudged over to the table where Sam, Tucker and I normally sat. Tucker was already there and it was apparent that he noticed the fatigue on my face.

"Woah, you don't look so good. Were you out late again fighting ghosts? Sam and I have told you a thousand times now to call us when you have fights so we can help you!"

I know that Tucker didn't really mean to tick me off, but I couldn't control my sarcastic comeback.

"Gee, thanks Tuck, hadn't noticed that I looked like absolute crap today until you pointed it out. Let's just face it, you and Sam are far too busy to help me, you have your technology and homework and Sam is always with her precious Gregor." I spat Gregor's name out, as if it brought a repulsive taste to my mouth.

"Dude, what's got you so upset and angry these past few days? You know I'm always willing to help, even if it IS really late at night. We're friends, remember?" Tucker said, attempting to lift my spirits. It was to no avail, however, because as soon as the words had left his mouth Sam appeared, waltzing over to the table like a fairytale princess. That was something you definitely would not see her do every day. "Hey guys, what's up?" she asked, uncharacteristic cheer permeating her tone.

I was certain this out-of-character behavior had something to do with Gregor, which didn't help my mood in the least. I sat there for ten minutes while she and Tucker chatted, barely touching my sandwich, until she noticed something was up.

"Hey Danny, you okay? You haven't said a word all day!"

"I'm fine," I replied, tension in my voice. "So, anything fun last night?" I attempted to change the subject. I doubted she truly wanted to talk about my problems, and besides, I wanted to find out what she and Gregor had been up to.

She shrugged nonchalantly. "I don't know, just hung out."

"With Gregor? You've been doing a lot of that lately. Last night, night before that, night before that..."

Tucker, who knew about my actions, leaned towards me and whispered, "I wouldn't do that!"

I ignored him. I was going to investigate Gregor until he was proven innocent.

"Why is that any of your business?" Sam retorted. Typical Sam. At least she wasn't a fairy princess anymore.

I leaned closer to inspect her. She backed away, visibly growing more irritated by the second. "What are you doing?" she asked defensively.

In hindsight, opening my big mouth probably wasn't the best decision at that point, but of course, I had to.

"I don't know," I said with the same air of nonchalance that she had answered my first question with,"just, ah, checking for dimples...pimples...spaghetti sauce."

It took her a moment to process what I'd said, but when she did, all hell broke loose.

"Spaghetti...were you SPYING on me?"she asked, the rage in her eyes apparent to even the most clueless. Yeah, definitely not my best idea.

Of course, Tucker would choose this opportunity to speak up. "I told you it was a bad idea to spy on her."

I shot him a dirty glare. "Niiiice."

"You used your ghost powers to SPY on me? You've really crossed the line!" Sam looked beyond ready to blow. She stood, hands clenched angrily into fists, glaring at me. If looks could kill, I'd have been a full ghost.

"Not you! I was spying on Gregor. He's so obviously working with the Guys in White!" I stood to my feet as well. She didn't know who she was swapping spit with. He could be and probably was dangerous, and if she didn't want to believe that, then I was going to have to make her.

"Oh, so that's it? The only way a boy could like me is if it were part of a plot to get you? Hah, ego much?" she yelled, irked beyond words. I was at a loss for words. I didn't mean any of this that way, and I sort of felt bad now. But it didn't matter, because as if things couldn't get any worse, the devil himself appeared in the form of Gregor.

"Hey Sam, you want to-"

"Whatever it is, YES!" she interrupted, and with that she stormed off, dragging him away from us.

"I think I can guess the answer, but how'd it go last night?" Tucker questioned, the apprehension in his voice obvious.

I sat down. "Well, I got hit in the face with a rock, Gregor kissed Sam, and the Guys in White attacked again, so there's gotta be a connection between them and Gregor!" I relayed, frustrated.

The connection between Gregor and the Guys in White apparently didn't bug Tucker in the least, as his next question was, "Woah, hold up. Gregor kissed Sam?"

Just hearing it pained me. "Yeah, but apparently that's none of my business."

"Tell you what," Tuck said, in what seemed to be a last-ditch effort to make me feel better. "Since you get attacked every time you get close to Gregor, I'm gonna tag along with Gregor and Sam. I'll be your mole!"

I perked up just slightly at this statement. "Really? To protect Sam?" I inquired.

"That, and Gregor rocks! Plus, you're my best friend, and I've gotta watch your back, too, right?" he said, before walking off and leaving me sitting alone.

I felt a little better, but then his remark about how cool Gregor was brought me back down. I had the feeling that this wasn't going to turn out as well as I'd hoped.