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April 3rd, 2026

Tokyo, Japan

2313 hours

The beast sensed a change. The enemy was not pursuing it as they had before, when it had attacked the other settlement. Yes, there were a few of the enemy's crafts out, but they did not attack the beast as it approached the land. However, it could hear the sound of something coming in from the south, something different from what the beast had fought before; it was slower, and it did not have the normal screaming sound like the other enemies.

It was still a threat, though, and the beast would have to eliminate it.

Rising up in the water as it neared land, the beast quickened its pace so that it would reach the enemy before this new threat arrived. One of the human's craft was in its way, the beast growling in frustration at their attempts to slow it down. It rose higher in the water so that its spines breached the surface, swimming faster so that the spines split the enemy in half as the beast passed underneath. It was petty, but this was a mission of vengeance, and the beast was quite ready to kill as many humans as it needed.

The new signature was approaching. the beast quickened its pace again as it neared Tokyo.


Tokyo was still, save for one or two civilians hurrying to kaiju shelters. Raleigh and Mako ignored them for now, their focus upon the approaching body of water that was Tokyo Bay. Their Head's-Up Display showed the drop zone, just south of Tokyo itself, and already they were receiving information from the screening ships the JSDF had deployed earlier.

"Just lost contact with one of the frigates," he muttered. "that kaiju's coming in fast."

"Maybe we could try and lead it away from Tokyo." Mako said.

"Might be risky; it could always double back and destroy Tokyo while we tried leading it away." Raleigh pulled up a large map of Tokyo Bay. "We'll try and cut the kaiju off at the drop off; maybe we'll be able to knock it off balance." Mako nodded in confirmation.

"APPROACHING DROP ZONE. PILOTS, PREPARE TO ENGAGE." Gipsy's AI chimed. Raleigh dismissed all unnecessary information from his Display just as the Jaeger was brought out over the bay. The helicopters carrying Gipsy Danger slowed as they neared the drop zone, to minimize the risk that the landing might not be executed properly and the Jaeger would sustain damage. They gradually came to a stop, Gipsy Danger hanging in space for what felt like hours as Raleigh and Mako saw a dark shape moving through the water towards them.

Just like Hong Kong... Raleigh thought. Just like Hong Kong.

Raleigh? Mako asked through the Drift.


Before we do this... I just wanted to say-

"DISCONNECTING JAEGER IN 3...2...1." there was a clunk as the helicopters released Gipsy Danger. The feeling of falling overcame the two pilots, giving both of them a dizzying feeling as they fell. This feeling was cut off as Gipsy broke the surface of the water and reached the bottom of the bay, a shockwave running through the Jaeger and shaking the two pilots. They took a moment to gather their bearings before bringing Gipsy up to her full height, plates and gears sliding into place in preparation for combat.

"Alright, let's kill this thing. Activate plasma caster and start tracking the kaiju." Mako nodded and the two pilots began to walk forward, Gipsy mirroring their every move. As they walked forward, Gipsy's right hand slid back to reveal one of its plasma casters, blue light swirling around the weapon as it charged up.

The dark shape paused for a moment before it breached the surface of the water, giving Raleigh and Mako their first good view of Godzilla. The kaiju stood forty feet taller than Gipsy, and Raleigh's description of a large dinosaur was not very far off. Its body rippled with powerful muscles, each lash of its tail creating massive waves capable of capsizing a small boat. Its eyes were bright red and seemed to blaze with an inner fire, and its mouth glowed blue from some unseen source. Down its back ran three rows of star-shaped spines that also glowed, and each step it took caused the water to tremble slightly. The monster sized up the approaching Jaeger for a moment before roaring, an ear-splitting sound like tearing metal that echoed across Tokyo.

"Okay, I can see why Hansen called it Godzilla." Raleigh said, giving a sideways glance at Mako. They stopped walking, the two combatants facing off against one another, waiting for the other to make their first move. Godzilla roared again before starting forward slowly, preparing to charge the Jaeger. Before it had the chance to build up momentum, Raleigh brought the Plasma Caster up and fired, a bright ball of energy sailing through the air and exploding in the monster's face. Godzilla roared in rage and surprise as it was knocked back, stumbling and crashing into the water in a giant column of spray.

"I think you just made him angry." Mako said.

"That can be fixed. Ready another shot for when he gets back up." Gipsy began forward slowly as Godzilla recovered, the kaiju rolling back to its feet and rising up to meet the Jaeger. Its mouth and spines began to glow blue before it fired a beam of light at Gipsy. Raleigh and Mako ducked to avoid the attack, but the beam clipped Gipsy's arm.

"WARNING: PLASMA CASTER OVERLOAD. DEACTIVATING TO AVOID CATASTROPHIC FAILURE." as Gipsy staggered back, the plasma caster sputtered before folding back into the Jaeger's arm, smoke rising from damaged armor plating and servos.

"Dammit." Raleigh dismissed the damage report. "We'll have to get around it so we can avoid-"

"Raleigh! Incoming!" Raleigh only had enough time to look up before Godzilla slammed into Gipsy Danger full force, knocking the Jaeger off balance and dragging it along with its claws. Mako and Raleigh struggled to get back on their feet, but the kaiju was giving them little room to maneuver.

Growling, Raleigh pulled his right arm back and threw a massive punch at the kaiju. Gipsy Danger's fist collided with Godzilla's jaw at full speed, knocking the beast's head to the left just as Mako threw a second punch with the Jaeger's other arm. Disoriented by the attack, Godzilla released Gipsy and staggered back, freeing the Jaeger for its grasp. Gipsy rose up and moved into a fighting stance, the pilots digging their heels in in preparation for another attack. Godzilla roared before charging again, Gipsy side-stepping the kaiju and bringing a fist down on its head.

Godzilla shrugged off Gipsy's latest attack with ease before whipping its tail around, swiping the Jaeger's feet out from under it. When Gipsy landed, Godzilla turned and brought a massive foot down on the Jaeger's torso, the armor plating straining under the force of the impact. Before the kaiju could land a second strike Mako kicked out and struck Godzilla's other leg, catching the beast off guard and causing it to fall as well.

Gipsy Danger stood back up and pounced on Godzilla, pinning the kaiju with a foot before delivering a series of punches to the beast's torso. Roaring in frustration, Godzilla twisted around as best it could and raked its claws across Gipsy's chest, knocking the Jaeger away and allowing Godzilla to get back up. The kaiju charged, but Gipsy was ready for this attack and the two combatants collided at high speed, grappling with each other in an attempt to overpower the other.

Godzilla was the first to break the grapple, roaring before bringing its head down on Gipsy's command pod. As the Jaeger stumbled, Godzilla attacked with another claw swipe, once again knocking Gipsy back. Slowly the kaiju began to force the Jaeger to retreat, the two pilots trying their best to block the flurry of attacks.

But just because they were being pressed back did not mean they were out of the fight.

As Godzilla made another swipe for Gipsy Danger's head, Mako and Raleigh pitched the Jaeger forward and slammed into the kaiju's chest. Combined with the speed at which Godzilla was charging, they managed to catch the monster off guard and knock it away, sending Godzilla rolling through the waves. The beast roared in anger and turned to face Gipsy Danger, the Jaeger wasting no time and delivering a roundhouse to the kaiju's face. Enraged, Godzilla charged forward, snapping and swiping at Gipsy Danger, but the Jaeger was able to stay just out of reach while darting in to deliver counterstrikes.

"Raleigh," Mako called as they dodged another attack from Godzilla. "Have you thought about a way to kill this thing yet?"

"If I did, you would know." Raleigh brought his arm up as the kaiju slammed into them again. He twisted around and drove Gipsy's fist into Godzilla's face, forcing the monster back while pulling into a defensive position.

"Should we try the sword?"

"Not yet; the kaiju's moving around too much." the two jumped away from another strike, Godzilla's jaws snapping shut just shy of Gipsy's arm. Mako backhanded the kaiju before stepping off to one side, searching for any opening they could exploit, but Godzilla's sheer size and surprisingly quick movement made such openings impossible to locate. They pulled back again, ducking and weaving to avoid the worst of the attacks, something that seemed to irritate the kaiju. Godzilla's attacks became more frenzied, making it harder and harder for Gipsy Danger to say out of the way. Mako and Raleigh were in full defensive mode, hoping to somehow outlast the kaiju and get it to lose interest.

Heh, as if kaiju ever lost interest in anything... with a roar Godzilla attacked once again with its breath attack, the beam clipping Gipsy's right leg and causing the Jaeger to stumble. That stumble almost proved fatal, for it was followed by the kaiju slashing Gipsy across the chest, claws ripping through the armor plates with ease. Dozens of warnings blared in the command pod, Mako and Raleigh trying their best to recover and face Godzilla on equal terms. The kaiju was having none of this, pressing on and tearing another gash in the Jaeger's torso. Finally Raleigh was able to find some semblance of footing and feinted, drawing Godzilla in close before sucker-punching the kaiju.

The only reaction that the two pilots received was a roar of rage.

Pan Pacific Research Facility, Tokyo

Miki's visions and headache had come back with a vengeance once Godzilla attacked Gipsy Danger. She clutched her head and curled up into a ball, mentally screaming for the visions to go away, but to no avail. Every blow, every roar, all were echoing in her mind, pain stabbing into every neuron in her brain. Tears welled in her eyes and she chewed her lip, anything to stave off the pain, even if only for a few seconds.

Can't that... that thing just die and get it over with? She thought, squeezing her head and curling up even tighter. She winced as she felt another blow from the Jaeger strike Godzilla, her entire body shaking as if she had been the one struck. She wanted to scream, but was certain that doing so would have little effect on the kaiju.

However, as she lay there something began to change. The battle between Gipsy Danger and Godzilla began to fade away, and instead she began to feel something else. Slowly, she stretched out and let go of her head, trying to comprehend just what she was experiencing.

She felt... frustration. And anger. Only the emotions were magnified tenfold, another experience that Miki was not growing very fond of. As she sat up, readjusting her hospital gown, she began to realize that the emotions she was experiencing were obviously Godzilla's. She still felt the underlying trace of loneliness she had detected the last time the kaiju had attacked, but now it was beginning to make more sense.

The loneliness... the egg... the comments I made to those two scientists. She stood up, removing her gown and reaching out for her normal work clothes.

It was her turn to do something really stupid.


Godzilla tackled Gipsy Danger, the Jaeger crashing through several buildings before coming to a stop. The kaiju stepped forward and fired another blast of its breath attack, Gipsy barely dodging by rolling off to the left. The Jaeger stood up again and lept forward, slamming its fist down on Godzilla's head. Slowly Gipsy began to gain ground, pushing the kaiju back to the sea with every blow.

"Raleigh?" Mako called over the sound of the fight. "I think we should use the sword now."

"Yeah, I think you're right." Raleigh muttered as they dodged another attack. As Raleigh blocked and dodged Godzilla's attacks, Mako reached out and activated the Jaeger's sword. The collapsible blade sprung out of Gipsy's left forearm, snapping into place just as the kaiju charged forward. With a cry Mako lunged forward, thrusting the Jaeger's sword arm out at the incoming monster. Godzilla saw this and attempted to sidestep, but could not change its momentum fast enough and roared in pain and rage as the sword sliced through its flank. Mako pressed forward, slicing the sword across the kaiju's chest, drawing another roar from the beast. The Jaeger danced just out of reach of Godzilla's attack, stabbing and slashing whenever they found an opening.

Enraged, Godzilla opened fire with its breath attack, bright blue beams tearing through surrounding buildings. Gipsy Danger was able to dodge the first few attacks, using the rubble of several smashed buildings as cover. However, one beam struck Gipsy's left leg, melting armor and gears and causing the Jaeger to stumble. Raleigh and Mako braced themselves as they crashed into the ground, failing to recover before Godzilla stomped on the Jaeger's back and began to claw at anything it could reach.

"Activate Chest Thruster," Raleigh cried. "We might be able to throw the kaiju off!"

"WARNING: INSUFFICIENT POWER." the Jaeger's computer chimed. Gipsy shook from another blow. As Raleigh struggled with the internal programs, Mako did her best to fight back, but with the position of the Jaeger her attacks were of little use. Godzilla roared in triumph before attacking again, jaws clamping shut on Gipsy's left shoulder as the kaiju tried to rip the Jaeger's arm off.

Just as power began to fail in the Jaeger's command pod, the attacks stopped. Gipsy was still pinned, the pilots trying to find purchase in their struggles, but Godzilla was no longer attacking. Instead, the kaiju seemed to be focused elsewhere, and after a pause it lifted its foot from Gipsy's back and began to move further into the city.

"What... Why didn't it finish us off?"


The beast was... confused. One moment it had been preparing to finish off its opponent, the next it was alerted to the presence of something else. Its mind was abuzz with new information, and the creature's suppressed sense of curiosity was piqued.

It would return and finish off its opponent. Whatever was drawing it away had to be dealt with first.

With a growl the beast moved through the streets of the city, knocking over buildings and crushing vehicles that lay in its path. Occasionally it would pause, sniffing the air for traces of this new signal and the egg, and it would adjust its course accordingly. The new presence smelled odd; it was like a human, but not only did it have traces of the egg, it had traces of the beast itself.

Growling again, the beast lowered its head as it approached its target.


Miki had to fight the urge to turn and run back to the safety of the base as the kaiju approached. The monster towered over her, grey skin making it seem like a mountain threatening to collapse on top of her at the slightest provocation. Godzilla looked down at her, the glare in its eyes causing her to flinch slightly, but it did not attack.

"Can... Can you understand me?" she called, trying to speak as loudly as possible. The kaiju roared, the tearing metal sound assaulting Miki's ears. "I-I guess not. Even so, why are you doing this? I know you're angry, and I know who's responsible... I think... but why? What did we do?" Godzilla roared again, the concrete in front of Miki being pulverized to dust as the kaiju took a step towards her.

"Please, I want to help. What did we do that's made you so angry?" the monster roared again, and Miki was about to ask again when a new image came into her mind.


A different kaiju, one of the ones sent through the Breach.

A fight.

The egg. It was safe again.

"That's... that's what you want." she said, taking her own step towards Godzilla. "You want the egg back, is that it? If I give it back, will you go in peace?" the only response she got was a roar, but as Godzilla did not step on her she took that as a good sign. "I can get it back. J-just let me speak to some people; they'll help me. Please, let me help. Just go and I will get the egg back to you." Godzilla lowered its head, fixing Miki with one of its massive eyes. She stabbed her fingernails into her palms, one again fighting the urge to run.

With a grunt, the kaiju stood up and moved on, heading back towards Tokyo bay without another sound.

That... that worked?! Miki thought as Godzilla moved away. That shouldn't have worked. I-I can't believe that worked.

As a small smile formed on her face, Miki's mind blanked and she passed out.

The Shatterdome, Headquarters of the Jaeger Program, Hong Kong

There was silence in the base. While they should have been cheering that the Kaiju had stopped its assault on Tokyo, they were too confused by the turn of events that had caused Godzilla to stop attacking. One minute it had Gipsy dead to rights, and the next it had wandered off into the city. Now, it was just... leaving.

"Sir?" Hansen was shaken from his daze by Choi. "I have repair crews on their way to Tokyo now. They should be able to get Gipsy back online in case the kaiju comes back."

"'Should' being key there." Hansen muttered, wiping several beads of sweat from his brow. "Pilots' Status?"

"Both are fire, save a few minor injuries. They should be back for debriefing once the repair crews are finished."

"While they're out there, get me Gottlieb and Geiszler. I want to know why that kaiju stopped and I want to know if there's some way we can repeat that in case all else fails."

"Yes sir." Choi turned away, sending out several orders while Hansen left the command center. As the shock of the battle wore off, the other staff returned to their duties, preparing to receive the damaged Gipsyand tracking Godzilla as it dove into the depths.