Borrowed Hearts

Chapter Two

A.N. Late for work, so this is short and sweet, but you guys rock! I'm glad you're enjoying this so far. To answer a couple questions: yes, this is definitely a Klaroline story, and yes it was inspired by While You Were Sleeping. There was just too much of a want to put a Klarolijah spin on it, so hopefully you all enjoy.

Thanks to Becky and Miranda for the wonderful help. Do read and enjoy!


"Wait, can someone just-hey, excuse me, please! I just want to know if-"

Caroline's frantic cries were drowned out as the paramedics wheeled Elijah through the emergency room doors of Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Shoes skidded across the linoleum floors and the tires squealed against the sharp turns the gurney made as it was raced down the hallways.

Caroline was racing to keep up, her heels clicking against the floor as she tried catch up to them. Her eyes frantically searched above the heads of nurses in scrubs and receptionists with bright pink nametags, trying to keep the gurney that held the man of her dreams in her sights.

She could catch snippets of what the paramedics were yelling to the doctor: "Contusions, concussion brought on by blunt force trauma to the head, possible cracked ribs, suspected internal bleeding"-every word getting worse and worse and making her chest tighten.

They were peering over him, shining a light into his eyes and calling his name, all to no response, and then they were whisking him through the large double doors, shouting out a room number before their voices were cut off by the doors swinging back into place. She sped up her pace again, reaching towards the doors, but her feet skidded to a stop when a young woman stepped into her path, holding out a hand and forcing a smile onto her face.

"I'm sorry, ma'am, but you're not allowed in the emergency room," she said pleasantly but firmly, her head tilting, brown ponytail swishing around her shoulders.

Caroline sighed, clenching her hands into fists as she raised them helplessly, shaking her head. "I just want to know that he's okay. No one will tell me anything."

"Are you a relative?"

"No," she replied quietly. I barely know him... "No, but I'm the one who came in with him, so-"

"I'm sorry, ma'am, but we only release information on patients when they are family, you know next of kin. Siblings, parents..."

"I know what 'next of kin' means," Caroline said exasperatedly.

"Cousins, know, fiancée's or spouses, but if you aren't any of those, I'm afraid we can't release any information."

There are those moments in the movies when you can literally see the lightbulb go off in someone's head. That moment when a word or a phrase or something so simple that someone says just lights everything up for them, and they know in that moment that they're forming a plan. No matter how bad it could go, or how wrong things could end...

This was that moment for Caroline.

"Fiancée," she blurted, her own eyes widened at her words. The orderly lowered her hands, her head cocking to the side as her face softened in sympathy. "I'm Caroline Forbes, I'm...Elijah's fiancée."

She was so going to Hell.


"He's stable. We managed to stop the bleeding in his abdomen, and we've been able to routinely ice his broken ribs. It's really the only treatment that's available for them. His head injury, however, is still a cause for concern."

Caroline watched as the brunette in the white lab coat with the words M. Fell, MD stitched across the pocket crossed the short distance to the x ray screen mounted on the wall. She quickly slid a black and white negative onto the holders and hit the switch, the picture lighting up with an image of human brain. She turned, pointing towards a small dark spot as she met Caroline's gaze.

"There's a small subdural hematoma on the surface of the brain that most likely occurred after his assailant hit his head into the side of the building. We were able to relieve the swelling, and drain the fluid as much as we could, but there's still a chance that it may recur."

"Is that why he's still asleep?" Caroline asked, nibbling on her fingernail as she shifted her gaze to the prone figure lying on the bed.

Elijah was washed in a sea of sterile white. The sheets of the hospital bed were pulled up to mid chest and tucked into his sides. The blue and white checkered hospital gown seemed to hang off his form, and his normally bright and tanned face was instead of pale pallor, his eyes sunken and his perfectly coiffed hair lay flat against his forehead.

He was so different from the handsome, lively man she'd come to adore over the years.

"We have him under sedation. Morphine as well as a few sedatives to keep him under. We'll start to wean him off of them over the next few days, and if his brain is healed, he should wake up on his own. We've put him into a medically induced coma in the meantime. We'll be able to determine if there was any other lasting damage after he's up and around, but until then, it's just a waiting game." She smiled when Caroline sighed wearily. "Your fiancee is a fighter, Miss Forbes. He was fighting from the second they wheeled him in. His outlook is good."

Caroline flinched at the term fiancee falling so easily from the doctor's mouth, the weight of her deceit weighing on her shoulders. She turned to her, forcing a smile onto her face as she nodded, taking a step back as Dr. Fell slipped the x-ray back into its slip cover and leaving the room, smiling at her once more before disappearing out the door.

She sighed, her eyes slowly shifting to Elijah again, and her teeth caught her lower lip to keep it from trembling. He looked so small in the middle of the bed, not at all the tall, strong man she knew him to be.. She made her way to the chair next to his bed, slowly sinking down into it as she looked him over. His lower lip was red and swollen, the hint of some kind of antibiotic cream shining under the flourescent lighting. The skin under his right eye was black and swollen, the very sight of it making her wince. There was a small series of scratches against his jaw, no doubt from the shuffle with the mugger, and the skin above the hem of his hospital gown was bruised with blue and black.

"Look at you," Caroline said quietly, shaking her head as she rested her hands against the mattress. "Look at me," she laughed, looking down at her blood stained skirt and wrinkled blouse. "Who knew the day was going to end like this?" She sighed, her fingers twisting in the crisp sheet before trailing towards Elijah's motionless hand. They wrapped around his own fingers, tracing nonsensical patterns on his palm. They were softer than she imagined they would be.

"I heard somewhere that when people are in comas like you, they can still hear when other people talk to them," she said, letting her hair fall over her shoulder as she tilted her head, her eyes traveling from his face to the tall machine that monitored his heart rate. "I don't actually know if that's true, but if it is, I'm sorry for, you know, the whole...fiancée thing."

His face remained the same, slack and expressionless.

"That's something you should know about me, though...I tend to talk a lot, even when I don't know what I'm talking about. Bonnie tells me it's endearing, but really it just gets me into trouble." She smiled, sighing quietly as she looked at him. "This really isn't how I imagined our first real conversation to go. For one, you're not talking back. And there's, you smiling or laughing or that...great big realization that we're meant to be together. Not that that last thing would actually happen, but..." She trailed off, her fingers tracing the curves of knuckles know. "I just wanted to make sure you were okay, you know? And you're going to be, from what the doctor said, so...this whole white lie thing...we won't ever have to talk about it again. You know, when we actually talk. It'll just be some...stupid bad dream. Never happened."

"Where's my son?!"

Caroline jumped at the harsh voice that echoed from across the hallway, her hands slipping away from Elijah's as she stood out of her chair, barely managing to not trip over its legs in her rush to move away from the bed. Her hair whipped around her face as she crossed to the secluded corner of the room, her eyes wide and panicked as she watched an array of people flood into the room, Dr. Fell hot on their heels.

They all skidded to a stop as their eyes landed on Elijah's motionless form, and she watched as an older blonde woman held back a sob, her hand rising to her lips as she rushed over to the bedside and kneeled next to it. "Oh, Elijah, my son, what's happened to you?", her soft, British voice sobbed weakly as her hand traced his bruised face.

Elijah's mother, Caroline realized with dread, watching as the older blonde man quickly made his way to her side, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and pulling her away from Elijah. And his father. And his whole freaking clan, she surmised as she watched the other inhabitants of the room quietly make their way further inside.

"The Mikaelson family, I'm assuming?" Dr. Fell asked hesitantly, standing in the doorway with her hands held at her sides. She stumbled back half a step when they all whipped their heads around to stare at her, and she cleared her throat. "I'm Dr. Meredith Fell, I'm your son's primary doctor and surgeon."

"Why did he need a surgeon," his mother asked, shaking her head as she clutched onto her husband's arm. "What happened, they didn't tell us anything when they called, the bloody police."

"Incompetent fools, the lot of them," his father muttered, and Caroline was taken aback by the malice that laced his words.

"Mr. Mikaelson, your son was involved in an attempted mugging outside a bank earlier this afternoon," Meredith stated, her face of professionalism slipping slightly at the gasp of horror that came from Mrs. Mikaelson as well as the younger blonde woman who'd crossed to her side. "He took a bit of beating, but he's very stable, and he's recovering nicely. I'd be happy to answer any of your-"

"You can start by explaining why we've only just heard about this now?" his father demanded, passing off his wife to the younger woman, who Caroline could only assume was a daughter, given her similar appearance to the other two blondes. Her gaze just briefly passed over the three dark haired men who still stood in the middle of the room, staring between the doctor and the man who lay unconscious in the bed. "We're his family, for Christ's sakes. We don't even warrant a phone call once he's admitted?"

"Your son was in surgery for quite a few hours," Meredith defended. "I assure you that you were notified as quickly as we could."

Mrs. Mikaelson nodded, swiping at her tear stained cheeks as she sighed. "You said surgery, but that he's recovering? So he'll be alright?"

Caroline was only partially listening as Meredith repeated Elijah's prognosis to his family. She was more concerned with the fact that she was surrounded by a clearly close knit family of the man she was fake engaged to, and that at any moment one of them would see her slinking into the shadows and call her out on everything. She needed to leave; she needed to get out while their attention was diverted.

She kept an eye on the group as she slowly slid along the wall, walking on the balls of her feet so her heels wouldn't make any unnecessary noise on the floor. She moved slowly, keeping one eye trained on the family in front of her and one on the door to his room, mere feet away from where she stood.

She winced as she tried to slither around a small endstand, her fingers sliding along its surface, careful to not disturb the potted plant or small stack of magazines that sat in pristine order. Letting out a relieved breath as she side stepped the table, her hair fell into her face as she turned towards the door.

"Excuse me?"

Caroline's steps froze at the accented voice behind her, and she felt a cold chill race down her spine. Clenching her hands into fists so tightly that her nails dug into the flesh of her palms, she slowly turned around, her breath stopping in her throat when she every pair of eyes fixed on her.

There was genuine confusion etched onto the faces of the Mikaelson family. His parents were staring at her in apprehension, while their daughter seemed to be critically assessing every inch of her. Their sons-she could only assume that who they were, given their likeness to Elijah with their dark hair and handsome features-were each appraising her.

It was the youngest who'd spoken-a boy of about 18 or 19 she would assume-and he was looking at her in intrigue, though concern for his brother still clouded his eyes. His brows were raised in question as he regarded her, an expression that seemed to be mirrored on the two older boys as well, and Caroline found herself forcing an uncomfortable but pleasant smile onto her face as she fully turned to face them.

There was another moment of silence before the blonde daughter spoke up, her face contorting as her blue eyes looked her over again. "Who the bloody hell are you?"

Caroline could only gape at her, her mouth opening and closing though no sound escaped. Her heartbeat thundered in her ears, her palms sweating. The jig was up.

"That's Caroline," Dr. Fell answered for her, frowning when the family only seemed to shift their confusion to her. "His...fiancée?"

Caroline closed her eyes as there was another beat of silence, and then the chaos ensued.

"Whose fiancée?" the eldest son asked, his deep baritone a stark contrast to his quiet demeanor moments before. "Elijah?"

"Elijah's engaged?" the teenage boy asked, glancing over at his parents.

The long haired blonde unfolded her arms as she shifted on her feet, shaking her head with a disbelieving smirk. "Elijah's not engaged," she snarked. "Do you honestly believe that our Elijah would get engaged and not tell his family?"

"Well, the doc just said she was his fiancé," the boy defended, pointing in Caroline's general direction, and she could feel the heat rise to her face as he ran a hand through her hair.

The brother who'd remained quiet until then-he looked about Caroline's age, with dark hair and eyes, a rakish smile appearing on his face-let out a loud laugh, shaking his head. "Well how about that? The Golden Son has a tasty little betrothed tucked away in the wings! This is one for the books, family!"

"Kol," their mother intoned quietly, her confused gaze fixed solely on Caroline as she stepped forward, wrapping her thin brown jacket tighter around her shoulders as she crossed her arms. "Clearly there's been some misunderstanding."

Her husband snorted from behind her, a gruff laugh escaping his throat. "Or a mistake," he sneered, motioning towards Caroline and Elijah. "Why else would there be such a shroud of secrecy? So what, you and my son lost your scruples together, a bastard child was conceived, and instead of paying you off, somehow you've seduced him into marrying you, is that it?"

Caroline stared at the head of the Mikaelson clan, her mouth agape and her eyes wide, completely dumbfounded by the sheer audacity of this strange man she'd not even officially met. How was Elijah a part of this family? They were rude and judgemental and conceited and rude.

"Mr. Mikaelson," Dr. Fell interrupted. "Caroline is the one that quite possibly saved your son's life."

There was a moment of stunned silence after the doctor spoke, before Elijah's father spoke again. "What?"

Dr. Fell nodded, tilting her head towards Caroline. "Caroline interrupted the mugging, which I'm sure is the only reason your son's injuries weren't nearly as severe as they could have been. So maybe instead of slandering her and belittling her relationship with your son, you should just say thank you. To your future daughter-in-law, whether you knew about her or not."

Caroline wanted to yell at the young doctor to shut up. She wanted to scream and pull out her hair, and beg her to stop making this worse than it already was. It was a fib-a little white lie, and right before her eyes it was spiraling out of control like a freight train, and Dr. Meredith Fell was only adding coal to fire.

She was just about to rat herself out, to confess to everything and beg them to not throw her in jail for whatever heinous crime lying to a grieving family about being engaged to their comatose son was, when matriarch of the family stepped forward, her high heels clicking against the linoleum floor as she slowly made her way towards Caroline, stopping an inch away from her.

Caroline found herself gulping, fighting the urge to recoil against the woman's intimidating stare. She forced herself to meet her eyes, mentally preparing herself against whatever backlash she was sure was about to hit her.

"Is that true?" the woman asked quietly, lowering her head to meet Caroline squarely in the eye.

She could do nothing but nod slowly, realizing that this was the only truth to her whole ruse. She had saved Elijah, and white lie or not, that was something she would never regret doing.

She flinched when the woman's arms suddenly came around her, pulling her into a sudden embrace, and she staggered against the movement. She hesitantly rested her hands against the woman's back, her eyes quickly darting to peer around at the rest of the Mikaelson clan.

Each of them were still staring at her, though their previous disgust and judgement had seemed to fade. Their gazes were still hesitant, though filled with what she hoped was gratitude. Their father's gaze, however, hadn't changed, and she tried to ignore the way her skin seemed to shiver with the darkness of his stare.

She smiled hesitantly when Elijah's mother pulled away, her hands reaching up to cradle Caroline's cheeks, fresh tears welling in her eyes as she sighed happily.

"Well...welcome to the family, Caroline."

Oh, she was in deep shit now.


"So, wait...say that again?"

Caroline sighed into the phone as she angrily punched the button on the coffee dispenser, blowing a strand of hair out of her eyes. The hospital cafeteria was slightly crowded, but it still offered her the reprieve she'd so desperately needed.

After Esther, as she'd learned Elijah's mother was named, had unofficially welcomed her to the family, she'd been rapidly introduced to the rest of the clan, all of whom had seemed to take a complete reversal on their opinion of her. Finn, Henrik, and Kol-Elijah's three younger brothers-had all welcomed her warmly after learning about her part in stopping Elijah's mugging, each offering a hand shake and kiss on the cheek-though Kol's seemed to last a little too long and she didn't quite yet trust that impish smirk that seemed to always reside on his face.

Even Rebekah, the only daughter of the Mikaelsons, had warmed her icy glare and smiled, pulling her into a half hearted hug and whispering her thanks into her ear. She'd apologized for her behavior, claiming the stress of the situation had turned her into a raging bitch-a statement that was followed with a snort from her younger brother and a well earned shove at Kol-and that she hoped they could forget her whole hostile introduction.

Elijah's father, Mikael, hadn't been quite as welcoming, though he did offer a gruff thank you and handshake, but no apology for his uncalled for pregnancy comments-a subject that had seemed to be forgotten for the moment, much to Caroline's relief.

She'd been spared any further confrontation when a uniformed police officer had entered the hospital room, apologizing for the interruption but needing to ask a few routine questions. Caroline had politely stepped outside, having been questioned by the police earlier, and had made her escape down to the cafeteria, berating herself the entire elevator ride and wracking her brain about ways she could possibly get out of this now.

Which was possibly how she'd found herself dialing the number of her best friend. If anyone could help her solve this clusterfuck of a problem, it would be Stefan Salvatore.

"You...botched a mugging. Of the man you've had a hideously inappropriate crush on for longer than you should have. And in an effort to find out if he had been shanked to death or not, you lied to hospital personnel, told them you were his fiancee, and now his whole family has shown up out of the blue and ruined your chances of disappearing with no one the wiser. Is that about right?"

Caroline shifted the phone to her other ear, grabbing three sugar packets and her Styrofoam coffee cup. "Yeah...that's about it."

Stefan sighed on the other line. "Man, you are so fucked."

"Stefan! I called you for help," Caroline whispered loudly, shaking her head as she headed for a secluded table in the back of the room. "You have to help me get out of this, okay? I really screwed up, and now this whole gigantic family are looking at me with these weird doe eyes like I'm some kind of Messiah or something, and his mother keeps stroking my arm and murmuring how she's glad he found a girl like me. And his brothers are all...weird. I mean, not so much Finn and Henrik, but there's something irksome about Kol, like he's plotting something beyond his smirk or something. And his sister keeps smiling at me and looking at Elijah, and his freaking father just stares. Okay? I am way over my head here, Stef, you have to help me."

"Caroline, just tell them the truth."

"I can't," she stressed, pulling out a chair and slumping down into it. "You didn't see the way they reacted at first-I felt like a deer surrounded by bloodthirsty wolves and they were just angling to rip my throat out. I can't just say, 'Oh hey, jokes on you guys, your son doesn't even know my last name.' No, I can't, there's no way." She sighed, shaking one of the pink sugar packets before ripping it open and dumping it into the steaming cup. "I just...I don't know, I have to, like, bide some time until this blows over or something."

Stefan let out a scoffling chuckle. "I don't think this is one of those 'ignore it and it goes away' problems, Care. These people think you're engaged to their comatose son. You could be their lifeline right now, something they have to hold onto him. You're going to be lucky if they even let you out of their sight."

"Well, what do I do?"

"I dunno, maybe hide in a broom closet or something."

Caroline scowled at the phone. "You're useless, Salvatore, why do I keep you around?"

"Because I balance out your crazy," he replied.

She could hear a door closing, and the familiar sounds of Journey playing over his stereo system as he started his car. "Look, just hang tight, I'll be there in like fifteen minutes. We'll brainstorm and we'll figure something out. Or at the very least you can use me as a human shield when you tell the truth."

Caroline sighed, saying her thanks and goodbye as they hung up the phone. She sometimes wondered if Stefan ever regretted becoming her friend. It seemed like since the day he'd transferred to Mystic Falls High School their freshman year, he'd gotten roped into more of her scemes and problems than they could even keep track of. He'd even followed her and Bonnie to Chicago a few years ago when he decided to try his hand at writing. He'd gotten a job at one of the local papers and moved into Caroline's two bedroom apartment.

And now he was helping her commit fraud.

She let out a groan, dropping her forehead to the table and flattening her palms on the plastic top. This was all just some horrible nightmare...some corny made-for-TV movie that she'd found herself sucked into, and her mind was running wild with every possible scenario she could think of to get herself out of this.

Not a one of them ended well.

Lifting her head dejectedly, she reached for her cup of coffee, lifting it to her lips and taking a large gulp before wincing at the bitter taste. Her face scrunched up in disgust as she sat up, holding the Styrofoam cup away from her in confusion. She gulped down the pure black coffee, shaking her head and she groaned.

"Ugh, this isn't my coffee," she said, frowning when she finally noticed that there had been two cups sitting on the edge of the table, so focused on her rant with Stefan she hadn't even noticed the signs of someone else sitting at the table before her.

"No, that one's mine."

The voice that spoke at her side was deep and accented, and she swiviled around in her chair to look up at the man. He was tall and blonde, with piercing blue eyes that were looking down at her in mild amusement. His blonde curls were a mess on his head, as if he'd been running his hand through them for hours. His broad shoulders were clothed in a tight fitting gray Henley, an array of beaded and leather necklaces peeking out from the V-neck. Dark blue jeans encased his long legs, and black leather boots were on his feet. His jaw was lined with a light stubble, and his lips were turned up in a slight smirk as he looked at her. In his hands he held a small bag of pretzels from the vending machine across the room.

He was certainly attractive, Caroline realized as she shook her head, shaking herself from her unabashed oogling and looked back down at the coffee cup in her hand and the one on the table. "I'm so sorry," she finally said, setting his cup back down and frowning. "I didn't even notice that someone else was sitting here, I was a million miles away." She looked back up at him. "Let me buy you another cup."

The man held up a hand and shook his head. "No, it's fine," he said, smiling. "One sip won't hurt anything. It's really not a problem. Please, stay," he added when he saw her reaching for her purse and rising from her seat. He slid into the black plastic chair across from her, reaching for the discarded cup of coffee and offering her a smile. "Hospitals tend to mess with people's heads, I think. It's really no problem. Most people I think just want to run out screaming." He smiled again when she laughed. "So who might my coffee thief be?"

"Caroline," she offered, smiling softly as she shrugged her shoulders.

"Caroline." Her name seemed to roll off his tongue elegantly, and she couldn't help the blush that came to her face unbidden. "I'm Klaus."

"I'm really sorry about the coffee. I should have been paying more attention, I mean, if I had been I would have been able to tell. I mean, it smelled gross." She caught the way he arched his brows at her, and she realized how her words may have sounded to him. "Not that I think your coffee choices are gross, it's just that it smelled so strong and it was so bitter and black and...uck." His lips twitched again, and she found herself laughing. "So, yeah, I guess I am saying your coffee choices are gross."

Klaus smiled, sitting back in his chair as his long fingers wrapped around his own cup, bringing it to his lips with a shrug. "Well, excuse me for not being one of you Americans who coat everything in sugar and artificial creamers. I prefer the natural taste of things." He smiled when she laughed again, taking a sip of his scalding beverage before returning it to its place on the table. "So, given your lack of attention and our current location, I'm guessing you're not just here for the 'excellent' coffee?"

"Hard to believe, I know," Caroline laughed, wrapping her hands around her coffee cup. "No, I'm with" She trailed off, the word "fiance" stalling on her tongue, and she shook her head. "I came in with someone. You?"

Klaus took a deep breath, pursing his lips as he shifting the cup on the tabletop. "Just thickening my skin for the family reunion I'm sure is underway somewhere in the hospital. Crises always make for a great family dynamic," he said, lowering his chin and smiling over at her. "Though being in the company of a beautiful woman certainly makes the preparation easier."

Caroline arched a dubious eyebrow, a smile coming unbidden to her face. "Smooth," she said, shaking her head. "Do you hit on women in hospital cafeterias often?"

He laughed, shrugging his shoulders. "You're honestly the first in a hospital. But the opportunity presented itself, and I had to take it." He leaned forward a bit. "Not to mention the lovely shade of pink your face takes on when you're flustered."

"Wow," she laughed, grinning, for the moment forgetting all about the disaster that was waiting for her three floors up. She could feel the tension slipping away as she talked and laughed with this stranger, at ease for the first time all day. "Well, who can resist with embarrassing lines like that?" Her gaze slid across his face, noting the identical dimples in his cheek, and the way his smirk seemed to spread with her laughter, his eyes lighting up as they scoured her own face. She tsked playfully, wagging her finger in the direction of his coffee cup. "Too bad for your bitter coffee is a deal breaker. I mean, I am one of those sugar coating Americans who can't handle the natural taste of things."

Klaus grinned then, an honest unhindered smile, and Caroline's heart fluttered at just how handsome he was in that moment. She found herself giggling, shaking her head against that niggling feeling in the back of her mind.

"There you are."

The click of heels on the tile floor drew their attention, and Caroline looked over to see Rebekah striding towards them, a smile on her face and her long blonde hair flying around her shoulders with every step, and just like that the niggling feeling roared forth, her mind realizing just how this situation would look to her fake future sister-in-law.

"Hey," she greeted, frowning when she heard Klaus' voice chime in unison with her own. Their eyes met, both of them looking at each other in confusion, and a sudden awareness crossed Caroline's face as the pieces started to fall together.

The British accent. The charm that seemed a bit too familiar. The family dynamic comment, dripping with dread and sarcasm.


"Late as always, darling brother," Rebekah said, smiling as she came up to the table, crossing her arms across her chest and bumping her hip against Klaus' chair. "I see you've met Caroline. Our brother's dirty little secret. No offense, of course."

Klaus was looking at her, his eyes squinted and his lips parted, and she could feel a tug in her chest at the sheer look of disappointment that was on his face. She was sure it was an expression that was mirrored on her own.

"Which brother?" Klaus asked quietly, looking up at Rebekah as his face fell.

"Elijah, of course," she answered, putting the final nail in her coffin. "She's his fiance."


Dun dun duuuun.

And Klaus has entered!

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