Yes, another new story. This will be completely interesting in comparison to my other current stories. Starts near the end of S4 Episode 8 where Sookie and Eric are with Bill in the cemetery to deal with the witches and Sookie gets shot. That's all ya need to know..

Sookie laid on the ground, swallowing as she took shallow breaths. Everyone had always said she'd die due to being involved with Vampires. And Eric...Eric had begged her not to help Bill. 'I just want to be with you. Only you.' The words brought a smile to her face as she dragged out a blink. Nothing had turned out like she had imagined so many years ago. Bill ended up not being her true love at all - instead, it was a vampire who harbored every trait in a person that she despised. And yet...she love Eric. He had been capable of sweetness and compassion all along...and his laugh...his smile. He may be a creature of the night, but his smile could light up her world like the sun. Taking another shallow breath, she wondered where Eric was and if he was safe. All she could do was hope. As she took another long blink, she hoped.

The white wolf lunged at Marnie, clamping down on her neck and in a single bite, crushing her windpipe. The wolf watched as the light flicked in her eyes. Eric staggered and blinked, looking around the cemetery. Screams of humans faded as they scattered at the sight of their ring leader's death. His head flooded with wave after crashing wave of memories - Walking down the street, drinking the Faerie dry, making love to Sookie - SOOKIE! He sped to the scent of her blood, pulling her into his arms. Alcide and Bill following behind him.

"What the fuck happened?" Alcide had slipped from his wolf form, standing tall and nude. He growled at Bill who was staring at Sookie in fear, unable to speak. Eric stroked Sookie's face.

"Sookie. Sookie. Wake up." He shook her slightly. He could barely hear her heart beating.

"She's dying." Bill's voice was flat.

"Like fucking hell she is." Alcide yanked his cell from his pocket.

"There's no time." Eric raised his wrist, his fangs clicking into place but before he could bite, Bill grabbed his forearm.

"She wouldn't want this." Eric growled as he yanked his arm from Bill. He bit down, tearing his flesh without a care. Cradling her limp head, he pressed his wrist to her mouth. If she didn't take it within a few seconds, he'd have to recreate the wound. He waited, but nothing. Once more, he tore his flesh, pressing his wrists to her lips hard. "Sookie, please." He stared down at her lifeless body, feeling his eyes begin to tint. "Drink." It wasn't a command, but rather a plea. He had just gained all his memories of the past blissful days she'd given him. He couldn't lose that now, not without having truly enjoyed their union. Tears streaked his cheeks as he felt his wrist heal once more. He shook his head and yet again, tore flesh from his wrist. He didn't care how many time he had to do it, he wasn't going to stop.

I know it was short but I really wanted to give a taste and leave ya yearning for more... or at least, that's the hope xD

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