Well, I suppose enough of you asked for more, so here ya go! Again, if I continue this, it'll be in drabbles, but yes - it would develop into a Toko romance. Let me know what you think :)

Part II - Certainty


"Whaaarrrrgggh? Shut up, Katara, I'm sleeping."

Toph sighed, but only Zuko could hear it. A whoosh of air pushed around her hair. "Hey there Twinkles," she greeted him, only a hint of bitterness still in her tone. "Mind escorting my butler and I to the nearest fountain? I want to soak my feet."

"Your feet?" Aang repeated in a tired, quizzically voice. He didn't say anything more, but must have seemed confused, because Zuko felt obligated to explain.

"I... I burned her by accident-"

"YOU WHAT?" Katara shrieked from somewhere behind Aang. Toph noted that Zuko didn't even bother trying to tell then that he had a broken wrist. She supposed that Katara was too far gone to hear him anyway.

Toph rolled her eyes. (She liked to do it - it was one of the few facial gestures she knew how to convey). "Easy, Sweetheart, just heal me first and bite my head off later," Toph suggested nonchalantly. Something should be said about her aloofness; it was hard to act awesome when your feet were in agony like never before.

Katara must've picked up on her actual pain, because Zuko was suddenly jerked forward.

Toph grit her teeth, refused to yelp like Sokka in fear, and twisted her hand into the firebender's shirt for stability.

"So... What happened, Toph?" Aang asked quietly, probably hoping Katara hadn't woken Teo, The Duke and that Haru guy. Toph wondered too; usually she'd be able to assess that, but she was in limbo and disliked it immensely.

"Sparky here is a little skittish. Who knew? Not me." Toph sighed as Zuko set her down on the edge of a fountain, and her feet were immersed in cool water.

"Toph, Ava- everyone, I - I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to -"

"Well obviously you didn't mean to," Toph cut him off, noting Katara's heightened heart rate and hoping to avoid a shouting match in the middle of the night. "I was there, it was a total accident. And so was me breaking your wrist. I'm really sorry about that." She frowned for effect, knowing it would be noticed by their resident Ice Queen.

Katara had already begun healing her foot, and paused. Toph felt Aang shift to face Zuko, and Sokka stumble closer (he was still half-asleep).
The only thing Toph could hear was the soft sound of trickling water, and Zuko's labored breath.

No one spoke, but Toph hoped that meant Katara was taking her words seriously enough to actually look at Zuko. Aang too. She didn't bother to consider Sokka; he was hopelessly befuddled, and would have to take their word for it in the morning.

It was taking an awful long time for someone to make a move. Toph opened her mouth, just to end the silence, when -

"Toph! I cannot believe you would do that!" Katara lunged out, and dragged Zuko over by the elbow. The waterbender let out an animalistic growl, and Zuko remained eerily silent. "Do. Not. Move." Katara said.
It was probably the most intimidating command Toph had ever heard. "You too, Bei Fong," Katara added for good measure.

"I'll find something for a splint," Aang volunteered, and leapt away in his poofy, pansy way.

"Sokka, do you have any of those painkilling herbs left?" Katara called out, examining her two newest patients diligently.

Sokka, who had found a pillar to lean against, had also fallen asleep (judging by his noisy snores).

"I swear, he's about as useful as a jar of sea-prune juice after ten o'clock," Katara seethed, and bent a water whip towards her brother.

Startled by the water, Sokka snorted and waved his arms around wildly, falling to his knees, then the floor, where he promptly began to snore again.

Toph grinned as Katara stood, presumably to fetch to herbs herself. They were alone again, and Toph shot a triumphant smile in Zuko's general direction.

"You sure you wanna join this lot? They're slightly less hopeless than they were when I joined 'em."

Zuko began to shake, which confused Toph until he allowed a small chuckle to escape his throat. "It's probably the only thing I'm really sure of," he told her. Toph was struck by the unadulterated honesty in his voice again. It was a rare quality, and on top of that, the firebender was very forceful about it. Passionate, really.

But Toph didn't say any of that. She only shrugged, remembering her own decision back in spring. "It has to be," Toph explained. "Think about it; why else would normal people like you and me join these loons?"