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In Sakura's Body!?

"Argh! Why do my teachers have to give me so much homework! I hate school!" A girl with long waist length, brown hair says as she runs down a street.

This girl that was running looked to be around sixteen with dark brown eyes and pale skin. Her black backpack was hitting her back as she ran a steady jog towards a typical looking house. As she jogged up the front yard and through the yard she took off her black combat boots and threw them on the floor than ran up the stairs. As she thundered up the carpet stairs a women with shoulder length brown hair came to the doorway and looked at the girl. However the girl had just gotten to a door and went in.

"Rain did you finish your homework at school?" The women yelled up the stairs to the girl now identified as Rain.

"Yes mom!" Rain shouted down toward the women who was her mom.

"You're not lying to me are you Rain? Because if you are it won't turn out well for you." The women shouts up, before she turns and walks out to the room she was in before Rain came home.

Rain's Pov

'MWHAHAHAHAH! I haven't done my homework yet but mom still believes me! I'll just have to make sure she doesn't find out otherwise I might lose my anime and manga.' Rain shudders at the very thought of losing her anime and manga. 'Man, I wish I could go somewhere where I wouldn't have to do homework.' Rain then looks at the clock she has on her night stand next to her bed. 'Geez, who knew that talking to your self would take three hours. Oh well it's getting let so I'll just go to bed.' Rain then walked to her black dresser. She then pulled out a black t-shirt and black sweat pants. Rain turned off her light then pulled back her red comforter and crawled into bed.

Time skip next morning.

Birds chirping in the air and people chattering in the streets. Rain slowly sits up her eyes half way open and half way closed as she lazily yawns.

'Why is it so noisy I was sure I closed the window? So why am I hearing people in the streets? And why does it sound like a market place? In fact it sounds like the kinds that are in the movies.' Rain thinks, however it was too early in the morning for her to realize that it shouldn't sound like that because she lives in a neighborhood not a city street.

"Sakura, sweetie its time for breakfast. I made your favorite, strawberry pancakes!" A women's voice called out from down stairs.

This however woke Rain up right way wondering just what was going on. She jumped out of bed and looked around. That's when Rain realized this wasn't her room. The bed had pink sheets, not red and black, and the walls were white not gray, and the dresser was pink instead of black.

'This isn't my room. So where am I?' Rain mumbled as she made her way to the body mirror that was next to the dresser. 'Man why are my legs so shaky? You'd think being a black belt in Karate would make your legs strong.'

That's when Rain looked in the mirror and what she saw was a little girl with pink hair, big emerald green eyes filled with childlike wonder for the world. A small button nose, rosy cheeks, small hands and legs. And to Rain's upmost horror a flat chest.

'Why am I in Sakura's body? And why in the world am I a stupid four year old! Why does the world hate me?' Rain wonders as she goes into a corner and sulks in depression.

Then Sakura's bedroom door opens and Sakura's mother enters.

"Sakura where are you? It's time for breakfast-"Sakura's mother suddenly stops as she sees her cheerful daughter in the corner of woe.

Sakura's mother walks over to her daughter and kneels down. She then puts her hand on her daughters shoulder. All the while Rain is thinking.

'If I'm stuck in stupid Sakura's body there's no way I'm going to be a fan-girl or weak. I'm going to be a super awesome ninjas…..Oh great that means I have a lot of work ahead of me. I better start working.' Rain then stands up.

"Sakura where are you going?" Sakura's mother asks? (I'm going to call her Saki know.)

"I'm going out mom! I'll be home later don't worry about me! See you later, love you!" Rain calls as she runs down the stairs and out the front door.

In the forest

'Let's see, what should I work on?' Rain wonders as she stands and thinks with her thumb nail on her bottom lip. 'Oh, I know I'll work on my power. Let's see…jab…kick…punch…nee…elbow…hook… Ah I feel so much better' Rain thinks after working on her karate combos for one hour. 'Now it's time to go to the library and study to be a ninja.' Rain thinks as she heads of toward Konoha's library to study the ways of the ninja.

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