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This entire story will be written from Sam's point of view, no transitions (if I can remember that rule...).


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Chapter One

Just My Luck

I was woken up by a sudden light hitting my eyes and an annoying squeal in my ears.

Groaning, I rolled over and shoved my face into my pillow, wondering why, oh why, did my parents have to be so obnoxious.

"Sammy!" my mother's high-pitched voice rang through my ears, making me wince and draw away from her. "Rise and shine, sweetums, it's time to get up, get dressed, and-"

"Go away," came my muffled voice from under the pillow. They were silent for a while, which was odd, but the feeling soon went away when my covers were snatched off me.

"Come on, Sammykins," dad cooed, using his silkiest, softest voice. "Get up or you'll be late."

"If I get up, will you go away?" I said, annoyance lacing every word.

I could almost see them roll their eyes. "Now, Samantha, that is not a way to-"

"Alright!" I lifted my head so fast they flinched and took a few steps backwards. "I'm up." To emphasize my point, I dragged my butt out of the bed and started pushing them towards my door. "Now if you don't mind, leave." At the last word, I gave them one hard push out the door and slammed it in their shocked faces. "Jesus," I muttered, resting my back against the door and shaking my head. Those two, I swear, are going to be the reason I end up in jail because the next time I was going to push them out the window, not the door.

Since I was already up - who the hell wakes up at 5 freaking am anyway? - I sighed, looking at my bed longingly. Screw it, I told myself before hopping into the shower and starting my day.

"Okay, so I get that isotopes are basically copycat atoms of the same proton number but different neutron number, but what the hell does any of this have to do with radioactivity and treating cancer?"

I refrained from kicking Danny's shin underneath the table. My idiot best friend, who was also Amity Park's superhero ghost boy and most eligible bachelor - some part of me told me that Paulina Sanchez started that one - was looking at me with a confused and frustrated look, his Chemistry book open in front of him. His book, compared to mine, which was filled with highlighted parts and extra notes, was blank. I knew I had to take it easy on the poor boy, since, as I'd mentioned, he always had to be ghost boy extraordinaire on a daily basis, so therefore had no time to do what us mere mortals did: study and do our homework. But the amount of stupidity one male can contain, honestly…

I sighed, and explained, "Think of it this way. The space in the nucleus of an isotope is too crowded to bear the extra neutrons, so it kicks them out in the form of energy by decaying, which is radioactivity. Now, this radioactivity-"

"Whoa, wait," he held a hand up to cut me off, "decaying? Atoms can decay?"

I sighed, and couldn't help but bang my head on the table. That was the fifth time he asked me that.

There is a reason I don't want to be a teacher, I thought grumpily to myself, trying to calm myself down. Currently it was free period, and Danny had a Chemistry test tomorrow, and unless he studied at least half of the chapter we were on, he was screwed.

I heard him sigh in frustration and close his Chemistry book. "That's it. I'm screwed."

I looked back up at him and tried my smoothest voice, "You're not screwed, Danny, you just need to concentrate. Look, if you're worried about the chapter being too long, here-" pausing, I bent down and unzipped my backpack, bringing out my notes on the chapter and shoving it towards him. "I'm gonna let you copy my notes - but only this time." I raised a finger warningly up at him.

His frown melted into a giddy and relieved grin, and he took no time to tear through my notes and bring out his notebook, pencil in hand. "Thanks, Sam, you're a life savior."

"I know," I muttered to myself. The library was mostly empty at this time of day, with only a few nerds bending over their homework and a few lurkers curled up on one of the beanbags with a book. How I wish I actually had the luxury of curling up with a book right now. But no. After this I had AP French, and after school my schedule was booked with a piano lesson, a dress fitting, an etiquette class, and I still had tons of homework to do. My parents had finally hit me at my red line when they'd decided I'd needed to start fitting into their world, and if I couldn't do it by attending balls and country club events, they would get me started with basic lessons. On top of all of that, there was no foreseeing whether Danny would need me and Tucker for a ghost hunt or another tutoring lesson.

I tried to shrug off the rest of the day and not worry about it, and tried to focus on the awkward boy in front of me. His head was bent down, his jet-black hair hanging over his forehead as he scribbled madly on the paper, copying my notes.

I don't know when I fell in love with him, but I did. Freshman year went by so fast it was fuzzy to determine where my innocent crush turned into outright love. I hadn't told him, of course; I hadn't told anyone, in fact. Tucker, however - TF as in 'too fine' techno-geek - somehow knew. He just knew, and it was annoying how he'd catch my blush whenever Danny and I'd accidently touch or catch the jealous look in my eye whenever Danny'd be drooling over Paulina or Valerie. Thankfully, he was quiet about the whole thing - overlooking the fact that he'd let a few hints slip here and there, but Clueless One was too oblivious to catch on. Or he'd be too busy staring at Paulina's ginormous boobs. Probably the latter.

Danny was done writing by the time the bell rang, signaling the end of free period and start of hell - at least to him. Realizing this at the same time I did, he groaned, and slammed his head against the table - rather loudly, because the librarian glared in our direction and yelled a "Sshh!" at us.

"Come on, Ghost Boy," I rolled my eyes, getting up and strapping my bag over my shoulder, walking over to his side. "It'll be over before you know it."
Finally dragging him up out of his chair, we started walking down the hallways and then our separate ways towards our classes.

AP French went by in a breeze, since as a child my parents used to make me take conversational French and Spanish. I was too busy losing my trail of thought and doodling on my notebook. Glancing out the window, I noticed the trees almost flying out of their roots on the ground from how powerful the wind was. Amity Park never usually got powerful weather, but we were in mid-January and already the snow was piling up high and the wind dangerously howled.

Finally, after class ended, everyone rushed outside to get their things and go home. I rushed to my locker to quickly put away my books and get the ones I would need for homework. I had no time to walk home with Danny and Tucker due to my piano lesson, which was scheduled dangerously close to the time school ended. I tried pleading my parents in changing the times, but they only told me that that was a lesson in itself about punctuality and the importance of watching my appointments and time management.

My parents really were full of crap.

I was almost an entire building to the door when Tucker ran up to me, PDA in hand as usual, and said, "Remind me, again, why you take piano lessons?"

"Long story short, my parents are pretentious assholes who think their daughter is a robot," I curtly replied, half-running to the doors. Crap. If I didn't leave school within the next ten minutes I was screwed.

"You said that last time, but okay," he said. "Sam, I'm gonna need to borrow your chemistry notes tonight because, um-"

I rolled my eyes knowingly. "Because you spent the last week playing Doomed until your eyes bled, didn't you?"

He laughed nervously. "Yeah, kind of. Look, I'll just scan them real quick at home and then drop them off at your place by the time you get back from your piano lesson."

I wanted to protest - because my policy with the two goofballs was that I was only going to tutor and help because letting them count on me for too long won't do them any good - but since I already let Danny borrow my notes, I knew I couldn't deny him them too.

I sighed, and started digging into my backpack. "Alright," I said in defeat. He grinned happily, and was practically bouncing on his feet as I searched for my notes in my bag. After a few minutes of searching and coming up with nothing, I looked up at him with a panicked look, "I can't find them."

"What do you mean you can't find them?" He asked, confused.

My mind was already panicking. "Shit," I cursed, rummaging more thoroughly and pulling out all the contents in my bag. When I didn't find them, I hastily stuffed the books back into the bag and muttered out a high-pitched, panicked, "Shit."

"This cannot be happening," Tucker said. "If none of us can get those notes, we're going to fail."

"Okay, calm down," I managed to say without squeaking, "I must've left them in the library. Or Danny must've taken them by mistake."

"Let's go find him then!" Tucker dragged me with him against the flow of students towards the library.

I did the mistake of checking my watch. "No, no." I groaned, stopping in my tracks. "I'm gonna be late for my lesson; I have to go."

"Alright, you go and I'll find the notes and send them to you," Tucker told me, and we went our separate ways.

The halls were almost empty, the only students still lurking around the ones still getting things from their lockers or ones who were taking a leisurely walk to the doors. I scowled, envying them. Turning the bends towards the doors, I was stopped when I heard a slam against one of the lockers. I was about to continue walking, ruling it off as some couple fooling around, when I heard a loud echo of a zap and a grunt as another slam emanated through the otherwise silent air. Too curious for my own good, piano lesson momentarily forgotten, I trailed to the sound of the slam. Two turns later, I was greeted with the sight of Danny Phantom leaning against a bent locker, a look of pain on his face and Skulker in front of him, his ectobeam pointed at Danny's chest.

"This time, whelp, I will have your pelt on my wall," Skulker sneered, his flaming hair almost dancing with glee.

"No thanks," Danny grumbled, getting back on his feet, "I like my head attached to my body, thank you very much."

"I am the best hunter of the Ghost Zone," Skulker yelled, his eyes flashing, "you do not threaten me-"

He was shut up by an ectoplasmic ray blown into his chest, courtesy of a pissed off halfa. "Yeah, yeah, whatever, Skulker. Can we skip the trash talk and go right to the part where I suck you in the thermos so I can go home and get some sleep?"

I couldn't help but clear my throat, making my existence in the matter knowledgeable, folding my arms across the chest and giving Danny a meaningful look. "Don't you mean go home and study for that important Chemistry test you have tomorrow?"

Momentarily taken aback by my abrupt appearance, Danny turned to me with a pout. "Yeah, sure, that's what I-"

He disappeared through the wall behind him in a flash of white and green, Skulker turning himself intangible and phasing in after him. Running towards the classroom they were both in, I quickly pulled out the Fenton Thermos from my backpack. Danny avoided another ray, stumbling across the desks and landing on the floor. Skulker would've fired another ray at Danny's chest had I not held out the thermos in front of me and let the blue ray engulf him.

Skulker yelled a series of creative curses as he was sucked in, that if my parents ever heard me say they would probably spend the next few weeks washing my mouth with soap. Once he was finally in the thermos, I closed the tap. "It's always the freaky Goth girls you need to watch out from," came his aggravated grumble. I rolled my eyes, and banged the thermos on one of the desks. "Ow!"

"Thanks, Sam," Danny said, getting up and sheepishly grinning at me, changing back. "Chemistry must've really taken its toll on me."

"Yeah, Chemistry," I drawled out, handing him the thermos as he changed back. "Right."

"Come on," he rolled his eyes at me as we made our way out the classroom and towards the front school doors. Suddenly, the lights to the entire school snapped close simultaneously, engulfing us in darkness. Why would the janitors close up now? I knew it was late, but it hadn't even reached six o'clock yet.

"Ah, crap," I had avoided looking at my watch for so long, but my eyes had accidentally trailed to the clock on the wall of the classroom as we passed it and went out into the hallway. Add the closed lights to the deal, and I knew I was done. "I think I'm gonna miss my piano lesson."

He shrugged. "Eh. You can just tell your parents a swarm of ghosts surrounded the school and locked you in for the entire time of the lesson."

I let out a small chuckle as we finally reached the doors. We automatically pushed through them, but for some strange reason they wouldn't budge. Frowning in confusion, I looked around for a janitor or an older authority, but the hallways were dead silent and empty when we'd walked through them. The office's glass windows were dark, and there was basically no sign of life in the entire school.

Looking in front of me through the glass doors, I knew why.

There was an enormous pile of snow everywhere, almost waist-high, piled against the door.

When I looked over at Danny, he was agape, staring at the vast landscape of white right outside the windows of the door, which were blocking the door and trapping us in.

Oh. This was just perfect.

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