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One Day Later

"...three of, um, Jack Frost's frozen hot chocolate, and three of Rapunzel's chocolate chip cookie orders. Nothing else."

"Great." Said Jack cheerfully. "They'll be right out." He scrawled the order on his notepad and was about to turn around when he heard a tentative voice.

"Can what happened?" Jack swiveled around, fighting the burning feeling in his throat.

" was an accident. Ya know, in a car." That was his main alibi, at least.


Nothing else was said, so Jack simply wheeled away and handed off the order to Merida, who snatched it cheerfully from his numb fingers and re-entered the kitchen, yelling good-naturely at Hiccup. After being passed the table's drink orders, he carted them back to the table where he caught snatches of their conversation.

"That's a pretty cool photo, Alex. Jamie'll love it!"


Jack didn't even hear the thanks of the group. Man, he missed the little brown-haired kid who had been his first believer. He hadn't seen him in about a year. He'd be ten by now. But he doubted the Jamie this boy was talking about was the Jamie he had in mind.

"Alexander Benjamin Bennett!"

Jack froze, his heart pounding, before whipping around and wheeling quickly back over to the table. The girl was standing up as best she could in her seat, pressing herself away from a stream of hot chocolate the was rivering all over the table from Alex's over turned mug. The other boy had already wiggled out of the booth and was looking wildly around for napkins.

"Aw, Kay, I'm sorry!" Alex groaned. "It was an accident, I swear! Sorry," he added to Jack as he neared. "It just sort of...happened!"

"No worries!" Jack laughed. "You're not the first, and certainly not the last." He reached into his pack to hand Alex some napkins—well, trying to hand them to Alex. The dang brace on his shoulder stopped him a foot short, and he groaned dramatically, giving the thing an annoyed slap with his free hand before switching off and gaining the proper reach with his other arm. Smiling slightly, Alex took the napkins and layered them over the table, mopping up sticky warm liquid.

"I'll get some towels," said Jack, whipping around and wheeling back to the kitchen, ducking under a precariously balanced tray of hot veggie soup (Hiccup's favorite) and grabbing some rags off the rack in the kitchen. By the time he arrived back at the table, most of the spill had already been cleaned, leaving Alex to rub the remaining stains up with the given rags.

"So..." Said Jack hesitantly, unsure of how to proceed. "Did you say your last name was...Bennett?"

Alex glanced up at Jack from his position of scouring off the brown outlines. "Yeah. I'm Alexander, and this is Catelin Smith and Michael Green."

"Oh..." Jack said casually, his mind spinning. "'re Jamie's older brother, then?"

Alex's head snapped up and his eyes widened in shock. "What?! You know Jamie?"

Jack couldn't suppress his grin. "Yeah!" He laughed. "I used to live on the same street. Jamie's a cool kid!"

"I can't believe you know him!" Chuckled Alex. "He's actually meeting me here—"

"Alex!" Jack's throat constricted as the familiar voice touched his ears, and he squeezed his eyes shut briefly...he whipped around in his chair so far that his back cracked and smarted painfully and and saw a wonderfully familiar boy wriggling through the crowds to reach them. His hair was even messier and his tooth had grown in, but Jack would know those brilliant brown eyes anywhere. He was speechless as Jamie launched himself into Alex's arms, babbling excitedly—

"Yeah, yeah, kiddo, I know!" Alex gently cut off the ecstatic ten-year-old, grinning. He jerked his head towards Jack. "Do you know him?"

For a moment, Jack's delight was punctuated by fear. What if Jamie—god forbid—had stopped believing in him? He held his breath as Jamie's eyes darted over him.

"No?" Jamie frowned innocently, and Jack's heart stopped.

Then, a giant grin broke through his confusion and Jamie laughed. "Of course I do!" He giggled maniacally. "You should see your face!" Before Jack could speak, Jamie had launched himself at Jack, wrapping his arms around Jack's neck and laughing. Jack froze for an instant, shocked, but then wrapped his arms around the kid in turn, unable to suppress his grin.

"That was not funny!"

"Yes it was!"

Thankfully, Alex just laughed and sat back down with his friends, obviously trusting Jack to look after Jamie, leaving the two alone to talk.

"I can't believe you're here! Why are you here? Do you work here? Why are you in a wheelchair? How come everyone can see you?"

Jack just grinned for a moment. "In order," he stressed, "I'm here because I...needed to get away for a while. Yes, I work here. My friends and I founded this place. And before you ask," he added quickly, "Yes, the other three are spirits as well—the other seasons, actually. But anyway, the wheelchair is here because of me and a stupid stunt I pulled on Hiccup's dragon. And the reason I'm so universally visible is this."

He pinched the golden dog tag between his thumb and forefinger and lifted it off his chest (taking care to keep it around his neck) to show Jamie. "Totalis Fides—that's latin for total belief, I'm told. I wear this, and everyone can see me."

Jamie stared in awe. "Cool!" He said. "But what about the other Guardians?"

Okay, okay, warning lights. Red flag. Big NO. This was shaky ground.

Jack refused on instinct to tell Jamie about his...ordeal with the Guardians. It's not like he thought Jamie was in danger—after his attack, the others had closely monitored the Guardians, making sure their murder-spree wouldn't continue onto the kids. Surprisingly, the guardians hadn't touched a hair on one child's head—leaving Jack to the conclusion that it just must've been something he, himself, had done. But, anyway—he wasn't about to ruin this kid's faith. Or defile him with the gory details.

So he forced a smile. "What about them?"

Jamie shrugged. "Don't they need you for anything?"

Jack had to fight down a surge of panic at those words, telling himself they were completely innocent. "Y—no, no, actually. They—they really just leave me alone."


To Jack's enormous relief, Jamie seemed content to leave it at that, instead babbling about his family's ski vacation here and questioning Jack on Merida, Hiccup, and Rapunzel—all of which Jack was much happier to answer.

Finally, Alex stood up from his food and called for Jamie to leave. Jack said his goodbyes, promising to visit Burgess as soon as he could. "Be sure to come for dinner!" Jack yelled as Jamie and his brother retreated down the street. Jamie just waved back enthusiastically before turning and sprinting to the hotel where his family was staying.

It was his break then, so Jack wheeled himself up the series of ramps to his room he shared with Hiccup, rolling with a grunt out of his chair and flopping onto the bed, wondering, not for the first time, what he had done to deserve this.


"Jamie! Jamie!"

No sooner had the door clicked open did six-year-old Sophie's shriek piece Jamie's eardrums.

"I lost a tooth! I LOST A TOOTH!" The exuberant little seven year old was leaping up and down like a rabbit on an energy drink, her eyes wild with excitement. "Look! Look!" She pulled up her upped lip to show Jamie the gap in her mouth and the pearly white sphere in her palm.

"That's great!" Jamie laughed. "That means the tooth fairy is coming tonight!"

"But how will she know where to come?" Sophie suddenly gasped, her eyes widening with unseen horror. "What if—what if she doesn't know I lost a tooth?!"

"Woah, woah, Soph," laughed Jamie. "I promise, she knows. She'll come right here!"

With that, a thoroughly rejuvenated Sophie raced into the bathroom to brush her teeth while Jamie shook his head at himself. The tooth fairy and Jack Frost on the same street...yeah, he had a pretty good life.

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