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The wolves of the pack collapsed in a clearing in the woods on the Hale property after dragging a very large doe behind them. "Give me a warning next time, Isaac, when you decide to use my back as a spring board.", panted out Derek as he rolled around a few times in the fallen leaves. "You weren't making a move to take it down, I had to. You're back is solid enough for a good launch pad.", replied Isaac as he rolled in the leaves, right up to his Alpha's side. "Four words: 50 yard kill zone.", said the older wolf as he threw a handful of leaves at the smaller wolf. "Here come the humans.", said Erika from her spot beside Boyd, who was lounging against the trunk of a tree. As if on cue Stiles, Lydia, Allison, and Danny walked into the clearing, their eyes growing wide at the sight of the doe. They each had their own lunch that they brought along to eat with the rest of the pack. "Did you guys kill that thing? Its huge!", asked Lydia in shock as she looked down at the fresh kill.

"Isaac made the killing blow.", explained Scott as he sat cross legged in the grass, looking over at the wolf in question who looked full of pride. "Way to go, Isaac!", exclaimed Stiles as he high fived the wolf, a huge smile on his face. "Thank you, Stiles.", replied the wolf as he sat up, dragging his Alpha with him. "I'm starved, lets eat.", said Jackson as he approached the kill, freezing momentarily when he heard a low growl from their Alpha. "Jackson, away from the kill. That goes for everybody. Isaac, this is your kill, you eat first.", explained Derek as he nudged one of his Beta's towards the kill, watching as he eyed him cautiously. "I thought the Alpha ate first?", asked Allison as she gestured from Derek to the kill, and then back to the wolf. "Most of the time, yes, if the alpha made the killing blow and led the hunt. This time, Isaac led the hunt and took down the prey. Therefor, he eats first.", explained Derek as he looked over at the curly haired girl.

"Go ahead then, Isaac.", coaxed Danny as he sat down beside Lydia and Allison, Stiles sat down closer to Derek, who seemed to be nudging the Beta closer to the kill. "I really don't know what to do.", explained Isaac sheepishly as he crouched down beside the doe. That statement earned him a snicker from Jackson in the background, being silenced by a growl from an older wolf, who was crouching down beside Isaac. "You can either choose to tear at the shoulders, stomach, or hind quarters. You'll get the most nutrition from those areas. You'll use your teeth to remove the fur first, then you just tear into it.", explained the Alpha as he gently moved one of his Beta's hands to each spot told, feeling the roughness of the fur under his fingers. Isaac made a 'show me' gesture with his other hand, moving his hand on the deer to its stomach to let the older wolf know where he wanted it tore open. Derek placed both his hands on two separate strong boned parts of the deer and let his canines change, before he lowered his head to the kill and sank his teeth through the fur and the skin.

A low growl was heard coming from the Alpha's throat as he sank his teeth in further and tore the fur away from the meat, rolling his tongue to get all of it out of his mouth, using his hand to wipe the blood from his mouth. "All yours now, Isaac. You get to choose who eats when and wear of the carcass.", explained Derek as he backed away from the kill to allow his Beta to eat, his shirt soaked in sweat and blood from the chase. Isaac took his Alpha's place and changed into his half wolf form, sinking his teeth into the meat, tearing chunks off of it. The sound of tearing flesh and bones snapping excited the rest of the pack, a hunt usually led to play. "What happens if one of us tries to eat out of turn?", asked Boyd curiously, as he looked from the kill to Isaac and then to his Alpha. "Don't any of you watch animal planet?", demanded Stiles around a mouthful of his sandwich, gesturing at all of the wolves around him. "Apparently not.", explained Derek as he shed off his shirt, placing it beside Stiles.

"You guys need to do more research.", ordered the teen as he swallowed another bite. Lydia seemed to be watching the Alpha intently with her strawberry blonde hair blowing in the wind, Danny also seemed to have taken an interest in what he was doing. "I can't believe I'm doing this.", muttered Derek as he dropped down onto all fours, willing his wolf to take hold of his body and mind, his bones snapping and bulging as his muscles grew. "Holy shit.", said Stiles as he slid himself away from the changing teen, who's eyes were now glowing a bright red. When the change was finished, Derek shook out his light brown and black fur, swiping his pink tongue over his muzzle and nose. "Well I'll be damned.", said Peter as he approached them from out of nowhere, picking up the little wolf pup that used to be his nephew. Derek bared his now small teeth and growled the best that he could, earning him a lot of coos from the girls. "Not so intimidating anymore, Der. You're pretty small.", said Stiles from his position of the ground.

"When Laura died her wolf must have entered Derek's body and her wolf was just a pup.", explained Peter as he set down the now squirming wolf, watching as his shook himself before he lowered his small body to the ground, slowly crawling closer to the kill and to his Beta. "What is he doing?! Isaac could rip him to shreds!", hissed out Danny surprisingly sharply as he made a move to quickly pick up the wolf, stopping when Peter held out a hand. "Just watch. He's teaching you rules of the kill.", ordered the former Alpha, making the command for everybody, humans and Betas. Derek continued to inch his way closer to his Beta, keeping his tail tucked and his head down in submission. Isaac raised his head slightly, blood covering his teeth, a low growl leaving his throat as he watched the pup. The wolf froze in his paw steps for a second before he continued to inch his way closer, letting out the occasional whimper to let his Beta know that he wasn't a threat. Isaac recognized the fact that the wolf was only a pup and stopped his growl, giving Derek a bite on the ear to let him know his place, releasing him when he yelped and rolled over onto his back to show his stomach.

The wolf pup rolled back over onto his stomach and licked Isaac's face a few times before he got up completely and walked over to Stiles, sitting down on his haunches beside him. "Is he even big enough to eat meat?", asked Stiles as he picked up the pup and held him against his chest, his eyes widening in shock when he felt his chin being nibbled on. "Set him down and we'll find out, Isaac is letting the rest of the pack eat.", explained Peter as he gestured towards the rest of the pack, who had now taken up their positions at the carcass. The teen set down the wolf pup, who made a complaint sound in the back of his throat, and gazed up at Stiles in confusion, his head cocked to the side. "Go eat, Sourwolf.", coaxed Stiles as he nudged the wolf away from him and towards the kill, feeling small but sharp teeth latch onto his fingers for a second before they let go and went with the pup to the kill. "He wants to play, Stiles. He's really not interested in meat.", said Lydia with a smile on her face as she watched the pup wiggle his way in between Scott and Isaac, using his small teeth to try and pull a chunk of meat off.