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"This is way too funny. Watch.", explained Scott as he turned his phone up to full volume and hit a button, the sound of many wolves howling filled the living room. All the werewolf's heads snapped towards the source of the sound, including Derek's. "Just keep your eyes on Derek. We had him doing this half the afternoon.", explained Stiles as he grinned over at the wolf pup on the floor. "Not this again. Really, you two?", groaned Peter as he walked into the room with a tired expression on his face. "Shush. It's hilarious and you know it.", replied Scott as he replayed the recording, watching as the brown and black wolf on the floor cocked his head to one side before cocking it to the other. "What's going to happen?", asked Isaac as he locked his eyes on the tiny Alpha wolf, watching curiously as he opened his muzzle a few times as if he were trying to speak. "Come on, Der. You know you can do it.", coaxed Stiles as he looked down at his boyfriend, using his voice and eyes to coax him to vocalize. Scott reached over and replayed the recording, this time he heard the response that he wanted from the Alpha.

Derek's ears layed back flat against his head and he threw his tiny head back, trying his best to howl, a very high pitched howl leaving his muzzle. "He has such a high pitched howl.", said Erika from her seat beside Boyd, who was watching the Alpha in awe. "I've never heard an actual wolf howl before. I mean, I've heard us howl. Just never an actual wolf.", explained Boyd as he listened to the high pitched howl. "Why is his howl that high?", asked Isaac as he got down onto the floor and layed beside the wolf pup, who was swiping a pink tongue over his muzzle after he finished the howl. "Wolf pup's howls are naturally high pitched and can be heard for miles. His howl will become louder, stronger, and deeper as he grows larger.", explained Peter as he looked down at the Beta on the floor who was laying on his side. "Um. Peter. What does that mean?", asked Allison as he looked over at Derek, who was nuzzling and nudging Isaac's stomach with his head and nose, making small murring sounds. Danny was quick to answer the question before Peter had the chance to. "Derek is trying to entice a meal out of Isaac.", he explained as he watched the wolf nudge the Beta's stomach again. "Entice a meal?", asked Jackson in confusion as he looked over at his best friend for some confirmation.

"Wolf pups make tiny noises similar to the ones that Derek are making to entice a meal from their Mother. Or they lick their Mother's muzzle to get her to regurgitate a meal.", continued Danny as he looked over at his best friend as he explained the situation. "Wolf pups do eat a lot.", added in Lydia from her position on her boyfriend's lap. "Ugh. Puppy kisses.", managed out Isaac as he tried to avoid the pink tongue that was licking his cheeks and chin, turning his face to the left and right before rolling over onto his stomach. Derek wasn't about to give up though as he pounced on the Beta's back, sniffing and huffing along his neck and ears, making the Beta laugh at his antics. "Come on, Derek. Let's get another meal in you before you tire out. Speaking of which, don't you all have school tomorrow?", asked Peter as he walked over and picked up his nephew and carried him into the kitchen, returning with a small piece of meat instead of a bottle. "Are you sure he can eat that?", asked Stiles as he looked up at the former Alpha. "Only one way to find out.", replied Peter as he sat his nephew on the floor placing the piece of meat down in front of him.

Derek sniffed along the piece of meat, licking up a few drops of blood before he latched onto it with his small teeth. "You have to try to eat something.", coaxed Isaac as he made a move to move the meat closer to the pup with his hand. His movements froze when he heard a tiny growl coming from the small Alpha, his lips drawn back to show his teeth. "I think he'll do just fine.", said Stiles as he watched Derek use his paws to hold the meat down, tearing very small chunks off. Isaac moved his hand closer to the piece of meat on the floor, his movements freezing when he felt his fingers being nipped by the wolf pup, in a clear warning that said: "It's mine!". "He's protecting his meal, Isaac.", explained Scott as he watched the pair with curious eyes. "I'm not a chew toy. Go back to your eat so I can fingers back.", ordered the Beta with a hint of firmness in his voice as he wiped his fingers on his jeans. Derek huffed at him before returning to his meat, his tail wagging proudly in the air as he gnawed on the last few final chunks. "For a pup he sure knows how to put it away.", complimented Erika as she moved down onto the floor, leaning back against Boyd's legs. "All Hale's have insane appetites and a very fast metabolism. We burn through thousands and thousands of calories, without really putting on a pound.", explained Peter as he watched his nephew lick up the scraps of the meat from the floor.

The black and brown wolf was off the floor and jumping into Stiles lap the next second, licking whatever parts of his face that he could. "Now you deal with the playful part, usually a meal leads to play, long enough to tucker any pup out.", explained the oldest wolf. "I don't need a puppy bath.", managed out the teen as he once again pushed the wolf down from his face, who narrowed his eyes at him, ears swiveling to the side. "Dude, I think you offended him.", explained Scott with a smile on his face as he hit the teen playfully on his arm, pulling his hand back when the wolf in his lap made a move to snap at him, before he jumped down and lowered his nose to the floor, smelling around as he walked. "Um. Stiles.", giggled out Lydia as she pointed in the direction of where the pup had went. Derek ran right past the teens with his tail held high in the air, his ears perked, and eyes shining with excitement; clamped firmly in his jaws was one of Stile's disgaurded sneakers, the strings dangling on the floor. "No! Hey! That's my shoe!", called out the teen as he chased the wolf, weaving in between the chairs before he ended up chasing Derek straight out the back door, leaving behind a pack that was doubled over in laughter.