Hi there, did ya miss me? I've been wanting to write this for a while and now all the pieces have finally clicked into place. I hope you like it.

Disclaimer: I do not own BBC's Sherlock in any way, shape or form.

The world is fast moving towards an apocalypse. The four horsemen are nigh.

War is clever, much smarter than his brothers. He likes to play both sides against the middle then let the middle win. If you make it out he does not 'reward' you with your life, he has simply ignored your part in the destruction. Once the battle is over he loses interest in those who fought for they are merely his pawns to do with as he will. He wanders unseen through the crowds of mortals, whispering here and there, lighting the fuses and waiting for the inevitable. He does not care who wins. All he wants is chaos.

Famine is forever plagued with his hunger. He has surrendered to his urges many times and struggles to free himself from the abyss; the lack of what he craves constantly driving him to seek out something to occupy his mind. It is this fragility that draws others to him, those who seek to sate their own hunger crave what he can see, what only he can see. He knows this and enjoys making their inadequacy visible, making them notice that only he can give them what they need.

Pestilence is the most normal of them all. He is a part of our day to day lives that we take for granted. He grants us days of rest, allows us to recuperate when it all gets too much. But he can also appear out of nowhere and bring trouble with him. He is the most dangerous of the three for although you can fight him, you will never be certain of victory. Will he kill you or let you be cured? This is the question that plagues us all when we encounter him. None can escape him for his has many different faces: some are kind, others not. He is the enigma at the centre of it all.

Death is harder to spot than the other three, for that is his nature. He can stalk you for years, letting you wallow in the knowledge that the end has come or appear out of the blue, deleting your existence in the blink of an eye. He brings pain but also the relief in knowing the waiting is over. He may decide to let you live another day but he will not forget you. It could be twenty minutes or twenty years, but when your time is up he will be waiting with his sights set on you.

The horsemen are stirring, their game plans fresh, the teams all set. With their playground chosen and battle lines drawn they will hold their war games to show who is on top; and London will burn in their wake.

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