chapter 3

As soon as Percy was in the cabin he threw Anabeth on the ground."Let me go!" She said Percy looked at her like she was stupid and said "No." He than bent down and looked her in the eye' she spit in his face ' he stood up wiped the spit off his face and kicked her in the gut "I hate you." Annabeth said

"Really" Percy replied. He bent down again and put her face in his hand " I hate you to " She pulled away.

" Jack go get a Golden Drachma'' He looked over at Annabeth " We should so camp how is doing."

With that said who went in to the kitchen and came out with a water bottle he than dumped it on the floor and soon he had made a than threw in the Drachma Jack gave him.

They saw Camp was having a counseler meeting they didn't even notice the Iris message till Percy said "Hi camp"

They all turned "WHERE IS ANNABETH!" Thalia yelled.

"She's right here." Percy said as he pulled Annabeths hair so they could see her face.

"I swear if you hurt her" Nick said.

"Your'll what? Percy said sarcasticly He than kicked her in the gut,Nick grabbed his sword "I mean i am the one who has Annabeth in an un none place."

Percy grabbed Annabeth and pushed her on her feet "Say hello to camo." He said with a fake smile.

"No." Annabeth said

"As you can see we're still working on desipline." Percy said with an evil smile.

"Well look likes it's time for her punishment." He said as he waved his hand through the message.